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  • Hi there, Original Authority,

    For consistency, I was wondering if you'd run your bot to fix these episodes names (and their transcripts) so all episodes are formatted the same?

    • [[Isobel (episode)]] --> [[Isobel (Episode)]]
    • [[Rose (episode)]] --> [[Rose (Episode)]]
    • [[Klaus (episode)]] --> [[Klaus (Episode)]]

    • Graduation (Episode)
    • The Originals (Episode)
    • Legacies (Episode)

    Or vise versa with (episode). With Legacies now an episode title, some are (episode) and other are (Episode). Seems like somewhere down the line after season two, 'E' was used and followed.

    Just let me know whenever/whatever you decide and I'll go through and clean up straggling dead links.

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    • Sweet, I've renamed those pages and ran a bot to correct most of the dead links, the remaining are Message Wall's which I'll clean up by hand.

      Yes, you're correct. Bot's can't edit message walls, but as long as I tell it what pages to edit (via copy and paste from WLH), it'll do fine. I'll get those cleaned up later.

      I'll see about getting some mock-up of the logo. Ah, finally Announcements is launched. I'll send one out soon after creating a discussions about it.

      Community Corner will also be retired sometime in the near future, so we will need to accommodate the content somewhere else.

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    • I cleaned up the episode dead links yesterday by had. Overall, there wasn't that many (>20), so it didn't take that long. Okay sweet. I'll continue to browse around and see if there's anything else that should be changed/updated to suit the new spin off.

      Yup. A lot of users have been wanting this sort of feature since forums were replaced with Discussions, so seeing it go live is great!

      Thanks. I've not heard about that, but it's good to know. Are they replacing it with something else/better? I assume not....

      Regardless, that information can just be moved to the Community page. (I know some communities do no have this, but since we do, we could utilize it more.)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I'm curious; why are we changing Ancestral Plane to Ancestral Well, when in 4 and a half seasons, Ancestral Plane has been used and Vincent (3x) has only called it Ancestral Well in one episode. (Ivy called it as such only once in the same episode).

    I think the connotation is stemming from the Ancestral Well of Magic that was used in S3 (when Freya took Ancestral Magic via Davina), so if Ancestral Well can be used interchangeably with Ancestral Plane, wouldn't it just be a nickname? It would save cleanup with the bot anyways.

    I was just curious about the reasoning. Thanks :)

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    • Not at all related, but have you got any idea what month it is in TO right now? I've always been a little confused. Does the universe follow the same months as us out of universe?

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    • We discussed this, briefly, I believe in regards to Hope's birthday.

      Given the time jump exclusively of 7 years would place the timeline in May (I think Hope just having turned 15), though given it's Mardi Gras, it would be in February given irl dates.

      As far as the length of time for S5, JP and co, claims S5 spans the time of only 2 weeks.

      I'm not really in the position atm, to really dive deeper into this, but I can explore it over the next few days.

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  • I was hoping you might be able to settle a little disagreement between me and Bennett Blood. I added images of grimoires to the Grimoire page, but they were reverted because they were not the focus of the images and were hidden. I say they are in the images and can be seen even with all the other things around it, what do you think? In terms of the spelling policy, should the Playhouse be the Playhouse or The Playhouse?

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    • I'll take a look, however, I am sure that Bennett's decision is valid.

      In this instance, the Playhouse is styled as such, with "the" being lowercase, such as the Abbattoir, unless in the initial position such as: The Playhouse is located....

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    • And what about the Voodoo page? Could I revert back to what I had and say that it is possible Gloria's decelerated aging was through the use of Voodoo. It never said it was because of Voodoo. Practicing Voodoo doesn't always mean it was because of Voodoo.

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  • Hey,
    I've made my bot cross-wiki fix redirects on User:Ripto22475, but it hit into an abuse filter on this wiki and was unable to fix the redirect. Could you redirect that userpage to User:Icier instead?


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  • The green one on hope on "legacies" is beautiful

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Original Autority,

      My edits are quite succinct.You suggested that I use better grammar.Could you,please,point out what parts of what I wrote were ungrammatical? (Bear in mind that I have a P.h.D in Linguistics).

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  • Are you an administrator?

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  • Hi Authority,

    Note 1: *Appears as a recurring character for Lost GirlsChildren of the Damned, and Blood Brothers.

    Note 1: *Appeared as a main character through 3x03 - 3x09.

    Note1: *Appears posing as several characters, real form is played by Paul Wesley, total appearances of the character (9/23).

    Note2: **Returns as a regular through 4x18 - 4x23, but made a cameo in 4x06 and 4x14.

    Note 2:**Appears as a regular through 5x01 - 5x16.

    Note 3:***Appears only physically in 5x13 & 5x14.

    Where did the creator of these pages find this information?

    If Katherine is listed as a main character in the episodes she appears in during Season 3 and Season 4, why is she listed as a supporting character for those seasons in Character Appearances?

    Thank you,


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    • Hi Ethian,

      As articles are edited by a vast array of users, I cannot be sure who added that information.

      I'm not entirely sure how the whole Main/Supporting criteria is set in shows, so I'll ask another member of the admin team to look at it and see if we can sort something out.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi OA,

    How are you? I hope all is well!

    So, it would seem we have a timeline issue and wanted your opinion on the matter. So basically given the premiere, we're at a 7 year time jump. The last known date in TO's timeline is May 2019. Now jump 7 years, it's ~May 2026; however, they are preparing for Mardi Gras which is usually February or March. --I've made this note on the timeline that it's either Feb. or May of 2026.

    Additionally, Hope was 9 years old, in 2021 when she astral projected to Klaus in Russia, again, confirming that 2026, she's currently 14. This being said, in Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Freya states that Hope is 15.

    At this point, it's quite sad that the writers can't keep a simple timeline, but none-the-less, as far as the timeline goes, by all accounts it's 2026 and Hope is 14. Shall we keep with the timeline as the actual date, Freya's statement, or just include both for prosperity?

    EDIT: Alternatively, a 7 year jump from May 2019 to May 2026 would place Hope right on her birthday (which is May 2nd), which would make her 14. The timeline, however, is based on actual Mardi Gras dates, unless they are having Mardi Gras in May (for the continuity of TO).

    Thanks for your input. ^.^

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    • Hi Bennett,

      Firstly, apologies for the late reply. Secondly I'm good thanks, college is stressful, but same old same old. How about you?

      I agree. The writers have never been able to follow a timeline correctly. For the moment, the best we can do is follow what the writers have said. Freya stating that Hope is 15 is what we will, at this moment, have to go off for canonical reasons. However, it should be noted on the bloopers article that, yet again, there has been a timeline mix-up.

      We haven't really seen anything about Hope's birthday, in the way of celebrations or anything, though right?

      If more information comes out in the future that points to our original timeline being correct, we can change that up and note that Freya actually made a mistake.

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    • I'm good. Not as much stress, currently. :) No worries about the timing. It's not a big issue and I just locked the page until it could be reviewed and decision be reached.

      No, we've not seen anything by means of celebration (or otherwise) for Hope's birthday, which would have occurred during/after (give or take) the Hollow's de-possession of Hope and the separation of the Mikaelsons.

      Regardless, I can make the necessary correction using Freya's statement as a confirmed source, until proven otherwise.

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  • I've been noticing on pages that proper nouns such as names of magic types/practices, beings like Originals/Evolved Werewolves, and etc. aren't capitalized like they should be and I have been editing them for a little while now.  I've recently been told that I had to inform you of them so your bot could take care of them.

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