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October 26, 2011
  • I was born on November 10
  • I am male
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  • The ratings for creatures of the night were bad

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  • Hey Tommy, I was on the witch page and saw your comments on how the whole vampire/siphoner hybrid thing was a plothole because of vampires being abominations, which in turn would prevent them from retaining their connection to Nature.

    Now, this may be true of normal witches because of their ability to channel from other sources, more specifically, their ability to channel and/or retain their link to Nature.

    However, the same cannot be said for siphoners because they were born with the inability to generate magic and/or connect with Nature.

    So, while normal witches have this ability to channel and 'feel' Nature, siphoners only have the ability to absord magic in any of its forms, not channel it (which is required to have a link to Nature).

    That would explain why this loophole of Nature would allow siphoners to retain their ability to use magic even as hybrids, because technially, they never had a connection to Nature in the first place and therefore aren't limited by the established law about vampires being unable to practice magic.

    And secondly, I saw your comments on how vampire/siphoner hybrids shouldn't be able to draw unlimited magic from thier vampire aspect.

    But just think about it for a moment, if you were a vampire/siphoner hybrid with vampire blood in your system and you used your absorbing ability to take magic from your blood, wouldn't you then conclude that absorbing the magic from your vampire blood would turn it into human blood and then your vampire body would convert that human blood back into vampire blood to restart the endless cycle of you siphoning magic from youself?

    Now, you might say the magic which flows through a vampire's body and the magic which flows through their blood are one in the same, which they kind of are, but remember, vampires get their magic from the sun and their sireline, meaning they indirectly share the power the Originals get from the White Oak Tree.

    So, we know siphoners cannot connect to Nature, so we would have to conclude they still cannot connect to Nature as a hybrid. Meaning they cannot absorb from the aspects of their vampirism which are bound to sources of Nature which they can't (the sun) or aren't (white oak) touching.

    So, not only would a vampire/siphoner hybrid have the inherent disadvantage of not being able to connect to Nature from a siphoner's standpoint, but he would also not be able to connect to Nature and/or anything directly connected to Nature from a vampire/witch/Nature's Law standpoint.

    But, we know a siphoner can absorb magic from any raw source with touch, so while they wouldn't be able to connect to Nature from a normal witch's standpoint, they would be able to retain their magic from a siphoner's standpoint (they have a raw form of magic flowing though them -- vampire blood).

    So, this my long reason why the whole vampire/siphoner, siphoning from themselves, Nature's loophole thing is not a plothole at all, but just an exception and addition to an already established mythology.

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    • And earlier in our conversation, you said that normal witches can absorb and channel, but we have only ever seen normal witches absorbing their own magic they placed in obects or in the case of Bonnie, when she claimed her ancestor's magic (Qetsiyah's blood from the island) in order to escape the 1994 Prison World. I think with normal witches, absorbing only works on magic related to themselves or their witch bloodline.

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    • well normal witches can't absorb I don't think unless they channel a siphoner.    

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  • I just finished watching the first 2 episodes of The Gates and it was prett good, it seems like a decent show.

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  • What do you think about Supernatural having a crossover with The Originals, and let Dahlia go face to face with the Darkness? Then Dahlia wouldn't be so cocky or confident anymore, because she'd be helpless against something even more powerful than God. What do you picture the look on Dahlia's face to be like when she's facing the Darkness?

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  • Did you know that TW is having a 2-part premeire? By this is mean episode 1 on june 29(monday at 10pm) and episode 2 on june 30(tuseday at 9pm), I just found out today.

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  • You asked about the different species on the Ashes to Ashes page... I didn't want to reply there, because this is potentially spoilery. 

    • Shadowhunters
    • Greater Demons
    • Demons
    • Mundanes (Humans)
    • Vampires
    • Warlocks
    • Werewolves
    • Fair folk
    • Ghosts

    Introduced later on in the series (or species that most characters previously thought were extinct or impossible):

    • An angel
    • The Endarkened
    • Hybrid Warlock
    • Born Shadowhunter experiments

    The series has been ongoing for quite a while now (8 years so far), so it's had a lot of time for world-building. It's a pretty good series, if you're interested. Only 9 novels (out of a planned 15) have been released so far. There are also 4 companion books, but I haven't actually read those... Anyway, I think that's everything :)

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    • what are fair folk, the endarkened and shadowhunter experiments?

      and like what creatures don't exist in that world?

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    • Fair Folk (or the ‘fey’) are malicious creatures who are a bit like faeries. Most look very similar to humans, except that they have slightly pointed ears and are much more beautiful than any ordinary person.  Fair folk aren’t capable of ever telling a lie, but they’re good at finding loopholes. The fey are manipulative, vicious beings who like to trick or curse people they’ve lured into a trap. They often kidnap human children. Not all of the Fair Folk are inherently evil, but none are trustworthy.

      The Shadowhunter experiments don't have a name, but I like to call them that. There are a few Shadowhunters in the series who begin to manifest some unusual powers. A man had a god complex and wanted to try to create a superior Shadowhunter race. He drugged his pregnant wife and forced her to take part in a series of inhuman experiments on their unborn baby. After it was born, the man continued his blood experiments on two new subjects but one of the pregnant women died and his wife fled. So these Shadowhunter 'experiments' are very rare. They’re physically superior to other Nephilim because they’re less human. Since none of the man’s techniques were exactly the same, each of these Shadowhunters have a unique ability. Physically, they appear stronger, more agile, faster, and more immune to injury. They have supernatural abilities that no other Shadowhunter has (or has heard of before), so I’d say that they’re the most powerful species variety.

      The Endarkened are corrupted Shadowhunters who have tasted the blood of the Greater Demon Lilith (and something else). Ordinary Shadowhunters have a mixture of human and angel blood in their veins. The Endarkened burn out all trace of angel inheritance in their DNA and substitute it with traces of demon’s blood during a ritual. So they’re stronger, faster, and generally more powerful than other Nephilim (except for the 'experiments'). The Endarkened can't use Shadowhunter runes anymore.

      Done. Sorry, that was a bit long.

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    • thanks

      I don't get what is the big deal about fairies all of a sudden, it's like every fantasy book/movie/tv show/game  incorporates them

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  • I saw your about the SPN finale being like another show's finale and I was wondering if you were talking about OUAT.

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  • 80% of the episode was A lot of Seroline/Delena crap

    Enzo and Lily scenes, she tells him why she never came back for him

    Bonnie steals the ascendent, so that it cant be used but Lily thinks Damon took it, so Lily finds the cure and threatens to destroy it

    Caroline turns her humanity back on

    Lily is losing it, she drained a guy and ripped his head off

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