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Niklaus' Father
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Niklaus' Father was a werewolf whom Esther had an affair with, which Klaus was the outcome. His name and history are unknown, for now.

The Vampire Diaries

Season Two

He was first mentioned by Elijah in the episode Klaus. He told Elena about the true nature of Klaus. Klaus is from another bloodline apart from the originals. After Mikael found out that Esther had an affair with this man, he killed him and his entire family, which started the war between vampires and werewolves continuing to this day.

Season Three

In Ordinary People, Elena and Rebekah discuss the origins of the vampires. Mikael confirms that he was the one who murdered Klaus' biological (werewolf) father, his family and half the village when he learned of Esther's affair.

The Originals

Season One

It was mentioned by Elijah in Reigning Pain in New Orleans, that Klaus' father was the Chief of his pack. His descended followed the legendary "Hybrid". Niklaus Mikaelson to New Orleans.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, he was mentioned by his son Klaus to Jackson, the Werewolf leader of the Crescent Wolf Clan. Klaus mentioned that his mother was a very powerful Witch and during her time with his Werewolf father, she created a Moonlight Ring for him to be free from his curse and give him power that he could only access while being a Wolf on a Full Moon. Klaus also reveals that the ring was found on his father's direct descendant, Cary.


  • He is the oldest werewolf to be mentioned in the series.
  • According to Elijah and Rebekah, he and his family were killed by Mikael.
  • He and his family's death is the reason why vampires and werewolves are at war with each other.
  • Elijah and Rebekah's stories about Klaus' father seem to contradict each other. However, Elijah could have simply meant that Mikael was unaware that the entire werewolf race would seek retribution for the slaughter, therefore ingniting a war between vampires and werewolves.
  • The Lockwood Family might be related to Klaus' father as they are implied to be descended from the werewolves who lived in Mystic Falls during the 10th century.
  • He was the chief werewolf of his village.
  • His descendants followed Klaus to New Orleans.


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