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Rebekah Mikaelson
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Rebekah Mikaelson is the female Original Vampire who was a recurring character of the third and fourth seasons of The Vampire Diaries and the female lead of the The Originals. She is the only daughter of Mikael and Esther, and has one half-brother, Niklaus, and five brothers: Aaron, Finn, Elijah, Kol and Henrik. However, only Niklaus and Elijah, along with Finn, who is currently possessing a warlock named Vincent, are her only living siblings.

Throughout the series, her character’s actions and personality are mostly influenced by her love-and-hate relationship with her half-brother, as well as by her desire to live a normal life, that is, in her own words, one with a ‘home, a family, and someone to love her’. She has also been the love interest of many of the male characters at different times in the two series’ universe. However, her most important relationship is arguably the one she had with Marcel.

Rebekah’s last appearance on an episode of the TVD universe as a main character was Farewell to Storyville, as it has been announced that the actress, Claire Holt, has left the show. However, she returned as a guest star during the season finale. She is now the guardian of her niece, Hope Mikaelson.

Rebekah is a member of Mikaelson Family.


Mystic Falls, The Middle Ages, 10th Century

Rebekah is the only daughter of Mikael and Esther, wealthy land owners from Eastern Europe in the 10th century. She is the sixth of seven siblings : Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Henrik and an unknown older brother who died while the couple still lived in the Old World. They then move to the New World.

Rebekah in 1x16

Young Rebekah

In Farewell to Storyville, a flashback of a young Rebekah is shown with all her siblings, happily playing in the woods. Niklaus once stayed awake for her during a stormy night and gave her a wooden carved knight, as she was scared. He comforts her and stays beside her stating that he will always protect her.

Niklaus was once beaten half to death by Mikael, unaware of the fact that it was Rebekah who had taken his blades. She told him the truth weeks later to her brother because she could never confess it to their father.

In her teenage years, Rebekah once threatened Mikael with a sword, when he wouldn't stop beating Niklaus with a "whip". She even tried to kill her father in his sleep for mistreating Niklaus, and would have done it had Elijah not stopped her. Rebekah, like the rest of her siblings, seemed equally afraid of Mikael, though she never was a victim of his abuse. 

While living in the New World, they lived in peace with the werewolves. However, during a full moon, when the wolves were transforming, Niklaus and Henrik snuck out to watch the villagers transforming from men to beasts. As the sun began to rise, Rebekah saw Niklaus carrying Henrik's lifeless body back into the village. He stated that one of the wolves had mauled Henrik to death.

Rebekah in flashback

Rebekah, listening to Ayana's conversation with her parents

Not wanting to lose another child, their mother Esther decided to cast a spell (The Immortality Spell), calling upon the sun for life and the White Oak Tree for immortality. However, the spell lead to some untimely acts. Unbeknownst to Rebekah and her siblings, they drank wine laced with the blood of Tatia for dinner and afterwards, Mikael drove his sword through their hearts. After their awakening, Mikael forced his children to feed on a local villager, completing their transition into vampires.

Later, they began to realize that their new gift had its weaknesses. The flowers that grew at the base of the White Oak Tree, vervain, burned them and prevented compulsion. The sun burned their skin, making it impossible to walk in the daylight for them. They were unable to enter the homes of their neighbors without an invitation. Also their thirst was uncontrollable. 


"Together as one, always and forever"

Realizing that wood carved from the White Oak Tree would be fatal to them, they burned the tree to the ground. After their mother's death, Rebekah, Niklaus and Elijah swore to each other that they would never turn on each other and stick together as one, always and forever.


Tumblr mcx2mk9xYM1qamq87o1 500

Alexander and Rebekah

Rebekah was residing in Italy with her brothers Klaus and Elijah when they met a vampire hunter named Alexander, a member of a group called The Five. Rebekah soon fell in love with him and this allowed Klaus and Elijah to get closer to him and question him about The Five. During this time, Alexander and Rebekah planned to get married. They even picked out a church and he shared a lot of information with her about his plans for hunting vampires. However, unbeknownst to her, Alexander had found out she was a vampire and while she and all of her siblings were his guests, overnight The Five daggered them all with white oak ash daggers. Klaus, unaffected by the dagger thanks to his werewolf lineage, undaggered her after killing Alexander and the rest of The Five. Klaus then viciously interrogated her until she revealed that Alexander's supposed ultimate weapon was a "cure." Despite everything that had happened, she buried Alexander with his sword at the church where they had planned to marry.


According to Elijah, Rebekah had lost much of her humanity, becoming quite indifferent to brutality.


Rebekah was in England along with Elijah and Klaus. She met Katerina Petrova, the first Petrova Doppelgänger, who was going to be sacrificed soon to activate Klaus' werewolf side. However, after Katerina's escape, which subsequently destroyed Klaus and Elijah's bond, Rebekah has held a grudge against her ever since.

New Orleans, 18th Century-Early 20th Century


Rebekah 1700

Rebekah after devouring the men

Having fled the Old World for unknown reasons, Rebekah, along with Klaus and Elijah, sailed across the world, through the Mississippi River and arrived in New Orleans, 300 years from the present. Upon arriving off the coast of New Orleans, they slaughtered all the men who boarded their ship, but left one alive to question and carry their luggage.

Another flashback of Rebekah from 18th century is shown in The Casket Girls, where she  protects the girls who arrived to New Orleans in hope to marry fine husband, but  would have ended up with men not so noble at all. She saves them by killing the men waiting for them and takes the girls under her protection.


Rebekah and Elijah 2 TO 1x02

Rebekah and Elijah watch Klaus

In 1820, Rebekah, Niklaus and Elijah were living in New Orleans and paying gold to the governor for the existence of vampire's to be kept a secret. Rebekah fell in love with the Governor's son Emil and wanted to turn him into a vampire, however whilst asking for her brother's permission, Klaus snorted and told her if she wanted to turn every human she fell in love with, humans would cease to exist before proceeding to kill him, claiming nobody was good enough for her. Some days later, the three Originals were attending Emil's funeral when they noticed a boy throwing an apple at the man whipping him. As Klaus began to talk to the boy, even naming him Marcellus, Elijah whispered to Rebekah "Perhaps there is hope for our brother after all." Marcel was soon taken into the family, quickly developing a crush for Rebekah at an early age because of all the time they spent fencing with each other (though he would not win).

By 1835, Marcel was finally an adult, actually could best her in a duel he attempted to make his move on her

Rebekah with Marcel

only to be stopped by Klaus. Despite pleading with Klaus to let him be with Rebekah, Klaus still shot him down and forbid him from pursuing her. However this did not stop Marcel from trying again and making out with Rebekah. They were abruptly torn apart physically by Klaus who decided to punish them by daggering Rebekah.

In 1887, Klaus undaggered Rebekah revealing he had left her daggered for 52 years. When she had asked to see Marcel, Klaus sadistically revealed that he gave Marcel an ultimatum. Either live a long human life with Rebekah and die or become a vampire, but stay away from Rebekah. He chose the latter, even walking into the room as proof, devastating Rebekah. Elijah helped Rebekah reintegrate herself into New Orleans ' society.


Elijah Niklaus, Kol and Rebekah all lived in New Orleans. Elijah mentioned that he and his siblings had many fun times in New Orleans and didn't want to leave, however in the year 1919 after Mikael arrived, leaving countless bodies in his wake, they had no choice and were driven away. Kol was soon neutralized for unknown reasons by Niklaus, as Rebekah and her brothers left New Orleans before their father could reach them. However, Elijah broke apart from Klaus and Rebekah to stall Mikael so his siblings could get away.



