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Stefan qetsiyah
Qetsiyah and Stefan
General Information
Intimacy Levels

Former friends, Enemies, She liked to flirt with him because he looks like Silas, Formerly sweet and flirty

First Met

August 31, 2011 (Original Sin)


Enemies (Qetsiyah is dead)

You were trapped in a safe and tossed in a quarry. Water flooded in. You tried to scream, you tried to escape, but all you could do was drown over and over and over again. The only thing keeping you sane was that one day one of the two people you loved would come rescue you, but they didn't. I did. Always remember that.

The relationship between Stefan Salvatore and Qetsiyah.

Qetsiyah rescued Stefan from the safe that Silas locked him in in the Season Five episode Original Sin. From then on, Qetsiyah and Stefan remained uneasy frenemies until her death in Death and the Maiden.

Throughout the Vampire DiariesEdit

Season FiveEdit

In Original SinQetsiyah (under the guise of Tessa) saves Stefan from burning to death in the sun (without his daylight ring) and takes him to an unknown and secluded cabin. When he wakes up, she quickly reveals her true identity as Qetsiyah. She explains that when Bonnie dropped the Veil, she decided to take matters into her own hands since her hunters had failed, to revive herself before Bonnie put the veil back up.

Stefan 7 TVD 5x03

Stefan wakes up after Qetsiyah saves him

She then revealed more details behind what happened between her and Silas 2,000 years ago, which led to the revelation that Silas' true love, Amara, had also taken the immortality elixir, which created the bloodline of doppelgängers that spawned the Petrovas (TatiaKatherine, Elena), just as Silas had his own line of doppelgängers that were created after he became immortal. Qetsiyah explained that while she was on the Other Side, she has watched the universe push the doppelgängers of Silas and Amara together, which demonstrates why Stefan and Katherine as well as Stefan and Elena have been romantically involved over the years.

Qetsiyah 17 TVD 5x03

Qetsiyah tells Stefan her history with Silas

Shortly after this revelation, Qetsiyah used her magic to take Stefan down and bind him to Silas in order to cast a spell to suppress Silas' mental powers. However, Damon interrupts her when he finds Stefan, and tells her he wants to take him and leave. However, when Stefan learns of the plan to disable Silas, he persuades Damon to let her finish her spell, so they can finally defeat him. Once Qetsiyah is finished, she also reveals Stefan and Elena's destiny to Damon, much to his shock, and offers to let him run off with Elena, while she stays with Stefan and keeps him safe. However, Damon loves Stefan too much to do this to him and attacks her, but she easily disarms him by inflicting him with an aneurysm and leaves. Elena arrives soon after and helps them all escape. Later, Qetsiyah is seen performing another ritual in a room full of candles that involved her blood.

In Monster's Ball, Qetsiyah arrives at the Historical Ball dressed as Cleopatra. She sits next to Stefan at the bar and openly flirts with him. Damon interrupts to speak with Stefan privately. Damon and Silas incapacitate Stefan so Silas can obtain information he needs from Qetsiyah while posing as Stefan. Unaware of the switch, Qetsiyah is delighted when she's asked to dance by Silas posing as Stefan. Silas gets the information he wanted without Qetsiyah knowing what just occurred. Later, Qetsiyah is concerned and worried when she believes Stefan has collapsed on the floor in pain. Before she can help, Stefan appears and alerts her to the fact that it's Silas on the floor. Angered by Silas posing as Stefan, Qetsiyah stops his heart from beating and desiccates him.

Stefan 7 TVD 5x06

Qetsiyah and Stefan flirt

In Handle with Care, Stefan wakes up on a couch next to Qetsiyah in her cabin. Stefan wonders what he was doing there, and Qetsiyah explains they spent the night drinking tequila and doing body shots. She gleefully tells him that Silas has taken the cure and is now mortal. When Stefan inquires to specifics on how the anchor is tied to Silas, Qetsiyah refuses to answer his questions. When she attempts to open the door and exit the cabin, she realizes that Silas has cast a spell to trap them there till sundown. Elena tries to call Stefan, but Qetsiyah answers his phone and taunts her by implying that her and Stefan slept together. Elena arrives at the cabin to find out Qetsiyah lied about sleeping with Stefan just to get her there trapped with them. She threatens to torture Elena unless Damon kills Silas.

