Nancy-Marie Lockwood was a character who first appeared in the fourth episode of the second season. She was a human and founder of Mystic Falls. A member of the original Founder's Council, she attended the First Founders' Party, held by Mayor Benjamin Lockwood, where his son, George, was toasted.

Nancy-Marie Lockwood was a member of the Lockwood Family.

Early History

She was a founder of Mystic Falls and was a member of the original Founder's Council back in 1864. She attended the Founder's Party that was held by Benjamin Lockwood, where their son, George, was toasted.


There is not much known about Nancy-Marie's personality.

Physical Appearance

Nancy-Marie was a woman who had blonde hair, blue eyes and had a height of 5'5".


Season One

Season Two


  • Nancy is from Hebrew origin and means "grace".[2]
  • Marie is Hebrew and means "bitter", "wished-for child" or "rebellion".[3]
  • Lockwood is English and means "from the enclosed wood".[4]



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