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  • hey stelena joln ny chat

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  • Stefan Submerged TVD 5x01

    Stefan Submerged

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  • Stefan TVD 5x02

    Elena And Stefan

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  • Stelena drawing
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  • can we chat later tnght wanna see ur face agen Please?!

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  • Hey!I saw your profile ages ago and I've been meaning to write to you but something always came up.I just wanted to tell you that the videos and pictures on your profile page are great.You've made your profile page really nice.You're obviously a Stelena fan,which are really hard to find these days and I'm a great Stefan fan.He's my favourite character and I feel like lately everyone's against this awesome guy so you seem to be one of the few who don't hate him.

    Anyway...that's what I've been meaning to say.I hope you're enjoying season 4.((:

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    • Hi!

      I totally understand, and I can't wait to read what you have to say. :)


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    • Hey there!Thank you for being so patient.Here all my yonger friends are graduating and I’m constantly at some party so it’s really crazy right now.Add the working schedule and I want  to to kill myself.So that’s why it took me some time to reply.

      Ok so the last episode was really good in my opinion.Really well-done and well-written.Poor old Stefan was really screwed up again,but I must admit that the doppelganger thing was a surprise I didn’t expect and I think it was a good idea although some people describe it as a lazy writing.I think it was nice and that it will change Stefan’s story for the better.But the wayeverything they did was totally mean-He got dumped by Elena,heard her love confession and than he was thrown in the quarry by his mean doppelganger where he’ll drown over and over again.And on top of that-the guy didn’t even hate his brother.I mean he literally said to him” I’m not not happy about you”.Hellooo!I’ve never heard Damon say that in his entire life.And people are still fond of him and consider him to be the better brother!Seriously!I’m so mad at this people.Another thing I’m really mad about is this whole Stilas thing.It’s ridiculous!Why don’t people make jokes about Damon and Alaric in the gay way but always make jokes about Stefan and Klaus or Stefan and Silas.That’s something that really pisses me off!I just needed to get it out.

      As far as the Delena thing is concerned-Well to be completely honest I expected it to be Delena.I mean they practically said that it will be Delena even before the episode was aired.So I knew this would happen.I was even mad at the Delena fans in the wiki before the episode who were saying that they’ll stop watching the show if the endgame for the season is not Delena.It was pretty obvious.At least for me.So I didn’t have any hopes or something like that.I’ve kind of accepted it already.You say it doesn’t make sense but actually it does.Elena was attracted to Damon’s mysterious and bad side.He’s the dangerous choice,the unpredictable one,the one that constantly leaves her surprised and makes her want to question everything around her.To question herself mainly.So she wanted to get the feeling of what it is like to be with a guy like Damon.Stefan is the safest choice-he’s the good guy.And good is a synonym for boring in the world today.I hate it but that’s life in our century.I’m really sorry that it is like that for 80% of the fanbase but that’s the truth.People like you and me are probably one-two in a million.Or actually the other 20%.So what I’m trying to say is that this choice was way beyond us.There was no possible way that the season ended with Stelena.People wanted to see Delena for three season and they are a great majority.If it hadn’t happen then probably they would have losted 1 million viewers.It was supposed to happen.The whole time Damon and Alaric were talking about “Get the girl”!What the hell!She isn’t a winning prize….That bugged me too.I don’t know about you.

      Also everybody are saying that Damon is the guy who is always unhappy and now it was time for something right in his life.They consider him to be the more complicated character,which if you ask me is not true.Stefan for example is way more complicated-he’s good fighting with his evil demons and suffering from his mistakes.Damon always does something bad and doesn’t give a fuck about it-What’s complicated here if I may ask?He’s like the teenage boys at school,that’s neither mature not right.He’s selfish and doesn’t care about his brother at all.He got his girl.He’s constantily arguing with him.And DESPITE that Stefan is still the one who at the end of the day says-I may not be happy but I don’t hate you.Like SERIOUSLY!Someone just shoot me.At the end of the day-Damon got the girl while his brother was stuck in a safe and Damon is the unhappy one……I have no words.

      Yeah you’re right about the part saying that Stefan was always there for Elena.That’s true.But we also must not forget that back then Elena was still human.I think that’s the real problem-she’s a vampire now.Everything changed.She can’t be completely her old self again and that complicates things for Stefan.She said that it was always going to be Stefan,but she said it while she was still human.Maybe that’s the whole problem.What really bugged me was their whole “love explanation”-all this things about all the wrong choices and Damon saying how selfish he is and this “no apologize” thing…I mean…it was a bit strange for me.Maybe the writers wanted to show us that people get inlove with someone else even when he/she is not perfect.Ok,I get that,but still…I can’t say that their declaration was really impressing.I don’t know what made people so crazy about it.I fight with my best male friend like them but we’re definitely not inlove.It was more of a fight than a declaration.Where was the romantic?Seriously….Everything I could hear was-I make all the wrong choices and I’m not going to apologize for that…..Wow seriously,dude?I don’t know,that’s just how I think.

