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Otherworldly Time Dimension
Location Information
  • Alternate Dimension
  • Perpetual Prison

The Otherwordly Time Dimension is an alternate plane of existence in which Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore are currently trapped in.


You see Damon, this isn't your hell. It's mine.
Kai to Damon and Bonnie

Season FiveEdit

Before finding peace, Sheila Bennett tells Bonnie that she has ensured a way of saving her from the Other Side's destruction. When it does collapse, Bonnie and Damon are engulfed by a bright light before being transported to an alternate dimension. [1]

Season SixEdit

In what appears to be a parallel world of Mystic Falls, Bonnie and Damon soon discover that time in the dimension does not move normally, due to the repeated occurrence of a rare solar eclipse that happened on May 10, 1994. Notably, the two suspect that they are not the only ones present in the dimension. [2] It is also known the place was originally meant for Kai to live in, as a prison for killing his coven. It was made by the Gemini Coven as punishment.


The dimension appears to be a parallel version of Mystic Falls during May 10, 1994. It remains unknown whether this extends to the rest of the world, or if it's limited to the area of Mystic Falls.

One of the dimension's distinguishing features is the constant cycle of time being repeated on the same day, also causing a solar eclipse occurring on that day to be repeated as well. The significance of it is unknown, but the inhabitants appear to be unaffected by the temporal loophole, remaining aware of everything that has happened during their time there.



  • "Otherworldly Time Dimension" was coined by Damon in conversation with Bonnie, thereby leaving the "true" name of the dimension unknown.
  • It is unknown whether this dimension was created through magic like the Other Side, but it's highly likely due to the temporal loophole and its striking resemblance to the mainstream reality.
  • According to Bonnie, her grandmother Sheila sent her and Damon there, however it is unknown if this is true.
  • According to Caroline Dries Kai is the Season 6 villian, then it's possible the Otherworldly Time Dimension might be his prison or he was drawn into it when the Other Side collapsed.
    • Kai's coven created the place to send him there as part of his own personal Hell.
  • It can be assumed that Kai can't age in the Dimension because he killed his siblings in 1994 and he still looks young in "the present day."


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