This article is about Mr. Tanner from the novel series. You may be looking for William Tanner from the TV series.


Mr. Tanner was a character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. He was a history teacher at Robert E. Lee High School. He is about 25 years old, even though he's balding. He loved to humiliate students, but he couldn't humiliate Stefan when the teacher tried and miserably failed.

The Original Series

The Awakening

Mr. Tanner had recently come to the school, a young 25 year old man, as the history teacher; what happened to the old teacher hasn't been said.

In this novel Mr. Tanner was a young teacher (in his 20s) and was having to step in for Coach Lyman, the gym teacher. He stepped in to the role of the Druid sacrifice, thought up by Bonnie. In this role he is meant to let the room crowded and when someone comes near him he is meant to sit up and scare everyone, this is on Halloween at the Haunted House fund raiser.

When this didn't happen Bonnie went to see if Mr. Tanner was ok, when realizing that he wasn't responding Bonnie shock him and he was dead.

After the police are called, but haven't arrived, Tyler Smallwood starts to rally up a group of people to find Stefan as he did it. Stefan didn't, but Tyler hates him because he beat him up from trying to hurt Elena.


  • Tanner comes from an English origin and means "worker in leather".

The Vampire Diaries

102-026~Jenna-Mr Tanner

Benjamin Ayres as William Tanner

Main article: William Tanner

Mr. Tanner appeared in TV series with the name William Tanner. He was also a history teacher. He was killed by Damon Salvatore. He was killed before the Haunted House opened to the public.


  • In both versions, Mr. Tanner likes to make students feel bad.
  • In both the series and the novel, Mr. Tanner is killed by Damon.

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