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Television ratings represent how many people have watched a certain programme.

Friday afternoon preliminary ratings are announced and we add them here. Few hours after that final ratings are released and they are added instead of preliminary.

The Vampire DiariesEdit


TVD Ratings (for the first 6 seasons)

These are the ratings for every episode so far.

The OriginalsEdit


TO Ratings (for the first 2 seasons)

Ratings for every episode so far:

Season AveragesEdit

Season Rank Season Average
Season 1 #118 4.5
Season 2 #193 3.17
Season 3 #166 2.81
Season 4 #133 2.97
Season 5 #147 2.68
Season 6 #160 2.25
TO Season 1 #149 2.61
TO Season 2 #172 1.81

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