You are such a Mikaelson... stubborn until the end. I'm gonna give you some advice that took me way to long to learn. Family is sacred, but so is love. What you have with Keelin, don't lose that.

The relationship between the sisters - Original VampireRebekah Mikaelson and the WitchFreya Mikaelson.

Freya is the older (and only) sister of Rebekah Mikaelson. Rebekah first met her sister in 1914 at a Christmas party. Freya knew her sister's identity however Rebekah had no know idea that she was talking to her long-lost sister. The two sisters were reunited in the Dowager Fauline Cottage, an asylum for witches who are believed to be insane. Rebekah, while in the body of Eva Sinclair, helped Freya while she was being assaulted by one of the kindred, who in Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, they are revealed to police and enforce their own rules in the asylum like regular orderlies, forcing witches to take pills that make the Witches unable to focus easily. Rebekah's interference caused one of the kindred to break her hand. It is later revealed that this was a test by Freya to judge Rebekah's true nature. The result was that Freya describes Rebekah as someone with a spark inside of her, willful but also kind. Freya reassured Rebekah that she was not even half as bad as their brothers, before healing her broken hand. After this encounter, the two became more close to each other as the series progressed.



Rebekah and Freya first met in 1914.

Rebekah and Freya first met in 1914 during the Christmas celebration thrown by the Mikaelson siblings in The Map of Moments. Freya desperately wanted to meet her siblings, even if they wouldn't know her. Rebekah thought that Freya was just another lover of Kol's, and she warned Freya about Kol's misgivings, saying to her older sister that a witch as lovely as she was, had no interest dating Kol, and that she deserved better. Freya simply denied all this.

Throughout The Originals series



  • Freya describes Rebekah as someone with a spark inside of her, willful but also kind. Freya reassured Rebekah that she was not even half as bad as their brothers.
  • Unknown to Rebekah at the time, they first met at a Christmas party in 1914.
  • Freya seems to play the protective older sister since meeting Rebekah. She not only took down the people in the Cottage seeking to hurt Rebekah, but also healed her broken hand and broke her out of the asylum.
  • Both are Mikael's favorite children seeing as he favors his girls over the boys.
  • Freya seems to prefer Rebekah's company over her other siblings because she shares Rebekah's same sentiments of having a sister.
  • Freya is the oldest daughter and Rebekah is the youngest daughter while it was thought for years by the viewers that Rebekah was the only girl in the family.
  • They bear not only a strong resemblance to each other, but to their mother Esther as well.
  • Rebekah and Freya, as of Ashes to Ashes, are two of the select few Klaus trusts around his baby.
  • Ashes to Ashes marks the first modern day meeting between Freya and Rebekah, in which Rebekah is in her original body.


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