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Mystic Grill
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Mystic Falls

Mystic Grill is a restaurant/bar/cafe in Mystic Falls. It is a popular hangout for teenagers and young adults in town.  All the regular characters have been here a few times. An event called "Mystic Falls Most Eligible Bachelor" raffle and fundraiser was held there, where young single men were introduced to the crowd and women could buy raffle tickets to win dates with them.

Isobel came here two times to meet Elena and Alaric.

Lexi hung out here when she came into town to celebrate Stefan's birthday and Damon killed her in the Mystic Grill's parking lot.

Pearl came here when gathering intel about the founding families and other citizens of the town and it is where she met Richard Lockwood and later John Gilbert, who wanted the missing part of the Gilbert device that she stole from his ancestor in 1864.

In Season 2, Bonnie and Jeremy came here on several dates.

Stefan and Caroline came here to talk about Tyler, about how he triggered his werewolf curse and how Caroline accidentally told him that she was a vampire.

Finn was killed outside of the restaurant by Matt Donovan with assistance from Stefan and Elena

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  • In real life on May 11, 2012, it was set on fire. [6]
  • It is where Finn, the second Original, was killed by Matt Donovan.



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