I don't expect you to forgive me for abandoning you. I had my reasons at the time... but they don't seem good enough now. Even to me.
Peter to Matt in An Eternity of Misery

Peter Maxwell is a recurring character who first appeared in the fourth episode in the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries. He is the long-lost father of Matt Donovan and Vicki Donovan, who recently resurfaced and was dragged into the supernatural world. He currently assists Alaric Saltzman and Dorian Williams at the Armory.

Early HistoryEdit

Peter is the long-lost father of Matt and Vicki, and the ex-boyfriend of Kelly Donovan. He left them when Vicki was young, and while Kelly was pregnant with Matt. He states that because he couldn't be a toilet scrubber anymore. He felt ashamed and had to get out. He mentions that he regrets leaving his mother the most, especially at the time when she needed him the most.

He also gambled away a lot of money and even cheated on his taxes, but managed to reform his life.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries SeriesEdit

Season EightEdit

In An Eternity of Misery, He is first introduced at a car shop where his employee, Lou, had just been killed by Damon. Damon "compels" him and questions him about Sybil, but Peter swears he has never met her. Damon tells him that he is looking for a Maxwell family heirloom and sends Peter about the shop looking for it. Peter brings all sorts of objects to try and see if it's what Damon wants.

Peter mentions that his grandmother left him a box of stuff that his son might have. Damon tells him to call his son.

Damon notices Peter's watch and has Peter toss it to him. It burns Damon as the leather was likely steeped in vervain. Damon questions him about it, and Peter remarks that he has no idea what Damon is talking about and that his son gave him the watch.

Damon stabs Peter and is about to leave, but Damon is shot from behind by Matt Donovan, who is revealed to be Peter's son. Matt feeds Peter Damon's blood and promises him some answers. Matt apologizes for not telling him things months ago.

Matt and Peter head to the place where Damon said Tyler could be found. Peter goes over all the supernatural information that Matt has just schooled him in. Matt tells him about vervain and Peter's watch being the reason Damon couldn't compel him. Peter says "A glass of vervain everyday keeps the vampires at bay". Peter tells Matt that his great-grandmother used to say that while making tea. He says that he doesn't expect Matt to forgive him, he had his reasons, but they don't seem right now. Matt states that he understands and that they all should have gotten out of the town when they could.

Peter is seen again when Matt finds Tyler's body, and he consoles his son.

In Coming Home Was a Mistake, Peter and Matt are boxing things up at the Lockwood mansion. Peter brings Matt a package from the Armory. Peter encourages Matt to take his time packing but Matt would rather get it over with. Matt tells Peter that he's an expert at dealing with loss because it started at such a young age. This comment obviously hurts Peter, but he thinks he deserves it.

Peter wants to know how all of the things in Mystic Falls happened. Matt tells him he had to deal with vampires, vervain and death all alone, with no escape so he didn't feel like giving Peter a history lesson.

Peter finds Matt going through the package from the Armory. It was from Tyler to be delivered to Matt upon his death. All of it's contents are spread out on a table so Peter asks about it. Matt tells Peter that Tyler was helping a girl named Virginia St. John locate some sirens that had escaped the vault. Virginia's great-grandfather had released one of them in 1883. Then Virginia died, leaving everything to Tyler, who died and left everything for Matt. Matt tells Peter that he wants to stay out of it but Peter encourages his son by telling him that he is brave and fearless.

In The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You, Matt and Peter show up for Christmas dinner at the Salvatore's, surprising Caroline. Peter had convinced Matt to stick around the people he loves. Sybil and Damon are clearly up to no good as Sybil looks at Peter and says to him "We've been waiting for you."

Caroline hands presents out to everyone, including Peter. Damon announces that after dinner he is going to kill the most evil person in the room and give them a trip straight to hell. Peter looks a little worried.

As they sit around the dining table, Damon describes his job to everyone. Peter speaks up and comments on how Damon murders innocent people. Sybil asks about Peter and says that she has heard so much about him.

Peter starts confessing to everyone at the table that he gambled away a lot of money and cheated on his taxes. Peter still can't figure out what else Damon wants to know. Damon reminds him that he abandoned his kid and demands to know what else he's been doing for the past twenty-plus years. Damon vamps over to Peter and holds a knife to his throat, demanding answers. Damon cuts him on the cheek, saying the next one will be lower. Peter finally yells that he was ashamed. Kelly had just told him she was pregnant again and he just couldn't come back to this town; he had to get out. Damon comments on how Peter didn't have a reason for abandoning his kids at all and thus declared Peter the winner of his game.

Sybil takes Peter to the kitchen and apologizes for the cut on his face. She tells him she came to get something from him but Peter has no idea what she's talking about. She puts her hands on either side of his head causing Peter to scream.

Peter is saved when Enzo bangs the tuning fork, incapacitating Sybil. Matt drives Peter home that night, clearly hurt by what Peter confessed.

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In Nostalgia's a Bitch,

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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Physical AppearanceEdit

Peter Maxwell is described as a handsome, forty-year-old blue-collar guy.


Season Eight


  • Peter is a common given male name. It is derived from the Latin petra, from the Greek word πέτρος (petros), meaning "stone" or "rock".[3]
  • Maxwell is a common given name or surname. It comes from both an English and Scottish origin, with the Scottish meaning being "Mack's stream".[4]


  • Peter is described as "a blue-collar guy who abandoned his family a long time ago. He is shocked when his grown son walks back into his life to reconnect — and to drag Peter into a world of supernatural dangers."[5]




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