Quentin Lescheres was a character of The Originals novel series. He was a triggered werewolf who was the husband of Sofia Lescheres and father to Vivianne Lescheres-Mikaelson.

Quentin was a member of the Lescheres Family and a relative of the Dalliencourt Family.


He was involved with Sofia and later married her. Together they had a daughter in 1703. She was kept an secret because of the active werewolf-witch war. After Quentin's death, his daughter was introduced to society no longer being an secret to everyone else.

Physical Appearance

Not much is known about Quentin's physical appearance.


There hasn't been a whole lot said about Quentin's personality.



  • Quentin comes from the Latin Quentīnus, a derivative of the Roman personal name Quintus, which is from the vocabulary word quintus (the fifth). The name was traditionally bestowed upon the fifth-born child.
  • Lescheres could possibly come from Lescher which is German and could be a metonymic occupational name for a mediator or arbitrator, or possibly a fireman. But it's possible Lescheres is of French origin as well.

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