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Well, perhaps it's time our roles reversed. I'll run away from love if you run toward it.
Rebekah to Klaus about Camille in Savior

  The relationship between the Original Vampire Rebekah Mikaelson and the vampire Camille O'Connell.

Throughout The Originals Series

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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  • Both of them were Marcel's love interests.
  • In Tangled Up In Blue, Rebekah invites Cami to Marcel's party to distract him.
  • Both of them were entrusted by Klaus and Hayley in terms of Hope's safety.
  • Esther was preparing Cami's body so that she could put Rebekah in her.
  • Rebekah tells Cami that her brother Klaus fancies her.
  • Both Rebekah and Cami were tortured by Aurora de Martel.
    • Aurora tortures Rebekah by putting her at the bottom of the ocean.
    • Aurora tortures Cami by kidnapping her.
  • Rebekah tried to attack Cami in Savior, while she was under the madness of the Cursed Stake.
    • This is not the only time Rebekah has tried to attack Cami, the first being out of jealousy in House of the Rising Son.
  • Rebekah immediately saw the positive effect Cami's therapy had on Klaus and she encourages her brother to express his feelings for Cami.
  • Since Camille was turned into a vampire by Aurora, Camille is now part of Rebekah's sireline.




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