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Rebekah's House
Location Information

Rebekah Mikaelson

Elena Gilbert (formerly)




Mystic Falls

Rebekah's House is first seen in The Rager when Rebekah moves out from Klaus' Mansion after a fight with her brother. It's unknown who lived there before, or if Rebekah had bought it.

Elena briefly lived with Rebekah whilst having no humanity, as Rebekah was the only person who could tolerate her.

As Rebekah is a vampire, anyone can enter the house at this point, but since she has left Mystic Falls it can be assume that's empty.

Season Four

The house is first seen in The Rager when Rebekah throws an anti-curfew party for herself and the other students of Mystic Falls High School. In order to ditch the last school period, a lot of people attend her party, including Elena and Stefan. It leads to a confrontation between her and Elena. She is surely still mad at Elena and Elena the other way, it leads to Rebekah throwing Elena's daylight ring in the sink, which again leads to Elena getting burned by the sun. Elena is successful in getting her ring back and attempts to kill Rebekah with the White Oak Stake but is stopped by Stefan. Due to Connor spiking the beer earlier, Rebekah is poisoned with werewolf venom which causes her to hallucinate ripping Matt's heart out. After she recovers, she meets April Young and they become close friends.

In Catch Me If You Can, Rebekah is seen in the bedroom and Stefan comes over to Rebekah's house, later. They talk for a while, and Stefan then pushes Rebekah on her bed and they have sex.

During Pictures of You, Elena lived in the house. However after regaining her humanity, she presumably lives back at the Salvatore House.


  • Elena gets burned by the sunlight for the first time in this house.
  • Vampires can enter this house without invitation.
  • It's the first time Rebekah is shown to have her own house.
  • Rebekah is the second Original who has her own house.


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