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October 26, 2011
  • I was born on November 10
  • I am male
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  • I saw your about the SPN finale being like another show's finale and I was wondering if you were talking about OUAT.

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  • 80% of the episode was A lot of Seroline/Delena crap

    Enzo and Lily scenes, she tells him why she never came back for him

    Bonnie steals the ascendent, so that it cant be used but Lily thinks Damon took it, so Lily finds the cure and threatens to destroy it

    Caroline turns her humanity back on

    Lily is losing it, she drained a guy and ripped his head off

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    • Meredith's exact words

      I had to because I heard you, I heard you scream in the tunnels at oak creek, thats why I knew it was the right time, to start over.

      Meredith believed that she wopuld kill off all the beacon hills cretaures and peter would make it better 

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    • that comes off as very strange to me.

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  • Hey Tom,

    how are you? I'd just like to ask, how do we know exactly that Kai is gonna be in 6x20 of TVD?

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  • Lycaon, The First Werewolf

    Lycaon was the king of Arcadia who had lost his wife to a plague, but not before fathering five beautiful children (Enora, Laius, Kyros, Titus, and Zevra). He eventually became cruel and aggressive with the passing of his first love, but in time he began seeking comfort in other women. Despite appeasing his lustful tastes, he could not replicate what he had lost; nothing could replace she who had touched his heart so profoundly. Believing himself to be unfit, Lycaon started to turn away from his children, believing they were better off without him in their lives. Lycaon, being weighed with a heavy heart, had hoped to end his suffering by means of sweet death. However, upon his journey to suicide, he went for a walk near the shore and saw a beautiful woman lying in the water; he was somehow drawn to her. When he realized that she was a nymph, his first instinct was to kill her, having heard stories of nymphs drawing in men to bind them to their will, but something stopped him. He saw this shimmering glow of innocence in her eyes which reminded him of his wife. This particular nymph did something unusual for her kind, she possessed the ability to speak. The two of them started to fall in love and in time, the nymph shared her name, which was Alcyone (it is said that knowing a nymph’s name can release a man of any and all tethers he may have towards her against his will).

    However, after finding out her name, Lycaon would still visit Alcyone every night and they would lie under the stars together, contemplating their existence and their love for one another. Alcyone loved Lycaon and trusted him with all her heart and said that she never wanted to leave his side, but Lycaon knew that Alcyone would always live an immortal life and that she would watch as he started growing old, as the life in his eyes would slowly begin to fade with each passing day. She would inevitably be alone. Alcyone made Lycaon promise that he would never leave her, not even in death. Knowing what he wanted, Lycaon ventured to the Temple of Zeus and demanded that the oracle grant him an audience with Zeus in the hopes of being granted immortality. The oracle said that in order to be deemed worthy for an audience with Zeus, he needed to hold a feast in his honor by sacrificing a black wolf for her to feed upon on the night of a full moon. Lycaon agreed and arranged a feast to be had on the night of a full moon, but he didn't like the fact that he had to kneel in front of the oracle as part of the ritual. He was used to being in control all of the time and doing as he pleased in every aspect of his life and bowing to someone else was simply beneath him.

    To spite the oracle, he wanted to test the so called knowledge and foresight she claimed to possess. He wanted to see if she could tell that she was eating human flesh instead of wolf, so he had a villager burned to death and cut up into little pieces and he offered it to the oracle. Lycaon didn't know that Zeus was manifested through her. The oracle stopped before eating the first bite and said that she was to send a message from Zeus. The oracle proceeded to kill everyone at the feast and then she put her hands on Lycaon's head and changed him into a black wolf. "You want to be immortal, then so be it, you and your five children will be cursed to roam this earth as immortal bloodthirsty beasts for all of eternity" (the oracle never did mention that before the feast, she went to the shore and stripped Alcyone of her immortality; the only way to gain immortality is to channel and steal someone else’s). The oracle then stripped Lycaon of everything except his instinct but left his mind intact. He would have to experience every kill he makes and will not be able to resist his instincts. After placing the curse upon him, the oracle then tracked down Lycaon’s five children and placed the curse upon them one by one. After changing into wolves themselves, they proceeded to slaughter their entire village and then they went searching for their father because they were drawn to form a pack. After being transformed, Lycaon went to the shore to see Alcyone, but when he saw his love, his instincts were to tear her apart. Lycaon then proceeded to strip every piece of flesh from her body and he couldn't stop. He observed helplessly as he tore apart the one person he cherished most in this world. He then realized that the oracle must have stripped Alcyone of her immortality in order to give it to him. Lycaon knew that he would bear this shame for the rest of his life.