Qetsiyah 9 TVD 5x06

Stefan stabs Qetsiyah

Stefan and Qetsiyah are attempting to make dinner while Elena sits by herself. When Damon calls to fill Qetsiyah in on Silas' situation, Stefan whispers to Elena that he has the situation under control. Realizing the sun has gone down and Silas' barrier is broken, Stefan quickly subdues Qetsiyah by stabbing her. He and Elena then flee the cabin. Later, Stefan enters his room and is surprised to see Qetsiyah there. He offers to heal her knife wound, but she declines, saying that it's a reminder of his betrayal. She responds by painfully giving Stefan his memories back.


Stefan: I don't want to hurt you, so get away from me before I rip your throat out.
Qetsiyah: Hello to you, too. I brought dinner.
(Tessa holds out a blood bag. Stefan hesitates for a moment, then grabs the blood bag savagely and starts to suck it down.)
Qetsiyah: A vampire doppelgänger who's burdened by a conscience. Now I've seen everything.
Stefan: You saved me from burning to death outside that bar this morning, didn't you?
Qetsiyah: And I pulled you from the quarry before that. That is, I figured out where you were and told the former owner of this cabin to pull your lock box from the water. You thanked biting off his head.
Stefan: Look, if you really are Silas' one true love and you're not dead, then why don't you do us all a favor and run off into the sunset together?
Qetsiyah: Silas was my true love. I never said I was his. I'm Qetsiyah, that sane, rational, well-adjusted woman you seem to know so much about.
Stefan: What are you doing here? I thought you were dead and on the Other Side.
Qetsiyah: I was - for 2,000 years. But I came back...for you.
Stefan: 2,000 years is a hell of a long time to hold a grudge.
Qetsiyah: You have clearly never been left at the altar.
Qetsiyah (to Damon): Century after century, I watched versions of Stefan and Elena find each other, like magnets, always the same story—conquering all, falling in love. You didn't think your brother was Silas' first shadow? Destiny has been trying to get the doppelgängers together forever.
-- Original Sin

Qetsiyah: You have no idea who I am, do you?
Stefan: No offense, but actually, I have no idea who a lot of people are.
Qetsiyah: Tessa. Formerly known as Qetsiyah.
Stefan: The girl who wiped my memories.
Qetsiyah: Nothing personal, little ex-boyfriend drama. Let me make it up to you. Buy you an "I'm sorry" drink?
-- Monster's Ball

Qetsiyah: Good morning, sleepy-head. (Stefan is startled awake) Sleep well?
Stefan: Oh. Tessa. Hi.
Qetsiyah: You're confused. Is that the amnesia or the tequila?
Stefan: Um, I think both. I'm still trying to piece together last night.
Qetsiyah: We bonded over our misery. There were body shots. The misery lifted. Here. Berries?
Stefan: Thanks. What's got you in such a good mood?
Qetsiyah: I happened to see a text message pop up on your phone after you crashed last night. Warning from your friends. Silas took the cure. He's a witch. He's mortal and now, I can kill him. Get up gorgeous, your doppelgänger dies today.
Qetsiyah (answering Stefan's phone): Stefan's phone.
Elena: Who's this?
Qetsiyah: Uncanny. Your doppelgänger voice is exactly like Amara's. So whiny.
Elena: Tessa. Where's Stefan?
Qetsiyah: He's here. Well, not "here here". He hopped in the shower. Between us girls, he works up quite the sweat, but I guess you know that. May I leave him a message?
Elena: Yeah. Remind him that you're a crazy bitch.
Qetsiyah: I would, but I think that's maybe his type.
Qetsiyah (to Stefan): You were trapped in a safe and tossed in a quarry. Water flooded in. You tried to scream, you tried to escape, but all you could do was drown over and over and over again. The only thing keeping you sane was that one day one of the two people you loved would come rescue you, but they didn't. I did. Always remember that.
-- Handle with Care


  • Qetsiyah loved Stefan's ancestor, Silas.
  • Qetsiyah has watched all of Silas' and Amara's doppelgängers get matched together for 2,000 years, including Stefan and Elena.
  • Qetsiyah had an attraction to Stefan.
  • Qetsiyah tried to use Stefan to make Elena jealous.
  • Stefan aided Qetsiyah in her goal by killing Silas so that she can be with him forever


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