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Martin Family
Family heritage
Notable family members
  • Extinct
The Martin family was a family of witches and warlocks, and one of the main families in Season Two.


Family MembersEdit

  • Jonas Martin - was a medical doctor that moved from Louisiana with his son, Luka. He collected Grimoires of witches which he says are all his families', saying "witches are family. We’re all bounded together by code of loyalty to help each other". He was working with Elijah in hopes of being able to free his daughter Greta Martin from Klaus. Jonas has a deep love for his children, which is seen, along with some possible anger issues, when he goes on a destructive tirade at The Grill after Luka is killed. He attempts to kidnap Elena to bargain his daughter's release from Klaus. Jonas was killed by Stefan Salvatore and Katherine Pierce.
  • Greta Martin - is the daughter of Jonas and sister of Luka Martin. As a witch, she was allegedly kidnapped by Klaus, as were many others, and forced into finding another way to break the Curse of the Sun and Moon without using a Petrova Doppelgänger. However, it seems as though her allegiance to Klaus is more intentional than obligated. Greta was later killed by Damon Salvatore during the sacrifice.

Family TreeEdit

Unknown Mother †
Jonas Martin
Luka Martin
Greta Martin


  • Jonas, Luka, and Greta all went to Mystic Falls with an Original, trying to break the curse, and all three died at the hands of the Salvatore brothers.
  • It is the first family of witches who does not appear in the books.
  • The Martins are the second family of witches (the first is the Bennett Family) to be involved in matters of vampires.
  • The Martins are the first family in the series which has warlocks. (Not mentioned if the Bennett Family has warlocks.)

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