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Miss Mystic Falls08
Miss Mystic Falls Pageant
Event Information

Founder's Hall


February 7, 2010 (Season 1)
November 29, 2010 (Season 4)


Elena Gilbert
Damon Salvatore
Caroline Forbes
Jeffry Lockwood Hamilton
Amber Bradley
Tina Fell
Blair Fell
2011 (second pageant):
April Young
Matt Donovan
Valerie Fell

Miss Mystic Falls Pageant is a beauty pageant held annually in Mystic Falls. Typically, the daughters of the Founding Families compete against each other for the title of Miss Mystic Falls, though other members of the town have been known to enter the pageant as well. Carol Lockwood, amongst others, chooses who will be competing in the competition each year.


In 1864, the pageant was postponed due to hunting of the vampires in Mystic Falls. Anna, a vampire, was intending on competing, but couldn't after the vampires got taken to the church and "burnt". (It is later revealed that they were instead hidden in a tomb below the church.)


In the first 2010 pageant Amber Bradley, Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, Tina Fell, Blair Fell, and one other unnamed girl were chosen by Carol Lockwood to participate. Amber was not a member of a founding families , but was chosen in spite of this. The event took place in the Founder's Hall.

Each girl was escorted with the following partner:

  • Caroline Forbes with Jeffrey Lockwood Hamilton.
  • Tina Fell with Bartolomeo Whitmore.
  • Blair Fell with unknown.
  • Elena Gilbert with Damon Salvatore. (Originally planned to be escorted by Stefan Salvatore.)
  • Amber Bradley did not appear at the pageant as she was taken into the woods by Stefan who then fed on her.

Caroline Forbes was awarded Miss Mystic Falls, and with the other participants and their escorts, stood on a float during the Founder's Day Parade.


This pageant was held in early 2011 ( said by Caroline).

Each girl was escorted with the following partner:

  • Valerie Fell with Dylan Clark.
  • Amber Wolverton with Hector Linsey.
  • Michelle Cunningham with unknown.
  • Brianna Johnson with unknown.
  • Katherine Wilson with Eric Hanson.
  • April Young with Matt Donovan. (Originally planned to be escorted by Jeremy Gilbert.)

April Young was awarded Miss Mystic Falls.



First Pageant

  • Participants with escorts
  • Stefan and Elena dance practice
  • Damon and Elena dancing
  • Winner Caroline
  • Miss Mystic Falls float
  • Stefan-Eelna at Miss Mystic
  • Bonnie and Elena : Miss Mystic Ball
  • Elena and DamonGo to Miss Mystic Falls Pageant - The Vampire Diaries Wiki

Second Pageant


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