      Bonnie was really screwed up.And I also think that bringing Jer was not a good idea.Don't get me wrong-I have nothing against him but what was the point in this whole Elena drama in 4x15 if they just brought him back?He's not going  to college,he's not really having his own storyline right now.I don't get this.And Bonnie stayed dead....That was really mean.I definitely think that Bon-Bon and Stefan were the most screwed up characters in this episode.Actually in the entire season.

      I also want all the questions I have to be answered.I'm freaking out.Especially about what's going to happen to Stefan because you know how much I love him and the end left me completely devastated.I literaly cried for the guy.Especially when he was talking to Lexi and he said that he would always go back to Elena in a heartbeat if she wants him.And when he was wondering what to do next,where to go.And then when  they showed his face right after he heard the love declaration of Delena-I was sooo sad.It made my whole day sad,because I realised that nothing in this world is right anymore and nothing is fair.I figured that most people are like Damon -they are selfish and mean and they do literaly nothing but they still end up with what they want.I get life is unfair,I have already figured that out on my own in my life experience but when you see it in a TV show or in a movie actually leaves you speechless,because you realise it once again and you have to get over it  once again.And..yeah.That was out of the topic,but it's true.People like Damon because most of them are like him,because love like Stefan's is more and more hard to find,because being good is nothing anymore and it doesn't get you anywhere.They say that Stefan is the common guy,but actually Damon is the common one,the one you see everywhere,the one who's being mean and selfish.And Elena chooses this guy?Really...

      Well Katherine was an interesting choice for the cure.I thought it could be Damon,but JP said that they thought about that and decided not to go with it because the fans have guessed it.I think that it's for the best that it's not Damon because if it was him all his fans would have gone wild saying that he is the unhappy one again.Katherine will have a difficult time as a human in my humble opinion.I think that she won't be able to turn again after she has taken it and she'll have a hard time accepting that one day she'll actually die.I always thought that the cure will go to someone who doesn't want it and it was literaly like that.I liked the moment where they showed us how Stefan refused to accept the cure.It was really well-made.And than BAM-Elena force-feeds Katherine the cure.I think that her story will be one of the interesting things in the next season.

      When Klaus showed up on the screen I literaly fell off my bed!I just love the guy and I liked their whole moment.I think however that it is for the best that they're separating because Caroline really needs to figure some things out for her self.Well Klaus also needs to do that.So I think that they're on very different pages right now and that bringing them back together is not a really good idea.

      I actually also apply this theory for Stelena,because Elena is a vamp now and she needs to figure out some things for herself first.She needs to solve her feelings,to deal with the loss of her relatives and her previous life,to decide what to do in the future.Stefan on the other side will have big problems with Silas and he also needs to figure some things out for himself because he just realised how messed up his life is and how everything is a never-ending circle which is something he desperately needs to change.Lexi was right-it's time for him to live,because until now all he did was RElive everything-the mistakes,the love,the way he's living his life,the paths he's choosing and so on.You may diasgree here of course,that's just how I think.In my opinion the Delena thing it's probably better for the Stelena fans because Damon and Elena will have big problems in the next season.They'll have more arguments,they'll have problems if she's not living with him.I don't know...that's just my opinion.

      Ooook,so.I kind of disagree with you here because I think that Stefan’s storyline will become more interesting now that we know he’s a doppelganger.He doesn’t necessarily need to be with Elena in order to evolve.Yes,you’re right-two people can change each other,but I think that for now his story is going on a really hard but interesting road.May be his character seems dragged to you because this season he was kind of in the background of things,which is not really cool for me but I also think that afterall the whole 3rd season was for him and Klaus and now they needed to show us more Elena and her transitioning part.I already told you my theory about Delena so I’m not going to repeat myself.Man can find logic in the most illogical place.You need to separate yourself from the Stelena feelings and think more as a whole-afterall,even if this is the worse case scenario,it still makes sense for Elena,otherwise she wouldn’t have chosen him.Another thing-a lot of fans wanted to see Stefan with someone else so maybe that played some part in Julie’s decisions.The other part is the delena fans.The ugly truth here is this-this guys are just more than the Stelena and they needed to be satisfied.Look at this point and all your questions will be answered.Even if it seems ugly and unsatisfying.But I'm also agreeing on the part that he was treated really badly in the last episode and that he didn't deserve it.

