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Silas petrified.

I will make the blood clot in your veins. I will make every bone, muscle and joint in your body turn to stone.

Petrification is the ability of witches to forcefully turn beings into stone at unnatural speed using Expression. It is a critical weakness of immortals, neutralizing their advanced psychic abilities and one of the few methods capable of stopping them albeit temporarily.

It is an advanced form of Desiccation.

Petrification Spell

In The Walking Dead, Sheila encouraged Bonnie to use Expression to stop Silas once and for all. She used her powers to petrify Silas, which trapped him in stone. However, it was revealed in Graduation that when Bonnie died, the magic of the petrification spell used on Silas was undone, as the spell was bound to Bonnie's life, which expired when she died of overuse of magic.


  • It is implied that a petrified being can be revived with blood, similar to Desiccation.


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