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Bonnie wakes up with fire she created

Pyrokinesis is an ability of witches to conjure fire through their mind. Witches commonly use this power to light candles and can also use liquids (e.g. alcohol, water, etc.) as an accelerant. This power can also be activated through a spell though commonly performed non-verbally, is evoked through the Latin-based term "Incendia".

It is a subsection of Elemental Control.


Pyrokinesis is the ability to conjure flames and/or fire through either the mind or spell. Pyrokinesis is a basic power possessed by many witches and often one many choose to advance. The power can, and is mostly used as a defensive power but many witches have been seen to use the power in aid of lighting candles, fires etc. Witches such as Bonnie Bennett and Qetsiyah have shown to be more advanced at using pyrokinesis than other such users. Although the power can be used on its own, sometimes it requires water or another liquid to aid in spreading.

Notable Users Throughout The Vampire Diaries

  • Bonnie Bennett: This is probably the power Bonnie uses most frequently. She first learned how to control this power in Family Ties, and has used it many a time since. She has used this power to light candles often, as fire and the other elements are used by witches to help fuel their magic. She has also unknowingly used pyrokinesis in You're Undead to Me; Tiki was rude to a customer at the car wash they were hosting for the cheerleading squad, which made her so angry she went into a trance. In her trance, she caught the water on the ground on fire, which spread to a car, which was destroyed. Like at the car wash she often uses water as an accelerant; in Fool Me Once, she threw a glass of water on Ben McKittrick to ignite him. She also used it in Brave New World to attempt to set Damon Salvatore on fire. She used her mind to turn on a nearby hose, incapacitated him by giving him one aneurysm after another, and lit the stream of water on fire to ignite him. Bonnie activates this power similarly to her passive Pain Infliction by giving a strong stern gaze at the object that she intends to ignite. Bonnie also showed a strong use of this ability during her time in the Prison World. She was able to create fire to stop Kai hurting Damon.
  • Jonas Martin: Jonas once used this ability on the bar in the Mystic Grill, and used the spilled alcohol as an accelerant before setting it alight. He activated this power by giving a strong, stern gaze at the bar which then immediately set on fire. It is also possible he caused more fires afterwards because after Caroline came in, there were quite a few more small fires lit than there was earlier.
  • Greta Martin: During her short time on the show, Greta used this power the most out of all of her witchcraft abilities. She notably used it to light fires so that she and Elena could see the site of the sacrifice at the end of The Last Day. She also used this power to create three large rings of fire to contain Elena, Jules , and Jenna. The circles were spelled to rise in intensity if the person inside it attempted to escape. Greta activated this power by raising her hand and splaying her fingers.
  • Qetsiyah: The ancient witch Qetsiyah, also known as Tessa, once used this in Original Sin. After she revealed about her past to Stefan, she describes about herself and drags her finger to the wall producing blue fire.
  • Silas: Silas, the ancient warlock, is one of the most powerful, "gifted people", called the Travelers alongside with Qetsiyah. It is proven enough by his powers, when he just lights his fingertips effortlessly.
  • Valerie Tulle / Nora Hildegard / Mary Louise: The awarding ceremony to promote youngsters into deputies. Nora, Mary Louise and Valerie comes in and tells them to work on their revenge. They start chanting a spell, which appears to only start the sprinklers from the sides and then Valerie sets the whole place on fire and start killing everyone inside.

Notable Users Throughout The Originals

  • Davina Claire: Davina first used this power when she lit a candle and then extinguished the flame. During the Fête des Bénédictions, she used this power to set off the fireworks.
  • Finn Mikaelson: While possessing the witch Vincent Griffith, he attempted to burn Klaus alive in the Lafayette Cemetery. Finn's use of non-verbal pyrokinesis to date has been the most powerful seen as he was able cast a large spreading stream of flames toward Klaus with little external accelerant. When the flames and smoke clear, however, Klaus had already vanished, using his speed to overcome his magic.
  • Dahlia: In Save My Soul, After Dahlia linked herself to Freya using connective magic, she was able to destroy a village by igniting it with flames with a wave of her hand. Also in Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Dahlia effortlessly produced fire in order to destroy the enchanted dagger meant to kill her, after that she immediately extinguished the flames by waving her hand on top of them.
  • Freya Mikaelson: In City Beneath The Sea, Dahlia invoked Klaus into her mind, and showed her Freya's past, in this memory Freya was seen throwing a yellow flower into a fire and effortlessly accelerated the intensity of the flames.
  • Moroccan Witch: In Beautiful Mistake, she was seen easily setting the resurrection spell, that Rebekah sought for Kol, on fire with a snap of her fingers.
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In the Novels

  • Elena used Pyrokinesis in Destiny Rising when fighting against Klaus.


  • At The Harvest Davina was chosen to be The Harvest Witch Of Fire.


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