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  • I live in Australia
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  • Thank you very much for the message. And curious. Do you have any tips for an editor/owner of Wikia?

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  • Hi Buffyfan,

    How do I contact actor Jonathan J. Gilbert? Does he have Fan Club and mailing address.?

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  • I know I've said it already but nevertheless... Happy Holidays! :) I hope you are enjoying yourself!

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  • Can you do something about this guy?

    He's been swearing a lot especially when it was unnecessary and uncalled for, and has been insulting people too. It's very annoying, can you please block this guy?

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    Rebekah MikaeIson
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  • Hi, we've talked on the PLL wikia from time to time and my name is Selena. The reason I am writing this message is if you could please take the time to look through my original series on my own wikia. As well as potentially also spreading the word to other users who might be interested! Hey, so the day is finally here! A week after the premiere of  Horrifically Wicked Tales (the pilot being Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!) , we come to you with the series premiere of Bloodlines, an Inferno spin-off as well. So, while Horrifically Wicked Tales is an anthology series (meaning it reboots at the end of each season) and hit series like The Devil WithinHandsome Little Liars and Inferno have full season orders(20+ episodes) this series is more of a limited series format. Meaning that it consists of 10-13 episodes(still deciding on the exact number of episodes though) and each season will focus on a different member of O.R.B.S. Hence the title Bloodlines(clever no?)! Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the first three episodes of this season are set 2 or so weeks between episodes Highway to Hell and Born Under A Bad Sign from its sister show  which was our introduction to the Inferno Universe). But don't fret cause by the end of the third episode of this series,  the two timelines will be caught up!  If you need to see the auditions page for Inferno and Bloodlines (or want to audition characters for either series) then just click on the link in parenthesis and it will take you straight to it over at the Pretty Little Liars Wikia (

    Missed some of the actions... Start from the beginning with  past episodes for you to read:

    *Down the Rabbit Hole 

    *Highway to Hell 

    Born Under A Bad Sign

    The Three Faces of Sophia

    *Dream A Little Dream of Me

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