Rebekah in 1920s

Moving from town to town and wreaking havoc, Rebekah and Klaus found themselves in Chicago during the roaring 20s. After her introduction to Stefan Salvatore, Rebekah immediately fell in love with him. Not long after, Mikael arrived in the city searching for Klaus with the intention to kill him.

Mikael and the police fired wooden bullets into the building. Rebekah, Stefan and Klaus ducked to avoid the bullets and in the commotion, Rebekah lost her mother's necklace. Klaus met up with Stefan and compelled him to forget ever meeting him and Rebekah.

Later, Rebekah and Klaus are shown to be packing and moving elsewhere. Klaus tells Rebekah to hurry up, but she says that she is not going anywhere without Stefan. Klaus tells her to let Stefan go, but Rebekah refuses, intent on staying with him. Klaus forces her to choose between him and Stefan, and as she opted for the latter, he neutralizes her with the White Oak Ash Dagger. This is the only weapon that can be used to neutralize an Original Vampire like Klaus and herself.

Rebekah remained neutralized for 90 years and was stored in a coffin which was carried around with Klaus wherever he went. The coffins also contained her other brothers, Finn and Kol.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Five

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, it has been three months since Matt agreed to travel the world with Rebekah. Rebekah is first seen getting into bed with Matt and a beautiful woman named Nadia. It is revealed later that they had a threesome. Later, after having returned to Mystic Falls, Rebekah finds Matt pouring beers from a keg for the End of Summer Party. Rebekah comments that it's tragic for him to go from five star restaurants to this. Then, they begin making out while talking. Rebekah asks Matt to come with her when she leaves for New Orleans. He tells her he needs to work and make a paycheck. Before she leaves, Rebekah playfully tells him not to call, write and most of all, not to miss her.

In 500 Years of Solitude, Rebekah saves Matt when he is locked in a safe by Nadia. When he sees her, she comments on how she's only been gone less than 3 months and he's already in trouble. They both smile at each other. When Tyler shows up, he tells Matt that Rebekah sent him as a parting gift.

 Throughout The Originals Series

Season One

Rebekahtoep1 7

Rebekah when Elijah first calls.

In Always and Forever, Rebekah is still in Mystic Falls at her home. She's seen taking a peaceful bath and sipping on champagne when her brother Elijah Mikaelson gives her a call. Previously, Elijah had left for New Orleans to investigate since he had heard word that there were witches conspiring against their brother Klaus Mikaelson. So in her phone call, he reveals to her that Klaus's former protégé Marcel Gerard is still alive. Rebekah has a seemingly shocking reaction to this. Then he goes on to explain that not only is Klaus's sire Marcel still alive, but he is also thriving as the ruler of the French Quarter. He has an army of savage vampires and rules the supernatural beings with an iron fist.
Rebekahtoep1 4

Human Rebekah

However, he swiftly loses her attention when he mentions Klaus's name. She goes on to state: "Our hateful, traitorous bastard of a brother, who's negated any sympathy I once had for him by his repeated efforts to ensure that neither you, nor I know any happiness outside of his own selfish universe." Elijah brings up their pact to remain together "Always and Forever", but Rebekah calls take backs on that pact. He alleges that she has taken take backs before, to which she retorts despite her age she's hardly senile, and if memory serves her right, she's stood by Klaus through thick and thin. Elijah then ends the conversation with saying that their brother must be in trouble when the witches are brave enough to bring an Original back into town and he wants to find out why.

When Elijah meets Hayley Marshall, he explains his family history to her. He shows her how they were turned into vampires through his mind. One of the first images that he shows her is a human Rebekah watching her brothers sword fighting.

Rebekahtoep1 5

Rebekah talking to Elijah

Rebekah then receives another call from Elijah, who was hoping to persuade her to join them in New Orleans. He updates her on the recent turn of events. He laments on how Klaus is willingly to give up on his own offspring and he's lashing out with blind rage. He states that the last time he saw something like this, it lasted for two hundred years. He vividly recollects how Klaus was so close to feeling happiness when he heard the child's heartbeat for the first time, but now his temper is still getting the better of him.  He then ends the conversation by telling her he's running out of time to go get the girl. Upon hearing this, Rebekah replies with her usual wit and sarcasm: "What, are we running an orphanage now?"


Rebekah ignoring Elijah's call

Still undettered by her lack of enthusiasm to help Klaus, Elijah attempts to give Rebekah one last call to change her mind. But by this time her resolve to stay away had been totally demolished, that she knew if she answered his call that she would have no choice, but to go help her brothers. So she decides to ignore his last call, but her expressions show that she had most likely made up her mind to join her brothers at that point.

Bex4-1x02 05

Rebekah arrives in New Orleans.

In House of the Rising Son, after 3 months, Rebekah finally makes her appearance in New Orleans. She has been unable to reach Elijah so she comes to find him. Rebekah enters Klaus' home and is met by Hayley. She informs Rebekah that Elijah is gone. She tells his sister that after promising her and the baby protection, he just took off, according to Klaus. Rebekah immediately knows her brother has done something to Elijah and starts shouting insults until he appears from behind a closed door. The reunion between brother and sister is hostile, but not violent. Klaus tells her she's free to take a look around the rambling southern mansion that apparently belonged to an influential family friend, the governor. Rebekah recruits Hayley to search the house. It doesn't take them long to locate the family coffins. Rebekah explains Klaus' habit of torturing his siblings on a whim or whenever they disappoint him. Elijah's coffin is missing. Hayley feels sickened by this news and Rebekah tells her she should have run the minute Elijah went missing. Hayley fills her in on the witches' spell that keeps her bound to the city. Rebekah tells Hayley that Klaus will probably have a box ready and waiting for her the minute she gives birth. She suggests Hayley finds a way to break the hex the witches put on her and get out of town. That's what she plans to do as soon as she finds Elijah. 

Rebekah and Marcel TO 1x02

Marcel and Rebekah reunited.

Rebekah tracks down Sophie and tells her to do a locator spell on the dagger so she can find Elijah. Sophie refuses, telling Rebekah that doing magic is punishable by death, Marcel's rules. Rebekah makes her own threats, but finds out that anything she does to Sophie also befalls Hayley. Out of respect for Elijah, she has to come up with an alternative plan.

Rebekah asks Sophie why the witches don't just leave; Sophie explains that they practice ancestral magic. She points out that the cemetery they are standing in houses the remains of their witch ancestors and without access to them, they're powerless. Rebekah explains that the witches' plan of convincing Klaus to go against Marcel was foolish given the men's history. She reveals that Klaus loved Marcel like a son. She tells Sophie all she's done is reunite two lost souls. Later, Rebekah is reunited with Marcel and she tells him she's looking for Elijah, but he says he's learned not to get in the middle of their family feuds before he leaves.

