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The Mysterious Attacker was a man who was a native of the island where Silas was entombed with the cure by Qetsiyah in the first century BCE. He attacked Jeremy Gilbert on the island while Jeremy and many of the members of the Mystic Falls Gang were seeking the cure for themselves.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Four

In Into the Wild, he stalked Jeremy and tried to kill him by shooting an arrow at him, but his sister Elena saved him from being shot at the last moment. Before the mysterious attacker could fire another shot, he was struck and killed instantly by a hatchet that was thrown by a then-unknown combatant. His killer was later revealed to be Katherine Pierce, who, unbeknownst to any of the other players, had followed the gang to the island with the intention of stealing the cure for her own ends.


Barely anything is known about him, aside from the fact that he has demonstrated a willingness to take the life of another person to serve his own agenda with seemingly no remorse.

Physical Appearance

He had very long dark brown hair and dark eyes. He also wore white face paint in lines across his cheeks and forehead.


Season Four


  • He was credited as "Man".
  • He is the first character seen using a traditional bow and arrow.


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