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Matt and Vicki
General Information


Intimacy Levels

Close Siblings; He tried to help her out with her drug problem, Still loved each other even after one of them died

First Met

When Matt was born


Close Siblings (Vicki is dead)

Matt, I love you.. but I'm already dead.

The relationship between Matt Donovan and Vicki Donovan.

Season OneEdit

Matt and Vicki are siblings, but their relationship was rather father and daughter. Vicki was immature, drug-addicted, unstable and just bad, but always showed affection for her brother. Matt looked at his sister more like a little girl, but he was doing the best to look after her. After the arrival of Stefan, Vicki is attacked by Damon Salvatore on several occasions, she came even has to be hospitalized for blood loss. Matt, along with Jeremy, took care of her. Matt tries to help Vicki, but she never paid any attention and was turned into a vampire. Unfortunately, Vicki is destroyed by Stefan to save Elena and Jeremy.

Season ThreeEdit

After Jeremy was revived by Bonnie, the door between the world of the living and the dead is open and Vicki returns as a ghost. Matt discovers that his sister is back and he tries to do everything possible to see her. However, Vicki tricked Matt for a spell so she can interact with the living. When she tries to kill Elena, Matt tries to stop her and accept the death of his sister as a way to prevent more pain.

Season FourEdit

In Memorial, He lights a latern in the sky in honor of Vicki.

In Stand By Me, Matt & Elena bond over their dead siblings in the stoner place where they see Jermery and Vicki 's intialss Matt cries over their loses when he's alone in his truck.

Season FiveEdit

In 500 Years of Solitude, All the ghost gather in the Salvatore living room to pass on messgaes to their love ones. Vicki tells Bonnie to tell Matt she loves him and stop hanging out with Rebekah, showing she's always watching over him.

In Resident Evil, Matt is killed by a traveler and is taken to the Other Side. There he finds Kol and he informs Matt that there's "trouble in paradise" on the other side. He then sees Vicki who tells him that something is wrong and he needs to find his body and go back. They start running as the wind whips at them. She gets dragged backwards out of his grasp and he has to let her go. She sucked backwards up into a hole in the sky.                                                       


Season ThreeEdit

Vicki: You have got no business in the stoner pit.
Matt: I figured you'd feel comfortable here.
Vicki: Touche.
Matt: So what do you mean, that I can help you come back?
Vicki: Right now, I can only come back when you're thinking of me but there is a way that I can be free of that.
Matt: How?
Vicki: I know this sounds crazy, but I have help from the other side.
Matt: The other side?
Vicki: I can be a part of this life again Matt, instead of being on the other side, all alone. You won't have to be alone anymore either.
Matt: What do I have to do?
Vicki: Matt please.
Matt: I can't let you hurt anyone Vicki.
Vicki: I won't, I'll stop. Just please don't make me go.
Matt: I have to. This is wrong, you shouldn't be here.
Vicki: I'm sorry, I just didn't want to be alone anymore.
Matt: Neither did I, but I have to let you go. Goodbye Vick.
- Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Season FiveEdit

Matt: Vick?
Vicki: Matty, I'm here.
Matt: I'm here now, it's okay.
Vicki: No, listen to me, it's not okay. Something's wrong. Look at this place, Matty, you need to get to your body and go back.
Matt: Look, I'm not leaving you okay? We're getting out, take my hand.
Vicki: Matt, no!
Matt: Take my hand!
Vicki: Matt!
Matt: I won't let you go!
Vicki: Matt, I love you.. but I'm already dead.
- Resident Evil.


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