"I would write... Dear Diary"

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Maxwell Journal was the journal of Ethan Maxwell, dating back to 1790. It recounted many of Ethan's encounters, including a section on killing Arcadius. However, the journal has since been destroyed by the aforementioned.

Season Eight

In Hello, Brother, Alaric, Georgie and Dorian found the journal next to Ethan's skeleton in The Vault.

In We Have History Together, Dorian realized that it featured the drawings of the bell and measurements on how it was forged.

In You Made a Choice to Be Good, Dorian and Matt read some passages using a cardan grille (a cipher device used for code-breaking), an object found during the Time Capsule Day. Dorian manages to decrypt some of the passages but the messages are meaningless.

In What Are You?, Cade burned the journal.



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