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WPKW9 - A TV station where Logan Fell, his ancestor Franklin Fell and Andie Star were news reporters. At the station there is a computer that contains old articles. Andie Star was a field reporter and weekend news anchor. There is also a tech guy named Brady.

After the old man told Elena that he had seen Stefan before in 1953, Elena wanted answers. Elena asked Logan if he had access to old news stories saying that she had a report past due and he took her to the station to look it up.



Season One
Season Three



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In Hello, Brother it was revealed that Caroline works for WYET 9. She also brought Josie and Lizzie to work. In We Have History Together, Caroline was sent to Mystic Falls High School to write something about the Founder's Day, from the alumni angle.



Season Eight


There are at least two local newspapers in Mystic Falls.

Mystic Falls CourierEdit

Mystic Falls Courier is a local newspaper established in 1897.

Staff writers

  • Timmy O'Brien (1970s)
  • Colleen Sterns (May 10, 1994)
  • Katherine Wolverton (1994)
  • Sheriff Watts (1994; 2010)
  • Ringo Matchinga (2009)
  • Marsha Mallow (2009)
  • Marcos Justo (2009)

The Mystic Falls DailyEdit

101-Darren-Brooke-News-MF Daily

Mystic Falls Daily September 7, 2009

Not much is known about the Mystic Falls Daily except that there was at least one issue in 2009 reporting the deaths of Darren Malloy and Brooke Fenton.


  1. Mentioned in You're Undead to Me
  2. Mentioned in The Birthday, possibly her boss
  3. Mentioned by Caroline and Seline in Hello, Brother
  4. Today Will Be Different

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