      Well of course that deep down Elena realizes that this is probably her worst choice,but it’s a choice she’s making with her heart,so she follows it blindly and instantly.The sirebond was really bad idea but with or without it we have to face one thing-she slowly fell inlove with Damon even when she was already inlove with Stefan.She just can’t help it,because it has happened while she was busy with other things,while life was going on and the world was spinning around her.But she did fell for him at some point.I maybe sound a little Delena to you here but I really can’t deny the obvious.This year she made a reckless choice,but she just said-what the hell,I fell inlove,I’m a different person now,with a different life.She is compassionate afterall-when she loves-she loves deeply,when she cares-she cares strongly.To be honest I never believed in this whole I-love-two-people-at-the-same-time thing but last winter my best friend fell for two guys at the same time.It was the exact same situation-she was with guy number1(Stefan in the case) but fell for another(a total Damon,absolutely the same big ass).And I was like-what the hell is wrong with you,you must love the one more than the other???But she was really confused-just like Elena.And at that point I said-Ok…I’ll never question TVD again-those things really happen in real life.So my point is-those things happen and at the end it’s always shitty.Sorry for the language.But I think that the endgame of the entire show will be Stelena.You just wait to see-things between Delena won’t be so pretty this season.

      Ok,so I think I covered all of the points I was thinking about and also the things you mentioned.There are also other things on my mind but I tend to forget sometimes to write everything.That's my general opinion as a whole.I hope I'm not dissappointing you or anything.It's just the way I see things.

      Anyway-so besides TVD i hope that you're fine and I wish you luck at school!

      All the best from me.


      PS-on may 23rd,2009 Stefan met Elena for the first time.FOUR YEARS OF STELENA.Congrats!

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  • hey long time

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  • why do you not answer?

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    • Hey I'm so so so  so sorry that I haven't talked to you in like forever. How are you? How are you likeing Season 4 so far?

      Right now I'm frusterated, but it's epic at the same time because I want to know what's going to happen. So sory again for not talking to ya in forever.  You're amazing, and I hope yo talk to ya soon. I can't wait! =D

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    • hey, yeah what did you do the last months? :D i am fine but at the weekend i had bad toothache (wisdomtooth) so i will go to the doctor tomorrow.. and what about you?

      well, i didnt really liked the part of season 4 from last year. now it seems to get better, so i liked last episode.. i have to admit that i dont care about delena anymore and stelena is not so important to me anymore.. yeah, of course i really do love all those great scenes they had together but damon and elenas vampirism kinda ruined it. elena changed a lot and i dont like her as a vampire anymore..or maybe its not like a hard dislike but i just dont care. for the moment all i want is stefan to be happy, so i enjoyed stebekah and also the stefan/elena scene from the last could elena look so hurt when stefan told her that hes not in love with her anymore? what did she expect? SERIOUSLY? how can she put the finger on stefan and rebekah? in my opinion she has no right to do and now she actually knows how this feels. 

      whats your opinion about season 4?

      oh and one of the reasons why i do like the last episode is that it wasnt all focused on elena, they do have other topics to talk about.

      i am annoyed by most of the discussions on the wikia like i actually ever was need to talk about this..

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  • Hey there. Just been curious about one thing, why you keep writing "sorry" under every single comment of yours? I understand you don't want to offend anyone but your comments aren't offensive. You don't need to do that. I've been seeing that for some time, and it doesn't look nice. I don't know how others take it though. Anyway, I didn't mean to offend you with that. Just a friendly advice. Reduce the "sorry"s in your comments :)

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    • Yeah, I've read the books, they're totally amazing! They inspire a lot of ideas and theories. I only didn't start the Hunters series yet. You know the writer changed with that book and I'm not really sure if I'll like them. I have the first book, Phantom, but I'm kind of reluctant. Do you recommend them? In my opinion the first 4 books were the best! What about you?

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    • I've read all of the books. The Hunter's were good, but you can tell a difference between the writings and there is some things different. But The ending was good, and the whole book sereies was amazing. But I think you should read them because it conculds the series. And if you want to know what happens in the end go for it. :) I LOVED THE 4 FIRST BOOKS!!! I'm re-reading them right now, and I still only on the first book because I'm writing down quotes I like. I know obssed, but ya. they are amazing!! =D

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  • Hey you :) . This is Minie .

