A long time ago, in a little Mediterranean village, there was a girl. As she came of age, the village girl began to manifest psychic abilities, a trait that had been forbidden in her land for as long as anyone could remember.

Psychics are a subset of humans, though classified as a supernatural species, that exhibit the ability to read, manipulate or control the minds of others.


Psychics are seemingly a natural occurring phenomenon, born with abilities similar to that of witches. However, unlike Witches', whose function is to be servants of nature, a psychic's function and purpose in the natural world is not known.

Bonnie Bennett's grandmother had once said that all witchcraft is rooted in psychic energy, which may make Psychics the precursors of witches that have honed their supernatural abilities with spells.


Arcadius was the first known Psychic and he used his powers for the good of his village, however, the village turned against him when they discovered his abilities. Arcadius was then burnt alive at the stake and in his last moments, he unleashed a psychic wave that actually created another dimension, where his soul currently resides.

The next known psychics were Sybil and Seline, who were banished to an island that was the former home of Arcadius. Seline used her powers to lure men on to the island in order to be butchered and eaten. They eventually became the first and only known Sirens, immortal creatures that feasted on human flesh, however, they had retained their psychic abilities.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers


Arcadius reading minds

  • Telepathy: Psychics are able to enter the minds of others and read their thoughts and access their memories. While they appear to have considerable range as Seline was able to reach sailors beyond the island she was in, physical contact allows them to search through the deeper reaches of a person's mind. During the course of his life, Arcadius was shown to be able to read the minds of others with focus, allowing him to discern the trick a boy performed. During their time on the island, Seline taught Sybil to use their voice as a physical aid to influence their mental abilities.
    • Mind Control: Psychics possess the ability to apply subtle influence on the minds of others. Seline was shown to be able to call on sailors to sail into the rocks of her island, creating the myths about Sirens. Additionally, Arcadius once offered to quell the impure thoughts of a fellow villager.

Arcadius' psychic blast

Uncommon Powers

  • Dimensional Creation: Psychics possess the potential to create their own afterlife dimension by releasing a large psychic blast under extreme emotional duress. This leaves a psychic imprint on the world through unknown means. To date, only Bonnie Bennett and Arcadius have been shown capable of performing this feat.


  • Mortality: Despite of their mental abilities, psychics are still human and share many of the same weaknesses as non-supernatural beings (e.g. age, decapitation, disease, heart-failure, suffocation, etc.) as well as the physical limitations.
  • Mystic Falls Founders Bell: imbued with magic, it is an indestructible bell that can amplify the affects of the Staff of Arcadius, when combined with the Maxwell Striker, over large distances.
    • Staff of Arcadius: An ancient Mesopotamian tuning fork that operates at an unknown frequency that is capable of disrupting psychic abilities and stunning Sirens.

Known Psychics


  • Although not psychics, witches can exhibit the common abilities of psychics.
    • In Pilot, Bonnie Bennett claimed that she was psychic. It could either be possible that she had misinterpreted the information given to her by Sheila Bennett, that they were descendants of druids, or that she exhibited certain psychic characteristics.
    • Valerie Tulle was able to read the mind of Rayna Cruz through physical contact. It is unknown if telepathy was a common trait throughout members of the Gemini Coven, or it was something unique to herself.
  • According to Sybil in An Eternity of Misery, she considers Arcadius to be the first psychic.
    • Arcadius backs this up by calling Sybil and Seline "my children".
  • Certain spells can create a psychic organism. The Immortals were a species that were endowed with extreme psychic powers and true immortality.
    • Silas has displayed powerful psychic abilities aside from Cade when he became a true immortal, as he was able to easily control an entire town at once.
    • Originals and vampires possess very minor psychic abilities, how or why they developed this when the spell that created their origin was intended to improve them only physically, is not known but in both spells, immortality was granted, inversely Arcadius, a psychic ghost is able to grant immortality, what connection between psychic abilities and immortality if any, is unknown.
  • In The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You, Bonnie Bennett mentions how she was once told by her grandmother that all witchcraft is rooted in psychic energy when she noticed the effects of the Staff of Arcadius on her and other witches.
    • This suggests a connection between witches and psychics.
  • In You Made a Choice to Be Good, Bonnie releases a psychic blast upon Enzo's death resulting in the creation of an afterlife dimension similar to Cade's.
    • It is unknown if witches and psychics naturally share this ability or it was due to Bonnie having been disempowered from the Huntress Transference spell.
    • In The Lies Will Catch Up To You, Cade confirms that Bonnie was the second person to have created a new afterlife dimension since Hell after thousands of years.



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