Bex-1x02 03

Rebekah saves Hayley

Hayley takes Rebekah's advice and procures some wolfsbane to kill the baby. Little does she know that the woman who sold it to her also sold her out to Marcel. Now he knows there is a werewolf in the quarter. Hayley gets cornered by some of Marcel's men in a park, but Rebekah swiftly and effectively comes to her aid. They unknowingly derailed Klaus on his journey to regain control of the quarter. Hayley was supposed to remain confined in the house since werewolves are banned from the quarter. Rebekah also managed to kill a handful of Marcel's men. Rebekah calls him out, accusing him of lying about having a plan and chastising him for not honoring the deal Elijah made. Klaus explains that Marcel hasn't trusted Klaus from the beginning. He's had all his crew swilling vervain, so they're impervious to his mind control. Klaus saw a chance to recruit an insider the night he was at The Abattoir. He made sure that at least one newbie vampire emerged from the evening. When Marcel took one in, Klaus compelled him before he was given vervain. He also decided to use Marcel's crush on the bartender Cami against him. He compelled her into his service as well.

Klaus and Rebekah 2 TO 1x02

Rebekah and Klaus

Now Klaus has to clean up after Rebekah's mess. Infuriated, he asks Hayley what she was doing in the quarter and when she tells him what she was about to do, he becomes enraged. Rebekah points out that for someone who claims to not want his child, his actions speak louder than his words. She tells him it is okay to care. Klaus admits to Rebekah that he gave Elijah to Marcel. He and his crew were getting antsy with so many Originals in town so he did it as a peace offering.

He says he plans to dismantle Marcel's empire and honor Elijah's wishes regarding the baby and if Rebekah doesn't like how he does it, she's free to leave. Rebekah tells Hayley that for years, Klaus killed any suitor she ever had because he didn't think any were good enough for her. Hayley asks Rebekah why she doesn't just go confront Marcel about Elijah and she tells her that Klaus would kill her. Hayley presents the infamous daggers; she found them underneath Rebekah's coffin. Rebekah confronts Marcel and he takes her to see her brother. He introduces her to Davina, an incredibly powerful witch who invites her in. Just as Rebekah is ready to pull the dagger out of her brother's chest, Davina warns her not to do it. With her magic, she sends Rebekah flying out of the attic. Rebekah awakens to bad news this time as well. Marcel tells her the town, Davina and Elijah are all his. Everything that used to belong to her and Klaus now belongs to him. But Rebekah will stop at nothing and do whatever it takes to get her brother Elijah back.

Rebekah 22 TO 1x03

Rebekah talking to Cami.

In Tangled Up In Blue, Rebekah and Klaus have intersecting plans to get what they want. Marcel is having a huge masquerade ball tonight, and Rebekah strikes up a friendship with Cami and invites her to go. She figures that if Cami is there, Marcel will be distracted, which will allow her true plan to unfold. She has Sophie run a locator spell on Elijah, but since witchcraft is so heavily monitored in New Orleans, Rebekah plans to have Katie, the herb shop owner, do a bigger spell to act as a smokescreen. Katie will undoubtedly be killed, but it is a small price to pay - especially for a traitor. 

At the ball, Marcel is distracted by Cami, as Rebekah planned. Later, Rebekah is talking with Sophie in the graveyard. Rebekah is watching over Sophie while she’s trying to locate Elijah. Sophie feels Katie’s magic stop, and wants to go on with her, smaller spell. Rebekah tells her no, that she doesn't want to risk Sophie’s exposure.

Rebekah 36 TO 1x03

You disgust me.

Rebekah is playing the piano back at the house, calling the night an “epic failure” because Sophie wasn't able to locate Elijah. Klaus disagrees. Rebekah tells him Katie’s magic stopped before they could finish. Klaus explains that that is because he broke her neck. Rebekah exclaims at this, and Klaus goes on. He tells her that Katie tried to take Marcel down with her, and he was there to “save” the day. Rebekah is livid. She screams at him that Sophie trusted him, and she trusted him. Klaus reminded her that if the witches get the power in NOLA, they’ll get Davina and use her against them instead. By protecting Marcel tonight, he’s being rewarded with getting Elijah back. But, he’s going to stick by Marcel’s side until Marcel tells him everything about Davina, then he will have her.

Rebekah tells him that he always gets what he wants, no matter what it costs anyone else. She tells him that he disgusts her.

In Girl in New Orleans, Rebakah has been looking up the style of windows which is only detail she can remember from Davina's room. St.Anne is the only church that has them. She meets Kieran and compels him to let her take a look around the church unaware he's immune to compelling. She's taken back into her memory of a opera and tells her he'll be home soon. 

Rebekah 4 TO 1x05

Rebekah in the bayou.

In Sinners and Saints, Sophie tells Rebekah and Klaus about Sabine’s vision that she had when she was tooling around with a crystal trying to tell Hayley whether she was having a boy or a girl. Klaus asks what the vision said. Apparently, the vision said that the baby would bring about death to all the witches, and there’s a faction of witches out there who will stop at nothing to get rid of the baby. Rebekah says that she promised Elijah she’d keep Hayley safe, and wants to know just how extreme this faction of witches is. She also lets slip that Elijah and Davina are talking. Sophie is, understandably, shocked by that news and asks for confirmation. Rebekah gives it, but doesn't explain. Sophie talks a little more about this “extreme faction” of witches, and starts a flashback. Sophie tells Rebekah and Klaus that four girls would be chosen for harvest, just as Klaus gets a phone call from Marcel. In the cemetery, Rebekah appears behind Sophie and Hayley. “Could you be more idiotic?” She says that she can follow people too. Hayley says she’s coming, and that Rebekah can’t stop her, unless she locks her in this tomb, and if she does that Elijah will be none too happy to find her asphyxiated on the floor of the crypt. Rebekah and Klaus have a conversation on the phone where Rebekah tells Klaus that she’s going with Sophie and Hayley to the dead witches, and asks Klaus to stall Marcel in coming to investigate. While in the bayou, they see a massive paw print in the dirt, and then sees bloody claw marks in the bark of a nearby tree. A skinny dude appears, mutters something about Rebekah being an Original, and then vamp speeds it out of there.

Next scene, Klaus is outside the bayou bar again, talking on the phone with Rebekah. He wonders if that wasn't Marcel’s informant they ran into, and fusses at Rebekah for not catching him. She comes back at him with the fact that she knows she’s a failure as a sister, a friend, and as an Original vampire, but the dude is coming Klaus’s way. She says he’s a skinny guy that probably just looks like he’s seen a ghost.

Later, she makes herself comfy at the bar next to Marcel, who asks her if she’s come to take her drunk brother home. Rebekah replies, “why else?” Marcel says that he thinks they’re both hoping he’ll get very drunk and spill his secrets. Not sure how the conversation goes south from there, but it ends with Rebekah saying “you don’t want to be on the wrong side of me” and Marcel echoes it back to her. Klaus returns to the bar, to find only Rebekah there alone. Klaus asks her if he left, if he said where he was going. Rebekah asks if Klaus thinks Marcel figured out they were stalling him. Klaus shakes his head, and then wonders aloud if Marcel was actually stalling them.


Elijah and Rebekah hugging

Rebekah and Hayley are talking, and Rebekah teases that even if they have to buy Hayley a leash, she isn’t to go back to the bayou. Hayley says, again, that she just came down here to find out more about her family, and thought that maybe she had found some sort of connection with this wolf that protected her. She wants a family, doesn’t want to be alone in the world. Rebekah tells her that family is “nothing but a pain in the behind” and then chastises her for thinking that she’s alone. Rebekah says that she wouldn't ruin a pair of perfectly good boots by traipsing around the bayou for just anybody. Klaus walks in and Elijah walks right in behind him. Rebekah’s face breaks out into a huge smile and Hayley gives him a shy smile and walks outside. Rebekah tries to talk to him, but Elijah excuses himself to follow Hayley on to the porch. 

