D, I’m sorry. When I lost you my world fell apart, and I went through all the stages. I went through my whole rage spiral. I took it out on Klaus. Elijah. And they deserved what they got. But um...Now that is all said and done. And you're still gone. The uh...The only thing that keeps me in check is a code that I had when I was a kid. Growing up I saw first hand what happens without one. You might think that I let you down. But I know that there's another way. I believe that. Even now. I just hope you still believe in me.

The relationship between the Upgraded Original Vampire, Marcel Gerard and the witch, Davina Claire. Marcel sees Davina as a fighter like him and believes them to be kindred spirits. He saved her life from her coven of witches and took her in as family, which has made them very close and protective of each other. Davina helps Marcel maintain control over the witches in the Quarter, as a way of getting back at them for manipulating her into almost being sacrificed. Marcel cares for Davina more than anything and is willing to always put her first.

Davina eventually found out about Agnes' death and this angered her as Marcel never said anything to her. She ran away but was forced to return due to Klaus holding Tim hostage. Marcel had tried to get through to her stating that he cares about her but Tim's death causes the bond between Davina and Marcel to fall apart. When Davina powers had begun to go out of control, they learned that she had to die in order for the city to be safe and the Harvest to be complete. Marcel was willing to go against Klaus and anyone who stood in his way in order to protect Davina. This event caused their relationship to be repaired as she was thankful he always fought for her however, her death soon came and Marcel was deeply devastated. After losing Davina, Marcel had no longer concerned himself with his duties as King of New Orleans.  

Early History


Davina was one of four girls chosen to be part of a magical ritual called the Harvest. When Marcel learned that the witches were planning on sacrificing the four girls, he and his fellow vampires intervened. Unfortunately, he was too late to save all of them and was only able to rescue Davina from being killed. Davina feels a lot of resentment toward the witches for manipulating her and lying to her, so she has no problem helping Marcel keep them in subjugation by monitoring their magic.

Throughout The Originals Series


  • Davina appeared to be linked to Marcel by some kind of magic, as seen in Tangled Up In Blue, when Katie was subduing Marcel; whatever happened to Marcel, happened to Davina, and when Katie's magic made Marcel fall to the floor, Davina was also brought to the floor, even though she was all the way in her bedroom.
  • They both brought Mikael to New Orleans:
    • Marcel and Rebekah, with Genevieve's help, lured him there in 1919 with a news clipping of Klaus.
    • Davina resurrected Mikael after his death in The Vampire Diaries's Homecoming, presumably marking 93 years since he had last been in the city.
  • Their relationship is comparable to that of Aro and Jane from the Twilight franchise.
  • Marcel regained Davina's friendship when he was trying to protect her from being sacrificed in Après Moi, Le Déluge.
  • Marcel is the only family that Davina has left seeing as he genuinely cares about her. Unlike her mother who she had a strained relationship with for various of reasons.
  • He's the only father figured that she knows due to her birth father being a deadbeat.
  • They both had a romantic interest in the Original Vampires, Rebekah and Kol.
  • Marcel didn't approve of her relationship with Kol, having had a rough history with him in the past.
  • In Season Three, They were both the rulers of New Orleans, with Davina as Regent of the witches and Marcel as leader of the vampires. However, Davina has lost her title of being Regent as she was shunned by the witches for her role in the Ninth Ward Coven Massacre.
  • After Davina's death and failed resurrection, Marcel has turned his back on Klaus, cutting ties with him as he blames him and the Mikaelsons for Davina's death.
  • Parallel to Klaus' claim to him after Davina was sacrificed and immediately didn't come back after the reaping about not wanting to hear his name spoken in earshot when he assumed Marcel was dead. Marcel doesn't want to hear Davina's name spoken due to his grief.


Season One
Marcel: "I assume it's all quiet out there."
Davina: "The witches know better than to use magic. They know that I can sense it when they do. What about the Old Ones? They're dangerous, and I don't want them to hurt you."
Marcel: "The Originals? Davina, as powerful as you are, they don't stand a chance."
-- Always and Forever

