Rafael Waithe[3] is an upcoming and main character[4] who will appear on the first episode of Legacies.

Throughout Legacies Series


Rafael is a dangerously charismatic and newly-triggered werewolf. With a combination of a pure and loyal heart mixed with a lifetime of abuse and anger, Rafael wants to be a good person but lives in a constant struggle with the emotional demons that have plagued him through a difficult childhood.[4]

"Rafael is charismatic, loyal to a fault and values the truth above all else, no matter how hard the truth can be. His upbringing from unstable family followed by foster care has left him with some anger issues that he can't seem to shake. He was hoping the fact that he was supernatural would be the easy solve for his problems, but it's not. He believes that learning how to harness this inner monster at the school could solve all his problems and allow him to live life like the man he wants to be."[5]

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Rafael possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Evolved werewolf.


Rafael has the typical weaknesses of a non-evolved werewolf.


Season One


  • Rafael is a name of Hebrew origin meaning "God is Healer" or "God has Healed".[6]
  • Waithe is an English habitational name from a place named with Old Norse vað 'ford'.[7]




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