Elijah has everyone – Hayley, Klaus, and Rebekah – sat down around a table, telling him everything he’s learned tonight.  That war isn't over anything aside from Davina.  The witches wants her to finish their Reaping, and Marcel and the vampire are protecting her because that’s what Marcel wants them to do.

Rebekah and Hayley TO 1x06

Rebekah taking care of Hayley.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Rebekah was peeved to find that her brothers had begun bonding with vampire reading time and a dose of human blood straight from the vein. While Elijah refused Klaus’ peace offering of a warm body, it’d be Rebekah who’d take to cleaning up the mess of said corpse.  Hayley is resting and Rebekah is stuck babysitting her. Hayley says that she likes Rebekah even if she’s a bitch. Rebekah is ready to leave before the boys leave her behind but Hayley gets dizzy and is feeling sick. Rebekah is watching over Hayley, Hayley is getting worse. Sophie and Elijah shows up and sends Rebekah after some herbs. While Rebekah is searching for herbs, Marcel walks in and catches her looking. Marcel flirts with Rebekah to try to distract her but she finds what she needed and leaves.

After the spell is finally lifted, she told Elijah she was leaving. Rebekah wanted him to join her but she knows that he will never leave Klaus. Rebekah doesn't want in the war anymore, she just wants to be free. Elijah tells her that she is free and kisses her cheek. Marcel is having a drink when Rebekah comes to tell him goodbye. Marcel asks her to share a drink before she leaves. They get extremely close, she starts to leave then Marcel kisses her. She pushes him off then pulls him back to her and start to have sex.

Rebekah is still with Marcel, she found out that Marcel hasn't bothered her room. He also mentions “the hotel” then Rebekah acts weird. She tries to give him an apple and he says no. She asks Marcel to come with her, Marcel isn't all about it. Rebekah says an empire is nothing if there’s no one to share it with.

Rebekah and Marcel in the Garden

Marcel and Rebekah in the Garden.

In Bloodletting,  As Rebekah discovers that Haley is missing she returns to New Orleans to get some answers from Marcel. Rebekah blames him from using her to get Haley and Marcel says that he wouldn't betray her like that. When Rebekah doesn't believe him Marcel takes her to the Garden where he keeps the vampires who haven't obey his rules. He shows her a sketch of a house, which he had designed for them to live in and waited to build it if Rebekah would have returned to him. Marcel then asks her to choose between him and Klaus and says that he would like to give her everything she have ever wanted. Rebekah tells him that Klaus would kill him first, but Marcel says that they should get rid of him first. Rebekah opposes the idea to kill Klaus as she is afraid that Marcel will only get himself killed. She realizes that Marcel didn't know that when you kill an Original vampire all the vampires who are sired from them will die. Then they decide to bury Klaus to the garden forever and finally Rebekah agrees with his plan as she finds out that Klaus left Elijah and Haley to the bayou and bite Elijah. Marcel then comes up with the plan to bury Klaus to the garden forever and Rebekah leaves him as she is yet unsure of this idea. When she arrives home she finds Klaus who has left Elijah and Haley to the bayou and bite Elijah to make him suffer. Klaus asks her to his side now that Elijah has abandoned him and tells her not to leave the city any time soon. When Klaus asks her to spy on Marcel and asks her all she knows about Marcel plans against him Rebekah lies to him telling that he is paranoid and unable to trust anyone. Mad at Klaus she agrees with Marcel's plot to stand against his brother.


Rebekah making confession

In The River in Reverse, the episode starts with Rebekah as she thinks about her choices she has made in her life. She goes to church hoping to get absolution as she asks father Kieran to hear her confession. She confesses that she is a liar, betrayer, and that she has conspired against her own blood. Then the episode shows events that happened 24 fours earlier before this confession. Klaus and Rebekah are having conversation and Klaus wants to know all she knows about Marcel's plans while Rebekah is giving him a hard time and blames him from hurting Elijah and says she is worried about what she can say as he might bite or dagger her. Rebekah leaves him and goes to meet Marcel who is having meeting with Tyler and quarter vampires as they learn more about the hybrids. She informs them about his brother powers to create hybrids and says that she wants to help them to overpower Klaus. Rebekah snaps Tyler's neck as she does not wish to harm baby but Klaus himself. She starts to make preparations with Marcel for their move against Klaus. Rebekah feels regret that she didn't bury Klaus 100 years ago so she could have been with Marcel long time ago. Later Rebekah openly stands against Klaus and says that she has had enough of his behavior. They ambush Klaus and before they attack him Klaus puts coin on the ground and promises to let the one who picks it up live. Rebekah soon realizes that they are not strong enough to win and begs Marcel to pick it up so Klaus will let him live. After their attempt to take Klaus down fails Rebekah goes to him and asks which one of them Klaus is going to dagger as their is only one dagger and two of them. Klaus tells them that for once his intentions for his child were pure and he just wanted to have his family back making both Elijah and Rebekah ashamed as they believed the worst of him. Then she goes to church to ask forgiveness for her sins which is seen at the beginning of the episode. 

Rebekah and Elijah at the bayou

Rebekah and Elijah at the bayou.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Rebekah is advising Marcel how to behave around Klaus so that he would stay alive. Then Rebekah and Elijah are watching how their belongings are taken from them as Klaus feels hurt about their actions. As Elijah begins to worry about Haley Rebekah goes with him to make sure she is safe. Haley says that she is safe but asks them to help werewolves in the bayou who Klaus has ordered to kill. Rebekah and Elijah agree with it and they go to the bayou to stop all the vampires who have joined the wolf hunt. As they make sure that the vampires leave the werewolves alone she asks Elijah about his feelings for Haley as she can clearly see that he has fallen for her. Soon they have to stop vampires again as they failed to listen them earlier and threaten them to leave. They meet some werewolves and discover that they are from the same bloodline as Klaus. They unveil this information to Klaus who is angry at them for interrupting his orders. Although it was kind of apologize from them Klaus turns it down and says that he has had enough of his family for a lifetime. Disappointed in her brother, she continues to meet Marcel behind his back only to discover that Marcel chooses his people over her. As Marcel hurt her, she warns him that she knows a secret which will make Klaus hate him forever.

Rebekah 18th century

Rebekah in the 18th century.

The Casket Girls, starts with the flashback from 18th century when Rebekah protected the girls who arrived to New Orleans in hope to marry fine husband, but they would have ended up with men not so noble at all. She saved them by killing the man waiting from them and took the girls under her protection. As the Casket Girls Festival is about to start, she is choosing a outfit for this celebration and Marcel shows up who tries to make things up with her. She doesn't want to do anything with him since he is in alliance with Klaus. While they are talking Klaus calls Marcel to tell him that Davina is missing and Rebekah starts looking for her on her own. She talks with Haley and finds out about the fact that Haley told Davina how Marcel and Klaus had hidden the fact about the witch elders death, causing her to run away. In some way Rebekah sees Davina as modern day casket girl who is used by men for their purpose. She tries to find Davina before Klaus and seeks out Joshua and asks him for his help to win Davina on her side. When Davina confronts Klaus for taking her beloved Rebekah goes to help her and takes Davina with her to the Garden to prove her how bad Klaus and Marcel are. She tries to make alliance with her to side against Klaus as she hopes to take the New Orleans from him. As they are there Timothy who is compelled by Klaus, poisons Davina and himself and Rebekah calls Klaus to ask how to cure them but Klaus refuses to help. Vampire blood isn't working but Davina is protected by spell and she wakes again, but Tim dies. Rebekah takes Davina back to the Marcel and Klaus but has made secret alliance with her.

