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Mystic Falls Hospital
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Mystic Falls

The Mystic Falls Hospital is the local hospital in Mystic Falls where injured people are taken to be treated. People can also donate their blood here. The known main people to be taken to the hospital include Elena Gilbert, Vicki Donovan, Amber Bradley, Caroline Forbes, John Gilbert, Carol Lockwood, Alaric Saltzman, Bill Forbes, Tyler Lockwood and Jenna Sommers.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season One


Jeremy visits Vicki.

Vicki Donovan was one of the first people seen to be taken here, shortly after her attack by Damon . Both Jeremy and Matt visited her, even though Tyler (Vicki's boyfriend at the time) didn't. Vicki knew she was attacked by a vampire, and was in a confused state. Matt went to go get a nurse, and by the time he came back she was asleep. Stefan had compelled her to think that an animal attacked her. Matt saw Stefan and followed him to try to see why he was there, but Stefan jumped out of the window before Matt could see him. While Vicki was laying in bed, she had a dream of Damon biting her. The effects of Stefan's compulsion were wearing off because of him drinking animal blood. Vicki left the hospital the next day.


Tyler and Matt waiting for news of Caroline.

Amber Bradley was taken here after Stefan had attacked her while he was under the influence of human blood. Jeremy is later taken here after Tyler crashed his father's car because the device affected him. Caroline had passed out not long after the ambulance got there and was taken to the Emergency Room. While Matt and Tyler were waiting in the ER, Sheriff Forbes came up to them and said that the doctors were going to do all that they could do. Caroline was in surgery.

Season Two


Caroline in the hospital.

Damon gave some blood to Caroline for faster healing. Bonnie and Matt visited her before that. Also, Stefan and Elena visited John Gilbert to ask him what Katherine Pierce (also known as Katerina Petrova) wants. He didn't know and she gave him his ring. Then when Elena exited the room, Stefan gave him some of his blood and said that he would kill him and turn him into vampire if he doesn't leave town within 24 hours. Later that night, Caroline met Katherine, who asked her to send a message to the Salvatore Brothers. She picked up Caroline's pillow and smothered her to death.

Carol Lockwood was seen in hospital in episode 2x20. The witch Maddox let her fell off the stairs in her house to make Tyler to return to Mystic Falls.

Season Three


Damon saving Elena

Elena in transition

Elena in hospital

Klaus brought Elena here for a "donation" in The Reckoning. Damon saved her.

In The New Deal after Alaric was hit by a car he was here. In The Ties That Bind, Bill was brought here after Tyler bit him. He was cured fast thanks to vampire blood. Bill Forbes was then killed by Alaric and turned into a vampire. In The Departed, Elena is taken here after suffering a" minor concussion". Soon after she is admitted to the hospital, she leaves and is taken back to her house. Elena then returns to the hospital after falling off of Wickery Bridge in Matt's car and drowned. This is the place where Meredith tells Damon she had to give Elena vampire blood in order to heal the wounds she had. The season ends in the hospital with Elena coming back to life as a vampire.

Season Four


A nurse

Pastor Young and his deputies talk to Dr. Fell regarding the blood banks in the basement and asks his deputies to check the rooms, he also tells Dr. Fell to start looking for a new job.


Inside the Hospital.

Caroline visits Matt, and she tells him she has nowhere to go. Matt embraces her, they hear an officer coming towards the room, Caroline leaves. The officer opens the door and sees Matt standing alone.

The Staff


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

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