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Marianna Lockwood
Biographical information
  • 1887
  • Female
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Supernatural information
Cause of death
  • Drained of blood
  • Decapitated
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Marianna Lockwood was from the Lockwood family line. She was best friends with Samantha Gilbert. She was also a carrier of the Lockwood Werewolf gene.

This character was a member of the Lockwood Family.


Marianna was best friends with Samantha Gilbert and was killed by Stefan Salvatore, who was a Ripper at the time. She was probably thought to be another victim of The Mystic Falls Serial Killer, who was murdering other Town Council members at the time. 10 years after her death, her friend Samantha confessed to the murders. They assumed she was crazy, and locked her up in an insane asylum where she remained for the rest of her life.


Marianna: (To Stefan) "I'm sorry for your loss, Mr. Salvatore. I'm told you're a distant cousin of Zachariah."
Marianna: "Lockwood. Marianna Lockwood. And this is my friend, Samantha... Samantha Gilbert."
Marianna: "Samantha, don't be a gossip. Shame on you." 
-- 1912



  • It is unknown if she was born into the Lockwood Family or married someone from it. Most likely it was the latter although no other Lockwoods (Who lived in the 19th century) were mentioned besides her.
  • At first it was thought she was Johnathan Gilbert's daughter-in law leading her to be Samantha Gilbert's mother since her wiki page first said her name was "Marianna Gilbert", not Lockwood, and listed Johnathan Gilbert as her father.
  • When Stefan killed her, he shows his regrets for killing her, as he tried to put her head back after he decapitated her.
  • The name Marianna comes from Slavic descent and it is a very popular feminine name, so it is possible Marianna Lockwood to be of Slavic or European origin.


  • Marianna (left) with Samantha Gilbert (right)

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