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WPKW9 News



WPKW9 news van

WPKW9 - A TV station where Logan Fell, his ancestor Franklin Fell and Andie Star were news reporters. At the station there is a computer that contains old articles. Andie Star was a field reporter and weekend news anchor. There is also a tech guy named Brady.

After the old man told Elena that he had seen Stefan before in 1953, Elena wanted answers. Elena asked Logan if he had access to old news stories saying that she had a report past due and he took her to the station to look it up.

Tv office

News office


  • The animal (mountain lion) is captured that was supposedly responsible for the animal attacks in Mystic Falls.
  • Three of Vicki's friends are killed by Damon, the news says its a drug deal gone bad.
  • Damon causes Stefan to dream that Elena is found dead, supposedly killed by a animal.
  • Explosion at Pastor's Ranch.


Mystic Falls Daily - Local newspaper in the present time.
Mystic Falls Courier - A local newspaper in Mystic Falls from the past (70s)

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