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Television ratings represent how many people have watched a certain program.
Preliminary ratings are announced on Saturday. The final ratings are announced on Monday.

The Vampire Diaries


TVD Ratings

These are the ratings for every episode.

The Originals


TO Ratings (for the first 3 seasons)

Ratings for every episode so far:

Season Averages

The Vampire Diaries Rank Season Average
Season 1 #118 3.60
Season 2 #193 3.17
Season 3 #166 2.91
Season 4 #133 2.97
Season 5 #147 2.68
Season 6 #160 1.54
Season 7 #173 1.49
Season 8 TBA TBA
The Originals Rank Season Average
Season 1 #149 2.61
Season 2 #172 1.81
Season 3 #181 1.44
Season 4 TBA TBA

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