Rebekah and Davina1

Rebekah with Davina.

In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Rebekah soon begins to worry about Davina who is losing control over her power. They realize that the only way to save the city from Davina's power they need to complete the harvest. As they are cooperating with Sophie to complete the harvest Rebekah wants to make deal with her that when the witches have their power back she would like them as her allies. As Marcel kidnaps Davina so they couldn't sacrifice,  the originals unite their forces to get her back. When the Elijah comes up with the crazy plan to help them , Rebekah goes to the Garden to ask Marcel's former right-hand man Thierry about his possible whereabouts. She finds them and convinces him to let her go. Then the Originals bury their mother Esther hoping that when they make her New Orleans witch they could use her power to complete the harvest. When something goes wrong and the girls killed in harvest ritual will not resurrect as they should have, Rebekah starts to wonder where all that power go.

Rebekah sacrifice

Rebekah as victim of Papa Tunde.

In Dance Back from the GraveRebekah convinced Klaus to let Thierry out of the Garden. She tells Elijah that she thinks someone stole the power during harvest ritual and that she would like to know who so she could make them her allies. She doesn't hide from Elijah that she intends to use this power against Klaus making Elijah disappointed in her. As she tries to find out about the stolen power with Thierry they find marks of the sacrificial magic instead. Papa Tunde attacks her to to channel her power so he could stand against Elijah and Klaus. Thierry runs and leaves her to face Papa Tunde alone. When Elijah discovers that she is missing he starts looking for Rebekah. He forces Thierry to tell him all what he knows about Rebekah and then he and Haley are going to her. Elijah then saves her from Papa Tunde's spell when they add the baby's blood to the magic circle so they could get her out. When the spell is broken Rebekah goes after Thierry who left her in danger until Elijah snaps his neck.

Rebekah and Elijah

You're a hypocrite, Elijah. You would choose love over family and then condemn me for doing the same.

Elijah asks her if she still conspires against her own family and blames her from destroying their happiness. Rebekah asks him if her feelings doesn't matter to him and blames him for being a hypocrite as his own feelings for Haley are causing much more damage for their family than her actions. After this she meets with Marcel and they talk about Papa Tunde who brought up lot of memories for them. In the end of the episode there is flashback about Rebeka's and Marcel's past, which reveals that Marcel was the one who first asked Papa Tunde to come to New Orleans as he hoped that it will distract Klaus from his relationship with Rebekah. But when his plan failed Rebekah tells him about his father who hunts Klaus saying that Klaus would leave New Orleans when he comes. They were the ones who betrayed Klaus to Mikael.

Rebekah after wolves

Rebekah after wolves attack

In Crescent City, she delivers the rumors about Monique's resurrection to her family and Marcel. Later she is meeting with Elijah privately and Elijah asks her to take Hayley to the plantation house, so she could be safe. Rebekah agrees to to this favor for him so they could end their stupid quarrel. When she is leaving Marcel finds her to warn Rebekah that one of the witches might be Genevieve from their past and she would have reason to want revenge on them. Rebekah is afraid of this witch and asks Marcel to find her and kill this witch while she takes Hayley to plantation house. Once Rebekah and Hayley arrive to the safe house Hayley says that she is going to throw a party for her clan. At the party she meets the wolf Oliver and spends some time with him, which leads straight her to  the trap. She is encircled by wolves and they take her down, until Genevieve comes after her.

In Long Way Back From Hell, Rebekah and Klaus are taken to the sanatorium where Rebekah and Genevieve worked in the past. Rebekah continues to hallucinate due to her werewolf bites. Genevieve uses a spell to link Klaus' mind to Rebekah's and he discovers she is responsible for bringing Mikael to New Orleans. Genevieve releases a furious Klaus and he goes after Rebekah. Rebekah puts up a fight but Klaus gets the upper hand. Just as Klaus is about to dagger her, she is rescued by Elijah and Marcel. Rebekah and Marcel run away.

In Le Grand Guignol,


Rebekah on trial.

In Farewell to Storyville, it starts off with a flashback to when the Mikaelsons were still human children. There is a storm and Klaus comforts Rebekah. In present time, Klaus is still upset with Rebekah. They’re still stuck in the cemetery. Elijah tells Rebekah to leave and she does, Elijah tells Klaus he will not let him hurt Rebekah. Rebekah calls Marcel and she is sure Klaus is going to kill her. Marcel promises he’s going to get Rebekah out of the cemetery before Klaus hurts her.

Rebekah comes out of hiding, and tells his that yes she did something bad but it was only out of retaliation to whatever horrible things he has done. Klaus is sitting up high in the cemetery, giving Rebekah a trial. Klaus stands by his reasoning of wanting to keeping Rebekah safe. Rebekah asks what has happened to him. Elijah tells Klaus that perhaps he’s forgotten who has really been by his side. It goes into another flashback of Mikael beating Klaus for using his knife for carving something. Elijah and Rebekah come to his aid. In present time, Klaus points out that Marcel pretty much used her. Rebekah lashes out. Klaus goes to stab Rebekah but Elijah saves her and takes the stake away from Klaus. Elijah then asks Rebekah to leave. Marcel calls Rebekah to tell her that Davina can’t help her and Rebekah tells Marcel to run.

Klaus tells Elijah to just go ahead to stab him. Elijah throws the stake, he will not kill his brother. Klaus stabs Elijah with the blade that Celeste used against him. Rebekah has the white oak stake and tells him that she decides who lives and dies now. Klaus and Rebekah stand off over Elijah. She wants him to take the blade out of Elijah. Rebekah tells him that he is the only one to blame for their situation. Klaus admits he’s insane. Klaus wants Rebekah to admit that she wanted him dead. Rebekah admits that she did and then Klaus stabs Rebekah with the white oak stake.

Klaus is sitting in the cemetery when Rebekah wakes up. Klaus didn't want to kill Rebekah, he just wanted her to know how he felt when Mikael came after them. They are both crying and Rebekah reminds him that she, him, and Elijah are all broken due to Mikael. They come to an agreement. Klaus wants Rebekah to leave, and never to come back. Klaus will stay in New Orleans. He tells her that she is free, Rebekah looks pretty shocked but she leaves.


Rebekah leaves New Orleans.

Rebekah goes to the burnt down Mikaelson home. Elijah then shows up as well. Rebekah asks if he would like to join her. She apologizes to Elijah and she still has hope for Klaus. Rebekah gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him to help Klaus find his way. Rebekah finds Marcel and he isn't ready to leave, he doesn't want to run away. Rebekah tells Marcel that he can have his city. Rebekah goes to leave but Marcel grabs her and gives her a kiss goodbye. Hayley is in the bayou, Rebekah found her to say goodbye. Rebekah tells Hayley there is hope for Klaus. She tells her to be careful and that she loves her niece very much. The episode ends with Rebekah driving away, with her top down and a smile on her face.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Elijah has mentioned that Rebekah has been gone for a month.


