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October 26, 2011
  • I am male
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  • You know Tommy sometimes it's hard to broadcast your opinion on a public forum. You for one I believe said you have tourettes or something along those lines. I am not sure to what degree that affects you but it's nice to see that you don't let it stop you from saying what is on your mind. But sometimes you need to let things go.

    You don't always have to debate everything or prove your opinions. And I can tell by your post that you do honestly believe that what you say is right. Now obviously I am sure you have noticed that your opinions are frequently challenged. Now I am not saying that you are always wrong or always right. But wouldn't it be refreshing to be more open to not just someone elses opinion but to their point of view. I think you struggle with putting yourself in other people's shoes and not all of us are good at that. It's not that you don't want to you just have a hard time envisioning that. But you should try to find the little things ro ideas that you can relate to and expand on those to better understand what other people are saying.

    I myself can relate to you. Not necessarily now as I have calmed down but before I obsessively debated on the internet(OCD). It was unhealthy you know typing long ass arguements trying to defend every little thing I believed becasue I couldn't stand losing an argument or being proven wrong. After a while I just learned to not care as much or at least respond with less speeches.

    If you don't understand something or misinterpret what somebody says than instead of retorting right away you should try asking for more clarification. Asking then doing is the most appropriate thing you should apply.

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    • i appreciate what you are saying to me

      but i dont think its my tourettes making me act this way

      but its not that im stubborn and refuse to listen to anyone else, its that, i know im right most of the time like the common things im told im wrong about on here:

      klaus is a character who made no change whatsoever from evil to good

      or he deserved all that punishment he took from mikael

      or he doesnt really love hope and his family

      i simply told these people i thought that was false

      and then whenever i tried to talk about the scientic process of how magic works, people said i was taking it too literally and that got me into an arguement so eventually i just stopped talking about that to people

      and i dont like my intelligence being insulted, like okay for example maybe im not 100% right but i find it odd how carina and michael have stopped tweeting back to me after i told them things they probably didn't want to hear

      also i do admit when i am wrong about something, i do

      and i also do ask people to clarify but half of the time people never respond back to me

      also loki's cousin who was the main one arguing with me has had it out for me since day 1, she'd say anything to try to make me feel ashamed of myself, like for example she was saying oh who are you to tell a television writer what they should do to improve the show, etc. and its like seriously?, all im doing is giving them feedback on a complaint, im not some ant they can just step on anytime they feel, you get what i mean

      honestly i told this to killer kev but i might stop debating altogether online soon cause its becoming pointless in the long run plus i have lots of stuff on my plate to do in the future, i just figured i comment today and i'd let everyone know much these writers really don't give a damn about our criticism at all, basically they think we are all like those crazy klaroliners who tell the writers to kill themselves or tell the cast to kill themselves, that is what they think anyone who criticizes them is

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    • You know Tommy this is one of the things you can work to change. I have seen you PLENTY of times all over the wiki. No need to explain the situation to me or write this much.

      That being said you have to understand that a lot of these topics are subjective. There are a lot of viewpoints and ideas that go into dissecting a character psychologically or there actions. So in ways what you say about Klaus can be right but can also beseen as wrong. You just can't present your opinion as fact. I understand that Klaus is your fav character and you have analyzed him deeply obviously. But there are different methods of analyzation.

      Well Tommy not everyone is gonna appreaciate when fantasy aspects of the show are normalized. It's nice that you want to explain why exactly things happen but again you get to involved in your own hypothesis and aren't willing to see anything else. Which is why I said you need to really work on putting yourself in other people's shoes.

      Nobody likes having their intelligence insulted. Well you need to understand it hurts them when their mistakes are pointed out. They don't mean to do it and there are probably a lot of behind the scenes reasons for why these plot holes are happening. But it doesn't feel nice to have what you are making a living of working hard to produce constatnly critisized.

      You have to understand that not everyone is as patient and understanding. You do tend to rub people the wrong way with some of your habits and there is only so much people can take. Now Loki may not be a bad person but they are defintely aggravated with you.

      Well that's up to you.

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    • im merely going off what the episode told me, trust me if I was lying about him, i'd be making up more than that

      and yeah i do put myself in their shoes or whatnot but its like trying to convince someone that an orange is the color orange to someone who isn't color blind and knows what the color orange is, that is what I have to put up with

      yeah I get that, but they are putting out a product okay and they aren't willing to say hey we messed up, we will try to fix upon that, yet plenty of times they can get the psycho shipper fans the time of the day, not realizing that is what they want, they want a reaction, plus you've seen stuff JP and MN put out, how its okay to make the fans feel bad by doing certain things? Like how am I supposed to respect that? Plus I gave them this wikia as a syllabus to work off of and I don't know if they do it. So while its nice to look at things from their perspective, they don't want to take the time to look at it from mine. Plus they dont realize im trying to help them make a better show. They think im just a critic and thats it.

      Also I rub people the wrong way because they don't like my opinion. Also loki beyond that is not a good person to me, I too asked how her christmas was and out of all the users whom I asked that too, she was the only one who never even gave me a respectful answer.

      basically not to sound like a selfish dick, but everyone is talking about me looking at everyone's POV but no one is saying how about look at mine? I'm a one man army against an army in some of these debates, I have to defend myself and my opinion which again is sometimes fact, it just is. And its not like im getting into political or religious arguments, im just presenting what the show says or fixing logic/plot errors.

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    • This reply has been removed
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  • What did you think of SWFA?

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    • freaking awesome 

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    • Didn't feel it felt similar to A New Hope?  Who did you like best out of the newcomers? Rey was mine looking forward to see how truly powerful she becomes. Hope we spend some time in the 1st Jedi temple should learn epic stuff.

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    • yeah they did have some similarites

      like the "darth vader" killing off the "obi wan" of the film, though luke felt more like obi wan than han

      rey being on some sand planet not knowing who her parents are

      kylo getting scarred

      plans to stop the death star

      but really those are the only ones off the top of my head

      who I liked the best was kylo, my favorite, he is so badass and I think if he is "redeemed", its going to be done in a way not like vader was, but i also enjoyed finn, rey(hottie), BB 8, poe, snoke, phasma, hux, maz and a few others, basically there was not one new character I despised and i enjoyed more alien species were added and i enjoyed the originals returning but sad there was very little of luke, no yoda(except for that brief clip) and no vaders ghost

      and honestly i completely forgot about the jedi temple thing till i read something about it a few weeks ago

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  • I posted a question on the Witch page about Supernatural but I guess it was too far down that no one saw.

    I thought that Supernatural was like TVD in that Heaven and Hell didn't have anything to do with good or bad and that all souls automatically went to Heaven after death except for those who do something to disrupt that course like selling their soul to a demon for example?

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  • JEK

    Evening. Tom! Been off the wiki for a few days, was scrolling through the past couple pages to see what I missed, and I noticed nobody gave you an answer about Lucifer, goes?

    So, the show's basic premise seems entirely different from the comics, so just know that it could all play out another way, but in the comics, Lucifer's generally not the type to get his hands dirty if he doesn't have to. He'll fight, but he'll tend towards manipulation, getting people on his side, to do his work for him, and he has zero qualms about sacrificing them to meet his own ends (even if they're loyal to him to ridiculous levels; cold-hearted bastard).

    Though when he DOES fight, it tends to be against ridiculously OP characters (which makes sense, given that at the start of the series, he's probably the 3rd most powerful being in Creation, behind Michael and Yahweh), and generally when he's been temporarily depowered by some irritating circumstance, They're all either higher tier angels, exceedingly powerful demons, gods in their own right, transdimensional beings, avatars of a concept (like Destiny/Fate), Titans, etc etc. Things like that. Though he never goes up against his Father (though at multiple points he does the equivalent of telling him to go fuck himself with a 1000 foot pole made of celestial silver  ;) ). That'd kind pointless, since God's so freaking OP that he could erase Creation with a thought and start over. No, when it comes to him, he basically just does his best to get out from under his thumb, and live his own life. That's pretty much his plotline for the entire series. Manipualting everything and everyone, being 5 steps ahead of them all except for Daddy Dearest (to his eternal anger), until he finds a way to be free of God. the heart of it, the comics is about Free Will, and the show seems to be about Redemption. Which I hope they backpedal on, because the Lucifer who casually condemns his closest compatriots to death if it benefits him, while still holding ostensibly noble goals (freedom for all, to fuck up their lives as badly as they want of their own volition, rather than being forced into it by a grand Plan)  is SO much more interesting than the conflicted playboy type. Regardless, I'm basing that judgement off the pilot that was leaked months ago, so they could have done massive re-writes and turned it into something else entirely (or hell, maybe the first season will end up being some kind of fake out, and he had a master plan all along? Who knows?).

    Oh, and as far as crossovers go, generally not in the form you'd see him in the Lucifer/Sandman series, but he DOES appear a number of times in DC comics, in various forms. Also, he crosses over with Hellblazer (Constantine's comic) a fair bit, and that was confirmed as canon in the larger DCverse, from what I understand. So.....technically, if they wanted, they could have that Lucifer/Darkseid brawl.

    Funny thing about the casting, the comic Lucifer looks like the Aryan ideal; almost platinum blonde hair, sharp, cleanshaven features, cold eyes, the biz. Also he has a fondness for white suits. Though, admittedly, Tom Ellis could pull him off, if he was given the material.

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    • it sucks then cause he probably won't be doing jack squat to help out

      are there other characters from like the supernatural tv show incorportated into lucifer? Like would I see castiel, metatron, abaddon, uriel, zachariah, etc? 

      or is it just lucifer, michael, god, gabriel and raphael?

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    • JEK

      Well, in the first edition, some girl tries to stop him going into a club (where he's tracked someone who he needs), so he looks at her for a second and she collapses to the ground puking her guts up. So......he DOES get violent on occasion, even when it's not a straight up fight (though, when he does, it tends to be brutal, like that one time he got mind-fucked into fighting Michael. Sidenote, Michael's probably the nicest angel ever in the Lucifer series, one of the ones who genuinely cares about humanity. And he's usually just exasperated with his little brother, rather than angry or murderous.).

      You mean does Lucifer use some  of the same individuals from the Bible/Torah/Apocrypha that Supernatural uses? Sure, a few. Uriel appeared  (I think in a flashback, before the War in Heaven), and I'm fairly certain Abaddon did as well (just so as you know, Abaddon was Lord of the Pit, and a pretty important fallen angel; Supernatural's version kind of short-changed him. He was pretty much the equivalent of what Azazel was in that show). Lilith appears as well (the actual Lilith, the first wife of Adam and Mother of Monsters, not a demon, like in Supernatural).

      Oh, and I saw your conversation with Sam on the front page; just to clarify, Sith are an order of dark side users, but not all dark side users have to be Sith. They were just a religious order that formed around manipulating dark side energies, and their principles became whatever they needed to be to more effectively control it. There have been plenty of people who just use the dark side who aren't a part of the Sith Order. Hell, the Sith started out as exiled Jedi who utilized the dark side, and then they ran into a race of primitive red-skinned people who had a natural affinity for it. They interbred, they dominated them, they raised them up and made them over in their own image, and eventually they became a powerful race. Enter Nagar Sadow, and Exar Kun, and the Great Hyperspace War.

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    • thanks

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  • Are these just predictions spoilers or is it true

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  • Dislikes: didn't lived up to it's hype, practically a Luke cameo, how in the hell is Rey suddenly a master in lightsaber fighting and knows how to use the force when it took Luke 3 movies to complete his training?, I think that a storm-tropper with a good aim would've been a better villain than Kylo, hell even Anakin wasn't much of a whiner or annoying as Kylo and well, if they did that to Han, what stops Disney from doing the same to Chewbacca, C3PO, R2, Leia or even Luke? Oh and I sensed the plot of the movie was pretty much sorta very similar to "A New Hope", 10 years of waiting for a reboot of "A New Hope"? Instant turn-off

    Likes: Finn is the only I liked, he was ok and that voice only Obi-Wan cameo.

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    • im gonna try to go through all ur points

      what exactly didn't like up to the hype

      luke's cameo-I can understand how that would piss people off but for me it didn't do much, I was never a big luke skywalker fan although I do like him better than kenobi

      reys lightsaber thing-she seemed to be able to have experience in combat before picking up a lightsaber by using her staff and pistol so she merely took her knowledge and used the lightsaber as a substitute weapon

      Kylo didn't come off whiny to me

      well the han thing is he was going to die in episode 2 and apparently harrison has been asking to get killed off and as for the others....idk but wouldn't u sort of want to know they are in danger to keep the storyline interesting?

      the reboot aspect-yeah it was annoying and honestly they could have still had all the new characters yet actuall used the expanded universe material and use the blueprint for the original force awakens plot

      but how did u like hux, poe, phasma and snoke? I liked hux cause he was more menacing than tarkin, poe was i guess the ability to dive into the pilot aspect of star wars, problem with that is we're getting an entire film about the pilots next year, phasma was cool but not enough of her and shame on JJ for not putting in a scene where she shoots people cause she came off too boba fett like and snoke is just great but not enough of him but he too felt like the emperor in just sitting back but i don't know how i feel about the theory of him being plagueis or not....

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    • On the hype bit: Some people were making it seem like it was gonna the best Star Wars movie released which in my pov, that title belongs to Revenge of the Sith.

      There were some rumors that Mark Hamill (Luke's actor) wasn't feeling all confident about managing to be "Luke" after taking a 3 decade break from playing the character (at least in live action).

      I get about Rey having minimal or pass by knowledge on physical combat (wherever bare fist or with some weapon, the light saber in this case) but did she just out of nowhere managed to start using the force with out any kind of training?

      Kylo for me was practically for me a re-boot of "Attack of the Clones" Anakin.

      Never heard of those Harrison requesting Han to be killed stories until now.

      I liked Poe, kinda reminds me of both Luke and Anakin in the pilot kind of way.

      I have the same feeling on Phasma as the same as Luke, I feel like their short cameos were in a way, wasting the actor's time.

      Snoke should've been the film's villain but I have the feeling he's gonna be a "1st trilogy" like Palpatine, rule behind the scenes and maybe only show up in the last movie.

      Hux is ok, he's so far the only one I like of the people of The First Oder (not enough Phasma or Snoke to have an opinion of them) but I have the feeling that in one of the next 2 movies he's gonna get Vadered (killed for failing Kylo or Snoke)

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    • i would say revenge of the sith is the best and most original cause this was way too much of a reboot

      i could see that i suppose...

      i guess it comes easier for some but she might seem too powerful cause kylo was so weak after being shot

      nah i think kylo was cooler than anakin

      yeah he has been wanting him dead, and that is why they carbonated him instead in episode 5

      well i have a feeling they are going to repeat the same mistakes as boba fett when it comes to phasma, just stand there holding a gun..., phasma should have been kicking ass in the entire film

      i hope snoke is indeed a giant and he has like a giant lightsaber and is just more badass than palpatine

      hux seems to be in the good graces of snoke

      also benitio del turo is going to play a villian next episode so im expecting him to be the sideous/grevious of the new films but i don't know what his role would be. I would say he is kylo's replacement but im not jumping to conclusions. He could be part of the knights of ren, another wasted potential but obviously this is going to be something explored in future films.

      turo could play grand admiral thrawn from the 90's books, apparently he is this menacing badass but he isn't like a sith lord

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  • Just a thought: see here.

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  • How is the 100? I wanted to get into the show, but I was too busy to watch it when it came out originally. I'm running out of shows to watch and I was wondering if you recommend this show, lol. And happy holidays!

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  • Hey, I liked all the BTS facts you listed a few comments ago. Do you have anymore? Just about the Mikaelsons. I don't care for facts about any other characters but them.

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