    First of all , I'm really sorry for what happened last night :( . I figured out what was the issue actually . My connection to the internet have trouble for a few days because of the weather . It's a normal thing to my home . It's not going to be fixed anytime soon because there is a cyclone who is coming close to my island . So I will try to keep in touch with you but maybe it's going to be difficult for a few days . If you have trouble to read my message , tell me . Actually because of the issues of the last night , the page of our conversation on this wiki became really weird . There is some messages who appear twice and some of them didn't appear? in the right order . So I think it's better if we talk on a new page if you're ok with it . So I take opportunity right now to response to your past message from last night :

    So don't be sorry . As you noticed , you didn't wake me up me last night . Actually I'm in college and for the moment I'm in vacation and I will be until late January . So I'm used to wake up really late and go to sleep really late too .?

    Take all the time you need to find some amazing quotes . I'm sure you will . The first four you used to make the first pics , were really good . I'm sure the rest will be too :) . So I'm not sure
    400px-Stelena quote from the book 1
    if I said this last night . So I say it now . I love those ones you send me :D . Actually I have a suggestion for this one :?

    I think you should remake it and make it in the same style as the last three you sent me (with several pics of this scene but with the same quote) . You don't have to . It's just a idea . I love the last three you sent me because there is several moment of the same scene . So it will be great if this one was like the rest .?

    Don't be worry about the time you take and I hope this will be fun for you . Making my videos is always really fun for me so :) . I will wait for the next pics with impatience :) . By the way ? to make it easier , we should give name or number to the pics . It would be easier that way to talk about them after . But it's as your wish .?

    So about the songs . Don't be sorry if they are slow songs . It doesn't matter . And you're right ? . They are really so pretty . But I don't want to choose any of them . The thing is I think it will be confused for the future viewers of our video to read the quotes of the pics and at the same time to hear the lyrics of the song . That why I want to choose a instrumental song . You said you want me to have some imput since it's our video . I'm happy you do :D . It's really nice of you to let me to have imput since it's your pics . But if you want to choose the song yourself , I would totally understand . About the quotes , you trust you for making the right choice with their lenght .?

    You've already asked this but I will repeat myself gadly . The last three pics you sent me are great but I have a suggestion for the first one I already tell you earlier . After if you don't want to remake the first one , that's okay . It's good like that anyway . So for now I will use the four pics you sent me in the video . I believe you when you said they took forever but it's worth it totally :D .?

    About the website that I used to find those clear pics , I can send you a link . It's not that I don't want to give it to you . I do . But I wonder if you will be able to understand it :( . I suggest a compromise . If you have trouble to find clear pics for a scene of Stelena , tell me which ones and I will search for it on my website .?

    If I look the first ones you sent me , I say you can totally match up the other fans ones to the ones that you have :D .?

    And I can understand you :) . Sometimes I have a little trouble with some words I don't know but I also use a dictionary online . So don't worry about that :) .?

    Me too I still can't wait for that video and I hope you still do too . I hope all the troubles we've got last night didn't change your excitation for our video . It didn't for me . I understand you when you said you get all excited when we are just working on this pic video . I was like that when I worked on my own videos :) . It's even better when you saw your work when it's done :p . You will see :) .?

    Don't be sorry if your message is really short . It didn't matters . Here we have a proverb saying if the quality that matters not the quantity :) .?

    I'm glad you had a nice relaxing day :) . Mine wasn't because of my trouble with my computer and my internet . I hope it would be better today . I wish you good luck at school and work well :p . I asked you this before and you didn't answer . You don't have too . I'm just wondering . You're in middle school , high school or college ? . Since you have school , don't be too worry if you have to make me wait for your answer or the pics . Take all the time you need :) .?

    I'm sure I will like the rest of the pics you will make especially if they're like the first you sent me :D .?

    I hope you're still excited . I am :D .

    Talk you to soon ! Anyway I will send you friday or saturday my comment of the episode of Vampire Diaries of this week . I prepare my heart to be broken again when I will see Stefan heartbroken and I will contain my anger when I will see Elena flirting with Damon a few days after her break up with Stefan . I know you still support her but I think it will upset you when you will see this .?

    Have a good day and good luck at school :D .?

    Bye . Minie :) .

    PS : Like I must said earlier , I receive the pic number 4 . Just the first , it's really great . You're right . The quote went really well with this pic when you remember it's a scene when Elena and Stefan got back together because Elena wants it :) .?

    PS 2 : By curiosity , I know you love Stelena but do you hate Delena like me ?

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