Rebekah returns

In From a Cradle to a GraveKlaus, Elijah and Hayley decide that New Orleans is too dangerous for the youngest Mikaelson because of all the enemies that they have made. They choose to send her away while they remain behind to clear up the mess they made. With Marcel's help, they fake her death and call Rebekah back to town. Klaus tells her that, despite everything that has happened between them, there is non one he'd rather trust to protect his daughter. He tells her that she needs to find a witch who can perform a cloaking spell so that the witches will never find her. Before she leaves, he tells her that the baby's name is Hope.


Rebekahtoep1 4

Human Rebekah


"Being a human means a fresh start. I can grow old and have a family and fill my days with meaning, knowing that each one matters."
—Rebekah to Elijah in Pictures of You

In the flashbacks that show Rebekah before being turned into a vampire, she is a caring, supportive and overall sweet teenage girl. Like the rest of her siblings, she too was scared of her father and often witnessed her brother being abused by Mikael, to a point that she even tried to kill him, unable to tolerate her father's abusive nature towards Niklaus anymore. She had desired the cure so that she could become human again and fulfill her dreams of having kids and family of her own.

Original Vampire



Initially, Rebekah's personality in the series is erratic, spiteful and vindictive. After being turned, the aspects of her personality were heightened. Rebekah mentions this, saying, “We’re vampires. Our emotions are heightened. I’m stubborn, Elijah moral, and Nik. Nik has no tolerance for those who disappoint him”. After her mother’s death, Rebekah grieves deeply, sometimes crying herself to sleep calling out her mother’s name, as said by Esther. After spending centuries with Niklaus, with whom she shares a close bond with, she has become dependent on him, although she is not fond of him making decisions for her.


Rebekah's Vampire face

Because of the heartbreak she has endured, Rebekah has built up an emotional wall and she comes across as being cruel, aggressive, brutal and mean. Despite her aggressive and brutal nature, she has shown to be emotionally fragile. In reference to Rebekah, Elena says, “I learned that she is just a girl and that she lost her mom too young. And she loves blindly and recklessly, even if it consumes her”. She very much wants to be like a normal teenager and longs to have the normal teenage life she missed out on. Rebekah is also shown to be very punctual, as she showed up on time to clean up the dance that she organized, but didn't attend due to the incident with Esther and reprimanded Caroline for showing up two minutes late.

Rebekah fears being left alone and she doesn't believe it when people treat her kind as a friend or a lover. Over the centuries, she was let down by her half-brother Klaus and her lover Stefan. She is just a lonely girl who wants someone who actually cares about her. Rebekah had her heart melted when she saw Stefan and Elena's devotion to each other, possibly because she wanted to be in a similar relationship.

She grew closer to Matt Donovan in the fourth season, and his influence seemed to rub off on her. She was not as spiteful and arrogant as she was before and was willing to assist the main gang whenever she was needed. Despite her rivalry with Caroline, she didn't hesitate on saving her life by harshly knocking her out of her trance. Finally, the inner good within herself shined through when she saved Matt from being blown to pieces by Alexander.

Ever since moving to New Orleans, Rebekah has shown a lot more of her inner humanity. She has shown a special affection for Hayley and the baby she is carrying, breaking Tyler Lockwood's neck when he outwardly threatened the baby's life. She has also been there for Hayley when she needed her, and Hayley was among the few people that Rebekah said goodbye to, hoping that Hayley would tell crazy stories about her to her niece and asking Hayley to give the child her love. She sympathized with the young witch Davina and made sure that Marcel and her brothers didn't get their hands on her during the Casket Girls festival. She silently berated Klaus for costing the life of an innocent human in his attempt to prove a point to Davina. Even in flashbacks, her capacity for heroism is evident, having saved young women who were about to be taken advantage of by men of ill will. She has even saved Matt Donovan from the safe he was trapped in and greeted him with a smile. She even sent Tyler Lockwood to him has a parting gift. Rebekah's past eventually caught up with her and this caused her to try every way possible to escape her brother's clutches. However, now that she is free, she leaves New Orleans optimistic of a bright future that awaits her.

Physical Appearance

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Rebekah is very attractive and has icy/natural blond hair, light blue eyes, full lips and pale skin. She is a tall and slim Caucasian female. She's over 1000-years old, but looks like she is in her late teens, somewhere between 17-19 years old. She appears to be the youngest of the Originals. When Rebekah is in her vampiric form, her eyes will turn red with small veins protruding around the area of her eyes and her teeth will lengthen into fangs, possibly longer than that of regular vampires. Her eyes also seem a lot redder than normal vampires.



In terms of fashion sense, Rebekah is often seen wearing stylish and mature clothing with trendy coats and fashionable jewelry, such as long necklaces and pendants or dangle earrings. She is mostly seen wearing the colors of white, black, brown or gray. She often wears low-heeled boots and shoes with dark jeans or leggings. As a human and early years as an Original vampire, she was very in-tuned with fashion and her style was very "in" to the times, for example in the 1920's, Rebekah wore the classic "flapper" dresses with long pearl necklaces and matching jewelry.

Rebekah has medium length blonde-hair, which is usually styled with soft waves; however, she can occasionally be seen with straightened hair or pulled back in a casual style, rarely wearing any hair accessories. In early centuries, Rebekah had long, waist length hair with braids and flowers; however her hair changes with the times.

During special occasions, such as dances and balls, Rebekah wears very elegant dresses, for example, at the Mikaelson's Ball she wore a beautiful green one-shoulder dress. However, she mainly wears slacks and jeans and has an overall very formal sense of style. Rebekah's makeup usage is minimal daily; but she tends to wear more for a special occasion.

Powers and Abilities

Although she is the youngest of the Original Vampires, Rebekah is still an Original,equal in power alongside her siblings,with the exception of Niklaus,as he is a hybrid. She has even said herself that she is "very powerful."

  • Super Strength - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah is much stronger than immortals, non-original vampires, werewolves, non-original hybrids, and humans. She is able to decapitate other species with a single chop, shatter windows and doors with small objects, and tear the hearts out of other creatures without effort. When her brother Klaus was strangling Hayley, Rebekah was able to use her strength to get him off her. She also over powered Elena, whether the latter was human or vampire, on more that one occasion. Even when merely touching a non-original vampires arm, she can still crush them, as she did with Stefan. While Originals are more powerful than werewolves in either form, transformed werewolves still rival enough of their strength to take down an Original in small groups as it was shown that four of them were capable of overwhelming Rebekah (although she managed to kill half of them).
  • Super Speed - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah is much faster than immortals, non-original vampires, werewolves, non-original hybrids, and humans. She is able to stop other supernatural creatures in their tracks and run miles in mere minutes. Her reflexes are similarly heightened, as she caught knifes thrown at her by both Stefan and Damon and he once caught her older brother Kol's arm before he could stab her with the White Oak Stake. She was also fast enough to escape a junkyard rigged to explode the moment she stepped off the pressure plate.
  • Heightened Senses - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah has extremely keen senses of hearing, sight and smell that far exceed those of humans, regular vampires, werewolves and non-original hybrids.
  • Super Agility - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah possesses more superhuman agility, flexibility and dexterity than non-original vampires, non-original hybrids, werewolves, and humans. She can move quickly, jump, climb and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion.
  • Super Healing Factor - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah heals faster from injuries than those of other vampires, werewolves, non-original hybrids and humans. She also seems to heal much more quickly when exposed to vervain or wood. She can heal/recover/regenerate from any and all injuries in a matter of seconds.
  • Super Durability - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah can take far more trauma than other vampires, werewolves, hybrids, and humans can without much discomfort or injury. like with all her siblings, no Original has ever been dismembered throughout the series, implying that her durability may be close to invincibility. Wood seems to be ineffective at weakening her.
  • Enhanced Emotions - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah experiences emotions more powerfully than humans. Emotions like love, joy, happiness, cruelty, and aggressiveness are intensified for vampires allowing them to live life more intensely. This ability allows the originals to feel emotions at their peak regardless of their age. They have been shown experiencing emotions as powerfully today as they did 1,000 years ago.
  • Emotional Control - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah has some degree of control over her own emotions. However, it has been stated that this ability fades with time. It is unknown if Rebekah still possesses it after 1,000 years.
  • Dream Manipulation - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah can control dreams and the subconscious. She can also produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming. Other effects of this ability is the distortion of reality and trapped in the dreams.
  • Mind Compulsion - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah can control and influence the thoughts, emotions, behavior, actions, memories and emotions of humans, vampires and hybrids. She once compelled the former hybrid Tyler to turn. However, she cannot however compel witches, immortals or werewolves.
  • Immortality - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah is close to being truly immortal. She is not a millisecond past her absolute physical prime, does not physically age and are immune to all illnesses, toxins, poisons, infections. and diseases. Being pierced through the heart with the White Oak Stake is the only way to permanently kill her.
  • Fangs - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah can extend a pair fangs from there k-9 teeth which they use to feed. Their fangs will occasionally come out and extend when they feed, are aroused by the scent of blood, or feeling intensely threatened or angered.
  • Sire Bond - Although rare among them, Sire Bonds can be formed when a human is turned with the blood of the vampire whom they had strong human feelings for.
  • Telepathy - Being an Original vampire, Rebekah is able to display her memories to other beings.


