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October 26, 2011
  • I am male
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  • Hey, I'm sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to ask you a question. You seem to be one of the few users with good theories on the show's next move (for both TVD and TO). I was wondering if you think the Vault's creature is a Kitsune like most users are commenting about?

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  • JEK

    Tom, I know that they would outlive everyone on this planet because that is what would happen. I feel that you're not quite grasping the basic concept of immortality. It means living forever. Literally, forever. Human beings were far from the first creatures on this planet, and all these millions upon millions of years later, those other creatures are (by and large) all gone.

    We've only been around for less than a hundred thousand odd years, from the looks of things. Give it a million, odds are we'll be long gone.

    And the Originals could feasibly live long after that. They could live until the sun burnt out and our galaxy became shrouded in darkness, and everything died. They could live through a galaxy-destroying singularity. They could live until the universe itself ended.

    So yes, Tom, they would outlive the human race.  That's just simple logic. There doesn't need to be some apocalypse (though probability is in favour of some extinction level event occurring eventually; much like what happened to the dinosaurs), eventually they'd just outlive humanity.

    And as far as immortals having meaning in their lives.........I didn't say for one second that they couldn't have meaningful experiences, but that eventually these things would lose their meaning over the long years of their lives. Say you had something AMAZING happen to you when you were a child, then you look back in 20 years, and go........."Well, ok...that was....not QUITE as fantastic as I remembered it. Huh. Kids are funny, aren't they? The way they get so excited over such little things?" or something similar to that in sentiment. Then try and tack a couple hundred years onto that, imagine what your reaction to this thing (that your child self thought was so great) would be. Would you care all that much, or would it be just one of many minor memories, barely worth thinking about? Then tack a couple THOUSAND years onto that. Would any of those increasingly vague memories feel all that worthwhile?

    Mortal people don't have to really worry so much about that. The most important moments of their lives remain relatively fresh to them, until the day they die. But immortals, again, don't have that comfort. The more that happens to you, the less it affects you, is the best way to put it. I suppose.

    A lot of vampires DIDN'T choose it, and quite a few that DID, (like Isobel) came to regret it.

    He said that in situations where death or eternal life as an unkillable monster were his only options. The fact that he didn't just commit suicide as a witch, or try and kill himself with the white oak, is proof that death was not his real goal, only escape from his vampire existence.

    Death by dagger is obviously not a long-term option, as evidenced by Finn's suffering. Which is what I said. And continuing to live is not a viable option, for reasons I stated above (such as the exstinction of the human race). The "true" death is the only option that works for them, in the long run. Sure, they don't know what comes next. But neither does anyone. They'll be going into it blind, just like every other person who came before them. And that's not a bad thing. Death is the great equalizer, after all.

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    • JEK


      Tom........ok, I'm more than a little done with this conversation. Not entirely sure what your argument really is, what your alternative is, but.............whatever. Just going to say one last thing.

      Try and put yourself in their shoes. In the shoes of an Original Vampire, an immortal being. Now, out of the two options available to you, choose one. Literally endless life (which will, after a relatively short period of time, in the context of eternity, revert to endless suffering) or a chance at peace (a LONG way off in the future more than likely, far from certain, but a chance nonetheless that you couldn't have if you chose the other option).

      That's it. That's what it all boils down to.

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    • im not really trying to have an arguement, i was merely expressing my anger that the originals are implying suicide

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  • What did you think of the episode?

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  • Have you watched the latest TVD epi?

    So what do yout think is the specie of that creature in the vault?

    Did it tickle your interest?

    Do you think Bon Bon will retain her magic?

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  • Isn't your profile picture from last season's villain in Teen Wolf?

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  • Well I dont think that White Oak can kill Lucien. It would be stupid like dont bite yourself or you will die. I believe the white oak in the spell was only used so that he could kill the Originals not to give him immortality. If not the only thing they needed to kill him was actually to get some of his vemon and use it on him.

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  • Alex told her cousin Enzo that her sister Virginia made Lucy lock their other sister Yvette away in the vault before killing Ms. Bennett.

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  • Those are promo pics for 3x19, you posted wrong photos..

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  • Lucien bite has the 7 werewolf venom and the white oak, that's how it's deadly to klaus and the rest of the originals family

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  • What did you think of the episode? Are you really leaving the wiki until the finale? 

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