Marcel (to Davina): We can't be lying to each other. I'm trying to protect you.
-- Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Davina: "If I can just wait it out a few more weeks... Help me, please."
Marcel: "I will, and when it's over, I'll do what I should have done-- get you out of town."
Davina: "I had a dream that Tim wasn't dead. He played a song that he wrote for me. And he kissed me, and we were just normal."
Rebekah: "That sound's like a beautiful dream."
Marcel: "What are you doing here?"
Rebekah: "But it was just a dream."
Marcel: "Get out!"
Rebekah: "This is killing her. Your stubbornness will mean her death."
Marcel: "I promised her I'd fight for her. I'm not breaking that promise."
Rebekah: "No one is asking you not to fight. You are the only family that this girl has. You owe it to her to fight for her to live."
Davina: "Marcel, it's ok."
Marcel: "No. I failed you."
Davina: "I'll die whether I do this or not. I mean now the only option is--is whether I take everyone with me. If you look at it that way, it's kind of selfish not to do it."
Marcel: "There has to be another way. This is not how it ends."
Davina: "And if it is… if this is all I have, I've had a lot. I had Monique, and I had Tim… and I had someone who fought for me from the moment you met me."
Marcel: "Ah, Davina."
Davina: "Most people don't get that even if they live to be a hundred. Marcel, I'm ready."
-- Après Moi, Le Déluge
Season Three
Marcel: "I'd ask if everything was okay, but you wouldn't be here if it were."
Davina: "You know, I was bored out of my mind when I lived up here? I don't miss it, but things were a lot simpler. And at least I felt safe."
Marcel: "What happened?"
Davina: " I was attacked. One of my own people tried to use a spell to ruin my hands. What's next, my eyes? My heart? They hate me -- I knew that. But, I didn't think they would just revolt."
Marcel: "Witches in New Orleans have a habit of getting homicidal, alright? Why do you think I was so hard on them?"
Davina: "But I'm Regent. They should respect me! I didn't sign up for this."
Marcel: "Sure you did! You chose to be their leader. The target on your back? It comes with the job."
Davina: "So, what do I do?"
Marcel: "Say the word, alright? Me and my guys-."
Davina: "You'll what? They see me siding with you against my own kind, I'll just be proving them right."
Marcel: "D, someone came at you! It might be one today, but if you sit back and do nothing, by tomorrow, there'll be more. You gotta respond with a show of force. If not me, find another way, but it's got to be done."
-- For the Next Millennium

Marcel: "You're gonna need to take care of those bodies. Discretely."
Davina"I know. Keep everything covered up, keep it out of the papers."
Marcel: "Davina... Tell me you didn't do this."
Davina"You're the one who told me I had to use a sign of force."
Marcel: "Against the one who went after you! I did not suggest a massacre."
Davina: "Are you really gonna lecture me about dead witches? This is New Orleans! We're always at war, and collateral damage happens. I learned that from you."
Marcel"Guess who I learned that from? You're not gonna get the better of Klaus by becoming him, alright? You need a break. Get out, live a little, have some fun. Vincent should have never gotten you into this. You're too young to have that kind of blood on your hands."
Davina"I'm a French Quarter witch! I was born with blood on my hands!"
-- You Hung the Moon

Davina: "Just please tell me you don't trust her."
Marcel: "I don't. But I do trust you, and I need you to trust me, okay? Aya's always gonna be playing her own game, just like everyone else in this town. But now, more than ever, we've got to stick together. And when this is over, I will help you raise your pain-in-the-ass boyfriend from the dead?"
-- Heart Shaped Box

Marcel: "Did you know?"
Davina: "Know what?"
Marcel: "She's going to kill them, Klaus first. Then, if the Sireline is proven broken, Elijah won't last much longer."
Davina: "I didn't know. But... does that really change anything?"
Marcel: "If it fails and Aya puts Aurora's bullet into Klaus' heart, I die. Josh dies."
Davina: "You don't think I can do it."
Marcel: "It's too risky. An either way, Klaus is gone. Your boyfriend Kol's brother. My sire."
Davina: "I get it. Klaus saved you like you saved me. You think you owe him but you don't. He's taken far more than he has given -- from you, from me, from Kol. He's had his turn. Two years ago, you asked me to find a way to break the sirelink because you wanted to kill Klaus."
Marcel: "Circumstances have changed, all right? Things are different now, D...
Davina: "No! We've always protected each other. When you had me shunned, I was furious. But now... I get it. You'll always protect me, no matter what. Even if I hate you for it. You deserve to be free of Klaus. We all do. But I can't do this if you don't trust me. I'm scared, Marcel. And your're the only family that I have. So, are we in this together. Because if so I can do it. No doubts , no hesitation... I can do it."
Davina: "Where's my stuff?"
Marcel: "Your bag's over there. I figured after what you did, I'd better get you out before the Mikaelsons came back to hurt you."
Davina: "You mean like you hurt me? I asked you to do one thing for me. To believe in me. To choose my side. I asked you to choose me. But you didn't."
Marcel: "Wait, D! Listen. Hey, listen. I am always on your side, all right? I always have your back. But sometimes the things that you want... they aren't worth the price you have to pay to get them."
Davina: "Yeah? Keep telling yourself that. Enjoy your freedom."
-- A Streetcar Named Desire

Davina: "This wasn't your fault, or Kol's. The Ancestors hate me because of choices that I made. I'm not a kid. I'm not your responsibility."
Marcel: "Honey, you will always be my responsibility."
Davina: "What were you supposed to do? Lock me in an attic and keep the world at bay forever? You didn't let me down. I just grew up. Thank you for saving me that first time. And for everything else after. I love you, Marcel."
Marcel (to Davina): "I love-."
-- Where Nothing Stays Buried


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