Niklaus Mikaelson

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Klaus is Rebekah's older half-brother. Out of all his siblings, he is closest to her and he cares very deeply for her, although he seems to have a lot of difficulty showing her his affection. They are loyal to each other. They have never left each other's side and stood by one another through thick and thin. After Klaus was "supposedly" killed by Alaric in The Departed, Rebekah is heartbroken after losing her older half-brother, whom she loved very much and who never left her side. When she finds out in the season four premiere that he was still alive, their relationship started to completely and totally deteriorate when he chose to save Caroline over his own sister. Rebekah confronted him about how she never stopped loving him through everything; it was always her that was there for him when Finn, Kol and even Elijah weren't. She now realizes he truly doesn't love her when he tells her they are no longer family. Klaus is the one who daggered her and he's really used her in a way that's unforgivable. They have both attempted to exploit each other, but are also bound by their love and his feeling of wanting to protect her from her own weaknesses. Later in the season, Klaus saves her when Kol nearly tries to kill her with a White Oak Stake. Even when she hates him, he shows that he still cares and loves her regardless of what's happened between them.

Elijah Mikaelson

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Elijah is Rebekah's older brother. Her relationship with him has
been very dysfunctional. Elijah is in the habit of being very critical towards Rebekah due to her actions. After she requests him to give her the cure for vampirism, Elijah agrees provided that she go a whole day without her vampire abilities. However they were tricked by Silas with Klaus's help. After finding out that Klaus is going to be a father, Elijah asks her to follow Klaus and him to New Orleans. She refuses to follow Elijah and help him. Elijah is without a doubt the brother Rebekah respects most out of all her brothers.

Kol Mikaelson

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Kol and Rebekah

Kol is Rebekah's older brother. Rebekah and Kol have a really difficult relationship because no matter what they say or do, they can’t stay a minute without fighting. He has always been her partner in crime. He helped her gain information from Shane about the cure until he found out that it involved Silas. Kol refused to have part in it and wanted everyone to stop looking for the cure. Kol made ​​an attempt to kill her; but Klaus saved her. Later on, he is killed by Jeremy and Elena. Rebekah mourns the loss of her brother; but still wants to find the cure. When Kol returns from The Other Side, he is not happy to see her as she did not get revenge for his death, which strains their relationship.


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Rebekah and Esther

Esther and Rebekah meet in the present for the first time in Bringing Out The Dead, when Elijah revives his siblings. Rebekah tries to harm Klaus to avenge her mother, but Esther arrives and stops them. Rebekah is surprised to see Esther alive and Esther tells the Originals that she wants them to be a family again.

Esther tries to use the power of the full moon and the Bennett bloodline to kill all of her children, but she is stopped by Elijah's plan. Then Esther tells Rebekah she is dying, but this is just a lie that she used to get Rebekah to let her guard down. She then possessed Rebekah. Esther then returns to her body after Alaric drives a dagger through Rebekah's heart.

Elena Gilbert

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Elena and Rebekah

Rebekah and Elena were originally enemies until they became allies and partners-in-crime in Because the Night. There’s a commonality between humanity-free vampire Elena and Rebekah that makes their pairing a lot of fun. The dark, humanity-free Elena ends up returning it with snipes of her own, converting their conversations into playful banter. Rebekah may be confounded at times with this new side of Elena, but she is also discovering someone who she can connect with now. The two of them have both experienced the life of being over-protected and being restricted from making independent decisions. When Elena got her humanity back, she told Rebekah that they are not friends.

Other Relationships


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The Originals Season One


  • Rebekah, is a feminine name of Hebrew origin (רבקה). The name means "to tie". *It's a biblical name, of the wife of Isaac and mother of Esau and Jacob.


