Listen to the advice of your superiors...then do better. Study the weaknesses of those who outrank you and eliminate them from your own experience. Authority is meant to be challenged. Great achievers refuse to stand in shadow.
Lucien in You Hung the Moon

Lucien Castle was a major recurring character and the main antagonist in the third season of The Originals. He was an Upgraded Original Vampire, the first and former vampire turned by Klaus Mikaelson as well as the first vampire to be turned overall, and a member of the Trinity.

Early History

Not much is known about Lucien's childhood, but he once said that as children, he and the Count's youngest daughter, Aurora de Martel, were very close, and they would often play together. Some time after that, Lucien's father was tormented by the Count, as he did not pay his debt in time, making Lucien harbor hateful feelings towards the Count, the nobles, and their life style.

1002, Southern France


Lucien discovered by the Original Vampires.

Lucien was a servant for Count de Martel in Southern France, tasked with welcoming guests to the castle. One day, the guests he was escorting were attacked by the Original Vampires. Lucien hid while they squabbled over the possibility of taking their victims' clothing and posing as them so they could stay at the castle and hide in plain sight. Lucien was terrified when they discovered him and quickly offered his help, insisting that they needed him if they wished to pull off their ruse. He told them of his knowledge of the count's customs that would help them blend in. The vampires voted on whether they should let him live or kill him. Finn and Rebekah voted that he should live, while Elijah and Kol voted that he should die. It was Klaus who gave the tie-breaking vote for him to live.

Normal originals301 01610

Lucien introduces the Mikaelson Family.

Lucien brought them to the castle, telling them of some of the count's preferences as well as making sure they all looked the part. After nearly being caught, they managed to pull off their plan and be welcomed into de Martel's court. When he had a moment alone with Klaus, he told him of the count's evil, and how he tormented people under his reign, including killing Lucien's father for not being able to pay a debt. He assured Klaus that no matter what kind of evil he was, while in the court, he was among people who were even worse, hidden behind their fine clothes. Lucien didn't care if Klaus and his siblings killed all of the people present in the castle. He then showed Klaus the count's children; siblings Tristan and Aurora, telling him to avoid them completely since they were both very wicked.

Normal TO303 0287

Lucien discovers Klaus and Aurora's affair

Later that year, Lucien asked Klaus to pass a note to Aurora, declaring his love for her and asking for her to run away with him. Klaus tried to talk Lucien down from his hopes, which aggravated Lucien. Later that night, Lucien caught Aurora and Klaus kissing. He confronted them, feeling angry and betrayed, inadvertently drawing the castle's guards to them. Tristan arrived with them, believing that it was Lucien whom Aurora was having the affair with. Tristan ordered the guards to take Lucien and later, tortured him, whipping him in the dungeons. Klaus and Elijah attempted to save Lucien from Tristan but Tristan threatened them with the knowledge that he knew what they really were and would expose them if they attempted to do anything to him. Tristan then pulled out a dagger and slashed Lucien across the mouth, scarring his face.

Normal TO303 1884

Lucien stabs Klaus

When Klaus pulled Lucien down from his torture to try and comfort him, Lucien stabbed Klaus in a fit of rage, blaming him for his torture and for his affair with Aurora. Klaus proved that he couldn't be killed by the blade and turned it on Lucien with his blood still on. The blade cut Lucien's hand, mixing Klaus' blood into the wound. To Klaus and Lucien's surprise, the cut and wounds on his face healed almost immediately, revealing that Klaus' blood had healed him.

Normal TO303 3001

Lucien completes his transition into the first sired vampire

Believing that he was now a vampire, Lucien stormed out of the dungeon with the knife and tried to murder Tristan but was stabbed in the back and killed by one of the guards. Klaus prepared to burn his body but Lucien was revived, having had Klaus' blood in his system. Lucien fed on women in a chapel, completing his transition into the first non-Original vampire and first member of Klaus' sireline. He then begged Klaus to teach him, telling him he was no longer mad at him because he had given him the gift of immortality and saying that they were as close as brothers now. Klaus then showed Lucien how to properly feed. Aurora appeared, catching them feeding. Lucien tried to approach her but was stopped by Rebekah, who showed her own fangs. Aurora ran in fear.

When the Original Vampires fled, Elijah compelled Lucien, Aurora, and Tristan to believe that they were the Mikaelsons as a means to use them as a decoy for Mikael. The three ran from Mikael, working together. When the compulsion wore off a hundred years later after the Originals were daggered, they were furious and traumatized by the experience. They plotted against the Mikaelsons and looked for ways to destroy them but Lucien and Tristan rivalry constantly got in the way of their plans.

1903, Paris, France

Lucien and Aurora had spent time together during this time where La Belle Epoque was taking place, which was when a period of peace, optimism, prosperity and innovations were taking place.

Over the centuries, Lucien developed Kingmaker Land Development Inc. though it was a cover for his company performing top secret supernatural research, including an alternate cure for werewolf venom and creating an even deadlier strain of Werewolf Venom that could not be cured even by Klaus' blood (and which is powerful enough to kill any vampire, even an original). Lucien became a prominent philanthropist and public speaker in the 21st century, noted for his charity work and business expertise.

Throughout The Originals Series


Physical Appearance

Lucien is a very handsome and wickedly charming man with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He is slim, but muscular. He keeps his hair groomed to a neat length. Lucien typically wears fine clothing, much like his sire, although slightly more formal. He wears dark clothes, usually blacks and grays, and he also wears a leather jacket from time to time. Lucien also occasionally wears t-shirts, although he usually wears those in his penthouse or under a nice coat. He is often seen wearing dress boots, typically a brown color.

As an Upgraded Original Vampire, Lucien possess a second pair of fangs and has red eyes.

As a servant, Lucien wore common tunics and had much longer hair that he tried to keep neat while in the count's court. After Tristan tortured him, he briefly bore scars on either side of his mouth, forming a deranged smile. These scars would have remained had he not been healed by vampire blood during his transformation into a vampire.

Powers and Abilities



Klaus Mikaelson

Main article: Klaus and Lucien
TO308 1342KlausLucien

Lucien and Klaus met approximately a thousand years ago. Klaus and his family fed and killed a group of nobles traveling to Tristan de Martel's father's estate. Lucien was the last living human amongst the group of nobles, but he was a mere servant to the deceased nobles. The Mikaelsons found Lucien still alive due to his rapid heartbeat. