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  • do you think kol could put up a fight against elijah and klaus?

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  • You seen last night's episode???

    I'm speechless

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    • I'm gonna miss Lafayette and Pam, but not much else. Apart from Eric of course. Lol

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    • Yeah :(

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  • Heya :) - I ran into a comment of yours discussing Enzo's accent, and I was wondering, after last episode, where they practically stablished him as British... how do feel about that?

    I was 99% sure (before last episode) that he was Italian (he had the accent and the name, not to mention the fiery passion/personality that most Italians have). I'm a little dissapointed that the writers went and made him British (don't get me wrong, I love Brits). IMHO, he doesn't feel British at all.

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    • I like the choice of actress, she has damon's eyes :D

      if she'sa  witch, BIG PLOTHOLE! Cause that would make the boys witches, and as we know, they both were compelled as humans by Kat... and witches cannot be compelled.

      I'm venturing she's a vamp.

      I honestly don't know anything about the spinn off, I hope they don't take felicity. and i dought they will. Now, I'm curious about Sara...

      Oliver has to reject Ra's offer for sure.

      I loved Arrow vs Flash (i know tha'ts the one from Flash, but the follow up in Arrow was amazing)

      I loved the whole Slade arc, it was very well done.

      I hope Olicity reconciles soon :P

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    • I was wondering how they would get through the whole limited blood supply in the prison dimension, how timely that the whole thing has come about as she was on her last dribble supply, not great but then Damon was managing in 1994 I assume from the supply, blood banks etc and worst case a tiny donation from bonnie would have helped if they got stuck.

      Lily's family is going to be the next problem, having eaten Kai (I assume so that he can go and focus on his own series of which he has lead in - which is the 2nd time a cast member has got their own series Stephen Amell the Arrow himself was on TVD) and then somehow will get back to our reality and unleash either their real aims as its all just too nicey nicey that they befriended Lily and sacrificed so much for nothing.

      What on earth is going to be Stefan's reaction to his mum? I don't know how he will be, I'd like it to be a flicked switch like he literally hits a wall of emotion when he sees her and then he is back but its going to be a lot more drawn out than that I know.

      I felt cheated that Stefan and Caroline have gone to the whole sex and everything stage while they are both on the off switch. I really wanted the before connection, intensely romantic and intimate and tender and just anything but fast and cheap which this kind of felt like. I liked that she was still trying to keep order in her crazy alternative life and he was trying to upset it but now when they turn it back on will they push each other away as they will not only regret what they did to that girl but the way in which they were together and that could ruin Steroline and I will hate that they threw it away. I really hope it keeps them together. I want them to be the endgame for those two characters.

      Assuming Lily doesn't go back to her ripper days now that she is back in the land of the living blood supply whats going to keep her in check? and if she falls off the wagon and instead of helping Stefan actually joins in more time will be wasted on what feels like a convoluted plotline.

      Bonnie might feel bad after doing that to Kai, although he was the monster she isn't and it felt good at the time but it will proberly eat away at her I think.

      THe cure - really, there is only two people in the series that could take it and live Elena and Caroline and like Bonnie said Caroline when she's not off the rails is better as a vamp. So here we go again with the Elena to be human or not question. Would she get her memories back if she did? Also no family and happily ever after if she stayed with Damon. Maybe the happily but it felt wrong and cheating that they made it so that Elena can't remember anything about Damon and how they came together. I hate that. I want her to get those memories back at some point.

      Onto ARROW.....

      So excited about next episode, I have seen the teasers and clips and snippits and pics.

      I think Oliver after the whole questioning of himself was tempted as it would be an army of men and women that would do as he wished and could orchestrate a lot more saving of people, stopping of big bad guys and he would have the resources to do it. But he still wants those around him and the team he has so it is right he say no, but its not an offer. Ra's is going to make the city turn on him by setting him up as a murderer again and provoking Lance's current anger and grief at him with the weight of the police department. His aim clearly to pick apart Oliver's life as the Arrow and to destroy his chance of doing anything as himself or as the hero and leave him no other path - but Oliver is still not going to do what he wants and that's the thing Ra's hasn't counted on, he thinks he just has to find the right tool to breaking him, but he hasn't thought he can't.

      Have you seen any clips of tonights?



      There was a clue that not only do the Atom and Arrow have it out as Ray will think the Arrow is the bad guy thanks to Ra's murder spree dressed as him, but that Oliver will find out that Felicity and Ray slept together and at the moment although he knows they might be a thing he doesn't know this. There is a clip where he is looking at Felicity and the look on his face is just shocked and sad and dumbfounded. I really am looking forward to that discussion. Although it is going to drag out as they had pictures from 3x18 and Felicity is still at Ray's side but hopefully as more of a friend than lover and to say that it was lovely but he's all Atom and moving on and she will still love Oliver.


