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I can't believe it. We're actually all here. We are all here together! Bonnie Bennett, are you crying?

The Mystic Falls Gang is the unofficial name of the team of main and recurring characters on The Vampire Diaries. Members of the group have been known to come and go based on their motives and loyalties and has often included both who have worked together to fight against a common enemy. Their counterpart group is the New Orleans Group.


Current Allies

Former Allies


Current Enemies

Former Enemies

Base of Operations


  • The term "Mystic Falls Gang" was coined by fans as a reference to the "Scooby Gang" from the hit-TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both groups are known as the protectors of their town.
  • Though Tyler Lockwood and Jeremy Gilbert are technically no longer in the Mystic Falls Gang since they moved to New Mexico, they could still be considered honorary members due to their ties to their hometown and their loved ones who still live there.


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