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  • I was born on August 21
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  • Hey frank, I was looking at the 2 newest episodes synopsis and I noticed someone expanded stuff waaaay to much, idk if that the correct format or not, so anyways, here's the contributor

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    • No there's a bunch of empty space for some reason..Like they typed 10 words then hit enter for some reason. But I'll probably just fix it and keep the plot's they seem pretty good. Thanks for letting me know.

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    • Also noticed he censored the F words, while in other pages they appear normally, so idk, heheh

      np Frank

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  • i have a few more updates when u get the time to do them, sorry I've been bombarding you with all these edits its just I dont see anyone else on the wikia doing them, so thank you very much for doing these

    alright on the page hiroki he needs to be changed to human cause im fairly sure he isnt a vampire after watching tonights episode, also he needs to be added to recurring cast

    the character amber needs to be added to recurring cast cause I forgot her casting call listed her as recurring, also her last name needs to be changed to Mills

    Robert Patrick as Jackson Herveaux, John Rezig as Kevin Ellis(his dead body was seen in two episodes after that)  and stacy haiduk as jenny need to be added to recurring cast

    these pages need to be added to guest cast

    • Matthew Holmes as Charles Dupont
    • Brian Mulligan as Louis Bodehouse
    • Haley Brooke Walker as Crystal
    • Bryan Dechart as Dave
    • Gilbert Owuor as Minus
    • Brett Rice as Sarah Newlins father(needs to be changed to Paul Mills)
    • Bess armstrong as Sarah Newlins mother(needs to be changed to Nancy Mills)

    the following spoilers need to be removed for they've happened

    • season 7 may return to smaller scale storytelling, but don’t expect the 2014 run to lack for guest stars, or potential fan-favorite character appearances
    • Buckner revealed that much of Jessica’s season 7 arc will see her working off her sins between Andy and Adilyn.
    • season 7 may return to smaller scale storytelling, but don’t expect the 2014 run to lack for guest stars, or potential fan-favorite character appearances
    • Prepare for one last flashback as we'll revisit Bill as a human when the HBO vampy drama goes back to 1862. Expect to see Bill clash with some others over his thoughts on the war.
    • the new season will “pick up RIGHT where it left off.” Fans have seen an “evolution of Arlene going from a pretty narrow minded person who hasn’t seen a lot of horrors in the world…to become more tolerant of things that are maybe different.”[4]
    • Kenya will appear in five of the season’s 10 episodes.“I think people will be surprised by Kenya’s direction in the seventh season. It’s very different. She’s motivated by very different things. It’ll definitely be worth watching.”
    • Sams most emotional scene will be in this season.
    • Lafayette will be tested emotionally, but fortunately he'll make an attractive new friend who will give him perspective. With all the chaos going on with the Hep-V vamps, his skills as a medium could be called into play.[5]
    • The premiere positions Jessica’s new boyfriend (Luke Grimes in season six, now Nathan Parsons) to become one of this season’s most intriguing characters. He tells a story of his past that reveals a dark apathy beneath his pacifism.
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  • I just noticed that u changed Damon and Elena`s main pic on their page, i am just saying that us Delena fans wanted to change it to a serveral Delena pics from their past scenes, so we don`t get heartbroken over Damon`s death :P

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  • i have some more edits when u get the time to do it(no hurry, take ur time), here are the edits

    on guest cast the following need to be added

    jaime luner needs to be removed from recurring cast and placed on guest cast as amanda h vamp

    christian pitre as victoria needs to be added to guest cast

    stacy haiduk as jenny

    Richard Weintraub as Richard H Vamp

    todd lowe as terry bellfleur

    robert patrick as jackson herveaux

    alec gray as coby fowler

    bryan deckhart as dave

    shirshir kurup as guru sanbir dutta

    laurel weber as lisa fowler

    lily knight as betty harris

    vanessa dubasso as juliette

    the page mrs. goodwin needs to be deleted

    these characters need to be added to unknown capacity

    Natalie Hall as Amber Crabtree

    • Louis Ozawa Changchien as Hiroki
    • Gilbert Owuor as Minus
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  • hey r u going to be editing on true blood frequently lately? or know someone you can trust who can? Because there are alot of things that needed edited on the tb wikia site I cant edit, so if I wrote down what needs edited, u think you or someone else could do it?

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    • Alright, I went ahead and added all the info, but I'll have to work on deleting random pages and stuff later. I probably won't add any new pages unless I can get all or most of the info. I don't even remember who Crystal is, haha.

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    • k thanks

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  • I saw that you were active today so can you please close this Thank you.

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    • Yea I closed and removed it. I don't see why people need to insult each other when someone misunderstands a situation, we all think different.

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    • Ehpacha wrote:
      Yea I closed and removed it. I don't see why people need to insult each other when someone misunderstands a situation, we all think different.

      yeah thanks (Im also guilty of that sometimes) but I felt like my friend needed help but the others took it another way.

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  • i believe u are an admin on the true blood wikia. Well im blocked and it doesnt look like the block will lift anytime soon. However they are many edits that need to be done on that wikia no one is doing, so do you think its possible u or someone you know/trust on that wikia can do the edits if I gave out what needs edited? I just need your permission and as soon as I do, I will send u what needs edited.

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  • There are users on the Klayley page who have been doing nothing but post very disturbing comments on the page regarding penises and sex games and people are sick of it. What the person below me is saying isn't true. We allow respectful people to comment on the page but not sick people like them. Just look at their comments for a second. And then they think they have the right to bash us and insult the rest of us when we don't agree with their behavior on the page. Everything was peaceful before users like The Church Of Rebekah Mikaelson and Infamous Tyrant came along and started to spoil everyone's mood with sick comments. I can't have my friends be disrespected like that. Lots of non-Klayley shippers like Halia Stone and Tvd77 come on the page and we have been doing great and having fun, chatting and respecting each other without getting into fights. Some people think it's okay to post nasty comments around and get hugs and kisses for it, especially when they have never been currently active on the page. Infamous Tyrant was banned from the page not too long ago by Scarlett when she started doing the exact same thing she and other users are doing right now. I was even astounded to find insults directed towards Scarlett herself when we wanted to report these people to her. There are also anons on that page that post rude comments to start the fight. I was wondering if you can do something about that too because "All non-Klayleys should die" is something very serious and it was NOT posted by a Klayley fan, I can assure you that. People cannot stand these kinds of comments: ( My friends and I have recently been accused for being the same person with many accounts and we are being mocked by it just because we take care of one another and try to stick up for one another. We have known each other for a long time and we like to spend time with one another as friends on this wikia but because of their hatred, Werewolf4Queen does not want to come back to the page anymore, BEX25 has left the wikia for good, Derxx wants to stay away because she has been indirectly called stupid for defending the actress we love, Phoebe Tonkin and some fans) (he did break the rules and has gone too far, there is no talking to him) ( does this man even realize what kinds of horrible things he is saying? There are children on this wikia) (Again with the accusations of having many accounts)

    And these were posted by Infamous Tyrant on the page, as insults to me and my friends:

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  • Please, te;; me how to make my user page for example like yours, or delenasalvatore?

    I will be gald if you answer me :)

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  • Hi can u please help me??? Every time I post a comment on a forum it doesn't show :( I got this account on Sunday and since I got it a cant comment in a forum. :(

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