He doesn't listen. Maybe I should stick him in a boundary spell.

Maxine is a witch who appears in the fourth season of The Originals. She has a son and has befriended the current leader of the New Orleans witches, Vincent Griffith.

Early HistoryEdit

Not much is know about her early history other than she was raised in the Quarter and eventually had a son, Adam.

Throughout The Originals SeriesEdit

Season FourEdit

In Gather Up the Killers, Maxine was seen at St. Anne's Church. Vincent had organized a gathering so that the witches could stock up on supplies so that they would stay out of the Cauldron because of the "Euro-vampires" that were flocking to the city. She and Vincent hit it off and, after Vincent was convinced to talk to her by Josh, she invited him to her home for dinner.

Later that night, she returned to Vincent after her son never returned home, pleading for his help.


In No Quarter, she and two other witches are at St. Anne's church performing a locator spell to find Adam, but to no avail. She tells Vincent that it's like her son is everywhere and he tells her that his detective friend told him that there was some activity going on at an old house and he'll go investigate it, just to see if Adam is there. She offers her help, but he tells her no and to keep trying with the locator spells. In return, she offers him a protection charm that she'd crafted for her son and did as Vincent asked.


Later that night, she returns to St. Anne's church looking for Vincent, who has returned from the abandoned house. Much to his dismay, Vincent tells her that he didn't find Adam, but he did see something. He reveals that there's a new malevolent entity that utilizes powerful dark magic and he knows of it. He then comforts her, saying he knows it hard, but he'll keep looking for Adam and for her to stay away from it, to protect her. She wants to object, but he makes her promise to stay away from it.


In Keepers of the House, she is seen, along with other witches and the parents of the missing witch children as Vincent address what they are up against. She listens as he describes that a faction of their own people are making human sacrifices to a spirit. Once Elijah makes his appearance and asks them all, save Vincent, to leave. They look to him for guidance and he tells them it's okay. She and the other witches leave their leader to deal Elijah and the spirit threatening their children.

Later that night, Vincent successfully returns all the children to their parents. Maxine, teary-eyed, hugs her son and caresses his head as she looks on at Vincent who kept his promise to return her child. She mouths "Thank You" to him and continues to embrace Adam.

In Queen Death,


Maxine is a very loving mother who cares deeply for her son and is seemingly loyal to her people. She is attracted to Vincent, going at lengths to invite him over for dinner and trusts him completely when her son goes missing. Her relationship with with Vincent also demonstrates her tendency to put trust in others.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is a woman of African descent and dark skin, who seemed to wear a low-cut hairdo and a dress-sense that was typical of New Orleans Witches.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Maxine possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a witch, however, it should be noted that she created a Protection Charm (for her Son; Adam, when he was born) which seemed to be powerful enough to protect Vincent from the Hollow (an incredibly powerful entity), leading him to believe it to be so powerful because it drew its power from a "Mother's love for her child" which should be an indication of her skill at making such amulets.


Maxine has the typical weaknesses of a human/witch.


Season Four


  • Maxine is of French origin that means "Greatest".[1]




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