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He was Mary's husband, my grandfather. He was an alpha of this time, militant, radical, hell-bent on raging war with vampires.

Richard Xavier Dumas was a werewolf. He was the husband of Mary, and the grandfather of Jackson Kenner. He was also an alpha and a member of the Crescent Wolf Pack.

Early History

He was once an alpha of the Crescent Wolf Pack. He didn't want to make peace with the vampires, so when he found out that Hayley's mother and father were trying to join the wolf packs and make a deal with Marcel and his vampire army, Richard went crazy and killed them before they could do it. After his death, he was buried in the place where wolves go when they betray their pack.


Richard was militant, radical, and hell-bent on raging war with vampires.

Physical Appearance

It is not known what he looked like.

Powers and Abilities

As a member of the Crescent Wolf Pack, it can be assumed that Richard was a powerful werewolf in his own right, as well as possessing the standard werewolf powers and abilities.


Richard had the typical weaknesses of a werewolf.


Season Two

Season Four


  • Richard means "dominant ruler" and comes from a German origin.[1]
  • Xavier is a Basque or Arabic name. It means "new house or bright".[2]
  • Dumas is a Southern French topographic name.




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