      It was the writers who have said they are going to 'blow up the show' and that it 'won't be the same series when they come back'. I get that the Arrowcave will be gone as Lance is going to take and impound all the stuff, I hope they can save some of his sentimental stuff like the hood and his old broken bow etc. But if hes arrested, exposed and then the cave emptied, possibly Diggle and Roy at risk of incarceration although I think all Lance's anger will be directed to Oliver as he gets back to pouring his grief and hate over Sara @ Oliver - AGAIN.

      So if this is happening all before the end of the series and there are still eps 19-23 to go so will they bust him out? will Ra's? There is going to be a death in 3x19 Broken Arrow ep and then the fallout of that in 3x20 - I think Roy and they might take the Lazarus Pit route to save him if Oliver takes Ra's up on a agreement to save him - as the cast are filming the last 2-3 eps this week and next and Colton Haynes who plays Roy is home in Kansas so I think he is the one either dead or removed for some reason before the end of the series.

      SOOOOOOO glad someone is going to train Laurel, I mean some self defence and boxing and swinging a pole is not going to cut it. She was just playing dress up but if Nyssa trains her for next series it will be a whole other ball game and I hope Katie can pull off the step up, as Sara as done by Katy was amazing and I actually miss her. I still don't know how they will fit her into the other spin off, I can only think as a retrospect Sara with her rescue by the league and her becoming the canary.

      I LOVED when he shot Barry in the back, and keeps telling him to get over it. Then at the end the face off, he's like 'you think you can kick my ass' and 'I get it Barry, you're fast'. So funny.

      Slade was very good and is still there, in the background, I would like to see his re-emergence over the long term as he reverts perhaps back to his human self like he was before the miracuru and his evil plots.

      Stephen was asked what would be his fav ep to date and he said 3x20 as they are in a plane/jet. The he was asked what olicity scene he's like the most and he said 3x20. OH YES YES YES!!!!!

      I really want olicity to work out as they should have some time being happy and having someone there for each other she would be as she is now his sounding board and motivator, he would be her strength and since she arrived she was always able to stand up to what was right and wrong, she stands up for what she believes and having been a part of team Arrow she has become a strong, more confident woman.

      I read up on what happens to the green arrow in the comic world and although there are the characters we have in the series the plots are so different, and of course Diggle and Felicity are not in them they are original and yet now totally essential. OOOOOH they also said Diggle and Olivers relationship will change fundamentally before the end....what on earth are they going to do before the end of the series??! I mean killing someone, changing relationships, destroying the arrowcave and all in like 5-6 eps?

      What are you thinking? I won't see tonights ep till tomorrow as it will take time to come online, will you watch live?

      I will catch up on Flash and Supernatural I think tonight, also try one of the new iZombie as well - did you watch it? what did you think? any good?

      Sorry no one else is into Arrow and as you can tell I don't have anyone that wants to talk about it, the guys at work are more about Flash.


      Looks like there will be mama Smoak, Ray and Felicity still a thing but maybe letting romance go and Ra's setting Lance on Oliver in episode 18 called Public Enemy.

      Do you think he would out him as Oliver Queen as the Arrow or just bust him for the Arrow without letting the world know straight away who and how? How will they get past that? Will he go to jail? Cause I'm guessing he could get out of there no problem. lol

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  • Heya, I noticed you've been uploading a bunch of videos lately, while this is ok, the problem is that you are uploading material that is already uploaded in our data base, hence producing duplicated files.

    When you upload a video/photo that is already in our data base, you normally get a message saying "There's a file matching the one you are trying to upload, do you want to use that one instead?" The right procedure is to use the file that was already uploaded instead of adding your own. In the case of the videos, you'll notice that the video name will change and at the end of the name you'll see a "-0" (or another name depending if it's already been duped). So please, pay attention to the name of the file, or use the search feature to look for the video to check if it was already uploaded.

    Most of the ones I've found were webclips and the paleyfest. When it comes to the webclips, make sure you visit the corresponding episode (both the info page and the comments section) to check if someone already put it up.

    Thanks, and have a good one :) 

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    • Both, actually, like "Matt-Jeremy-Damon-5x11", for example :)

      Any question you have, hit my wall, I'll gladly help out :)

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  • Hey, TanithRea! I thought I would reply to your post on the discussion board here. Good luck with the fanfiction, I'm sure you will make a good story out of it. All of the ideas that you put forward were really interesting. So, let me know if you end up doing anything with it because I'd like to read it.

    Yeah, I am already writing. A Damon & OC story, which I know is not everyone's thing...I'm not sure if you'd be interested in reading it, but if you were I could give you the link to it?

    And if you needed some help with the story, I wouldn't mind. I'm sorry I couldn't write it with you, but I'm sure you'd do a great job on your own.

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