    Horrified by the savage acts they had committed, Lycaon and his five sons left Arcadia and began to search for the Druids, whom they heard have certain magics that may lift their curse. Lycaon noticed this tree with a Five-Fold Celtic Knot on it and discovered a village of Druids. Since Lycaon and his sons were stuck in wolf form, they had to resist their urges long enough to get a Druid to understand that they were humans trapped in wolf form. The Druids noticed right away that something was wrong with the wolves because they were more beastlike than normal and their eyes had a purplish glow to them. The Druids began to show Lycaon and his children how to shift in and out of wolf form and how to control their killer instincts. They were the first of their kind, the first werewolves, the immortal Zetas. Being the only six werewolves, they decided that it was in their best interest to further their species. The Druids taught them how to create their kind and they soon began biting humans and turning them into werewolves. The Druids explained that with each human that was turned, the werewolf gene would evolve and mutate and the less likely a bite would result in a successful transformation. They then warned that eventually the werewolf gene would become so unstable that it may turn humans into much more vile beasts. Knowing that this would become a problem for them down the line, Lycaon and his children decided that every 200 years, they would bite a handful of select Alphas (True Alphas) and spread the original werewolf gene so that it could reset the mutation of the lesser werewolf genes.

    After figuring how to solve the mutation problem, they continued making pack after pack of werewolves. They then taught them how to suppress their urges, even on a full moon. Each member of these new packs was assigned a role, and with this, their eye color changed based on the role they would play in their pack. Lycaon and his children then commanded that they share this gift with all of humanity and he asked the Druids if they could send an advisor with each pack. The Druids would agree to these terms but only if the six of them stayed behind and ruled over the werewolves. The packs spread out and Lycaon and his children took on the responsibility of settling major werewolf disputes. They were content with the roles they made for themselves and to this day, they make up the governing body of the werewolf community. The Zeta Pack is the name of this governing body and their eyes glow purple as an indication of their immortality and dominance.

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  • So I know that you didn't create the video yourself and I've already thanked the video creators, however if you'd never posted the link then I would never have seen the video and heard the song, most likely. As such, if you want me to thank you in the description by some name of your choice or a post a link to anything of yours in there then I will. Only one name and link per customer though. =p

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  • Nobody is answering this question for me and now I have lost where I posted. Do you know why Bonnie survived Kai's assault (stabbing , arrow etc) when she is mortal? Kai couldn't die there but how did Bonnie survived?

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  • Kai found the 1903 ascendent

    Stefan rips a guys head off

    No humanity Stefan is basically going to mentally and emtionally torture Caroline for how she made him turn off his humanity

    Kai, Damon, Elena, and Bonnie go to 1903 for mama salvatore

    Enzo goes to Ric for help to take down Caroline

    Stefan and Caroline fight scene

    Lily Salvatore isnt the only one in the 1903 prison world, she has vampire friends there with her, but they are all dessicated

    Ric and Enzo go hunting for Caroline and Stefan to stop them

    Bonnie lures Kai into the woods and stabs him a couple of times with a knife but before she could kill him, he disappeared

    Bonnie leaves Kai in 1903

    Bonnie gave Damon the cure from 1994

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    • Well probably best to mentally prepare yourself because julie said in the last days of tvd more characters will leave and you can just see tyler being one of those people leaving, not dying off I don't think but just leaving, she said characters will make life choices and I could see him wanting to leave to join a pack...however I don't know if it would be jacksons pack but how awesome would that be if it was that pack?

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    • That would be a good end for Tyler in TVD, he triggeres his wolf gene and eventually goes to NO

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    Because we share 50% of advertising revenue with our contributors, someone like you could make a lot of money (possibly thousands of dollars/month) for very little time investment on your part. Have a look at the site, and let me know what you think:

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  • I wonder if you could edit it a little: Caroline learn how to do it so she count as a user. And also add a picture of her learning it. I think its important. Thanks.

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