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Luka and Bonnie
General Information


Intimacy Levels

Ex-Friends, Bonnie crushed on him, Luka was just using her, Both were a witch and a warlock

First Met

March 26, 2010 (Katerina)



Luka: So your Grams waited until you were in high school to tell you that you were a witch?

Bonnie: She brought it up before, but I just thought she was drunk.

Luka and Bonnie

The relationship between Luka Martin and Bonnie Bennett started in Katerina.

Season TwoEdit

They met in front of Mystic Falls High School. He asked her and Jeremy where the principals office was. After they introduced themselves Jeremy offered to take him there himself while Bonnie blushed.

Later at the Mystic Grill, Luka's dad, Jonas, asked Bonnie about the Bennett name and whether she came from Salem. Then, later after his father left Luka showed Bonnie his powers and they started talking. Jeremy sees them and leaves the Mystic Grill after noticing Bonnie was interested in Luka.

The next day, they exchanged personal items to channel each others power. Then Jeremy came and she forgot to return it to him. Later she cast a tomb opening spell and drained energy from him, almost killing him, but she still could not cast the spell to break the seal.

Luka & Bonnie

Luka & Bonnie at The Grill.

In By the Light of the Moon, Luka help's Bonnie destroy the Moonstone, but it was revealed that they didn't destroy the stone and that Luka lied to Bonnie. When Luka returned home he seemed unhappy for having to lie to Bonnie.

In Crying Wolf, Bonnie encountered Luka at the Grill and handed him a drink, but as soon as he ingested it he felt faint and collapsed. Caroline and Jeremy helped bring him back to Caroline's house, where Bonnie used her powers to find out more information.

In The Dinner Party, he confronted Bonnie at the Grill, angry that she did something to him, but he can't remember what it was.


  • He didn't really have feelings for her, as confirmed by Jonas in The Sacrifice, it was revealed that his father, Jonas Martin, had told him to bond with her.
  • Bonnie felt to Luka just an understanding, not deep feelings. She was glad she wasn't the only witch in the town so they became friends.

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