  • She is the only female Original Vampire and is the oldest female vampire overall to appear in the series.
  • Rebekah is the youngest remaining Original Vampire.
  • As the only female Original Vampire - and Amara was cured and killed by Qetsiyah - she is the oldest and most powerful female vampire on the planet.
    • Since Amara was alive and still immortal, Amara still holds the title of being the oldest and most powerful female immortal in the world. Amara is also the world's first immortal woman.
  • As of 500 Years of Solitude, she is the most-recurring character with 37 appearances.
    • Rebekah is the only non-main character who appeared in 35 episodes during two seasons.
    • She appeared in 18 episodes in Season 4, more episodes than Bonnie, Matt, Tyler and Jeremy who are main characters.
  • She is the third Original Vampire overall to appear. Elijah being the first, and Klaus the second.
  • Rebekah was neutralized by Klaus penultimately, before Elijah.
  • Rebekah is one of only seven recurring characters to appear in more than 10 episodes during their inaugural season. The others being Annabelle, who appeared in 11 episodes during Season OneElijah Mikaelson, who appeared in 12 episodes during Season Two; Atticus Shane, who appeared in 11 episodes in Season Four and Nadia Petrova, Wes Maxfield & Enzo who appeared in 12 episodes each in Season Five.
  • Rebekah is the only recurring character to appear in almost every episode of a singular season without becoming a main cast member. She appeared in 17/22 episodes during Season 3. She also appeared in 18/23 episodes during Season 4.
  • Rebekah was the second Original shown to be neutralized.
  • Both Claire Holt and Bianca Lawson (Emily Bennett) played Emily Fields' girlfriends in Pretty Little Liars.
  • Rebekah is the third Original Vampire neutralized by Elena Gilbert.
  • Rebekah and Kol are the only ones who call Klaus "Nik". Everyone else calls him Klaus or Niklaus.
  • Ironically, when acting on H20, Claire Holt portrayed a mermaid called Emma Gilbert and in The Vampire Diaries, she hated Elena, who is a Gilbert. She also killed Elena.
  • Rebekah refers to herself as Kol's "baby sister", implying that she is the youngest of the Original family, with the exception of Henrik who died long ago.
  • Rebekah, Stefan, Sophie and Niklaus are the only main characters to have permanently killed another main character (Alaric, Vicki, Silas, Davina and Jenna respectably).
  • Out of all the Original Vampires, Rebekah can be considered the most stubborn and ill-tempered.
  • During the second season, an old and powerful vampire (possibly one of the Original Vampires) named Adrienne was set to appear, but in the end, the character was removed and instead Rebekah appeared in Season Three.
  • Like Elijah, Rebekah appears in all but three episodes between her first and last appearance of her debut season.
  • Rebekah has been neutralized eight times:
    1. By Alexander in 1114, in The Five.
    2. By Niklaus Mikaelson in 1835 in House of the Rising Son.
    3. By Niklaus Mikaelson in the 1920s, in The End Of The Affair.
    4. By Elena Gilbert, in Homecoming.
    5. By Niklaus Mikaelson, in The New Deal.
    6. By Alaric Saltzman (via Kol Mikaelson), in All My Children.
    7. By Alaric Saltzman, in Do Not Go Gentle.
    8. By Niklaus Mikaelson, in The Five.
    • She has been neutralized the most times out of her siblings. Finn has been neutralized twice, Kol three times and Elijah seven times.
    • When neutralized for the second time, in 1835, Klaus left her daggered for 52 years which is just as long as he had suffered from the Hunter's curse after having killed The Five in 1114.
  • Rebekah is the only non main character so far who appeared in 16 consecutive episodes (from O Come, All Ye Faithful to I Know What You Did Last Summer).
  • Rebekah is the first Original Vampire to be possessed by a witch (Esther).
  • In Do Not Go Gentle, while Esther was possessing her, she got Alaric to neutralize her again, making this the second time she was neutralized and missed a high school dance.
  • Rebekah has been with both Salvatore brothers, Stefan in the 1920s and Damon in 2010.
  • Rebekah has missed nearly all of the high school dances but she did get the chance to go to the Prom.
  • Rebekah technically killed Elena Gilbert in The Departed.
  • Rebekah has met every main character, except Vicki and Jenna, with Vicki and Jenna both being already killed before she first appeared.
  • Rebekah was involved with a vampire hunter named Alexander centuries ago and this relationship was seen in Season 4.
  • Rebekah's name was originally "Bex", but it was changed to Rebekah, just like Meredith's name was originally "Mary".
  • Rebekah is known to be called by nicknames. Some of those include:
    • Klaus and Kol sometimes call her "Bekah".
    • Damon called her "Sexy Bex".
    • Stefan called her "Sweetheart", in the 1920s.
    • Other nicknames given to her are "The She-Devil", and "Evil Blood Slut" by Caroline along with "Barbie Klaus", by Damon.
  • Out of all her siblings, Klaus is the only one shown to be protective of her, but after Rebekah angrily destroys the last of Elena's human blood, Klaus disowns her as his sister and family member and snaps her neck.
  • Rebekah is one of three girls who have sex with both Salvatore brothers; Stefan and Damon, first being Katherine, third being Elena. But she's the only one who wasn't a Doppelgänger.
  • April Young is Rebekah's first friend in the series. Her other friends include Matt Donovan and Elena Gilbert (without her humanity).
  • Rebekah is one of four recurring characters who appear in more than 20 episodes. The other two are Elizabeth Forbes, Elijah Mikaelson and Carol Lockwood.
  • Rebekah wants to be human again.
  • Like her brother Finn, she hates being a vampire.
  • She is the only Original Vampire who wanted to take the cure.
  • Rebekah was indirectly responsible for the death of Galen Vaughn.
  • She admitted to Stefan that she wants to have children one day with someone who loves her enough to stand outside her window with a boombox. 
  • Both Esther and Silas have taken the form of Rebekah.
  • In the 12th Century, Rebekah spoke fluent Italian.
    • She also spoke French in the 18th Century.
  • It is revealed that she was in love with Marcel sometime in the past, however Marcel was forced by Klaus to choose between Rebekah and immortality. He chose the latter.
  • LIke Klaus, Rebekah has a habit of saying the word "love" and also the word "darling" behind her sentence each time when she starts and finishes talking with every female character.
  • She is the first character to share a kiss with someone of the same gender.
    • She is also the first character to engage in an on-screen threesome (between Matt and Nadia).
  • She is the only character that has been in both season premieres of TVD Season 5 and TO Season 1.
  • Klaus has killed most of Rebekah's lovers.
  • Rebekah sees herself in Davina due to her circumstances, and due to Klaus killing Davina's lover like he did Rebekah's in the past.
  • Rebekah also tends to use the word "bloody" commonly as an adjective.
  • Rebekah worked as a nurse in the 1900's.
  • Genevieve tortured and exposes various acts Rabekah was involved in to Niklaus.
  • In Le Grand Guignol it is revealed that Rebekah was Mikael's favorite child.
  • In Le Grand Guignol, Rebekah seeks a cloaking spell to protect him and Marcel from Klaus. The spell is planned to be performed by Davina, who is planned to be resurrected through the harvest witch deaths.
  • Rebekah will be the first lead character to not appear in an episode of The Originals
  • The Actress that plays Rebekah (Claire Holt) has Left the Originals, this marks the first time a main character of either show to be written off where they were not killed.
  • In Long Way Back From Hell, Rebekah used infected rags to sicken Genevieve and [Clara] (possessed by Celeste).
  • In Long Way Back From Hell, Rebekah feels remorse afterwards and asks Genevieve to undue her spell that summons Mikael.
  • In Long Way Back From Hell, Klaus and Rebekah have a physical scuffle.
  • In Long Way Back From Hell, Rebekah is tortured by Genevieve.
  • After Farewell to Storyville, Rebekah is no longer a main character in The Originals as Claire Holt has left the show.
  • In From a Cradle to a Grave, Rebekah returns in New Orleans only for a while in order to take Hope away from this city and keep and raise her safe.


  • Rebekah is a no holds barred Alpha Bitch !
  • Like Klaus, she is proof that Blonds are Evil : she is aggressive, spiteful and vindictive.
  • She is a Femme Fatale : beautiful, free spirited and manipulative.
  • I hate you, Vampire Dad  - With good reason: it was her own biological father who turned her into a Vampire... then decided it was an evil he had to eliminate from the surface of Earth.
  • Despite her youthful appearance, she is really 1000 years old .
  • Her own mother, Esther, possessed her body in Season 3.
  • Suffers from Chronic Backstabbing Disorder - on the receiving end. Both metaphorically and literally.
  • Although she looks like the Dumb Blond, she actually has Hidden Depths . Although externally she is an Alpha Bitch , she is deeply hurt by being betrayed so many times. Deep down she just wants to be a normal girl and go to a dance without being stabbed in the back or poisoned.
  • With all that has happened to her, it turns out she has a very good reason to destroy EVERYTHING !
  • To save herself, her brothers and the entire vampire race, she did what she had to do , and killed Elena.
  • A Day in the Limelight - frequent flashbacks that focus on her history and her family's.
  • And I Must Scream - Shared with family. When an Original is daggered, it leads to immediate desiccation. Also when the daggers are removed, the awakening is rather painful as well.
  • Rebekah is a name from the bible.




Rebekah Mikaelson has a photo gallery.


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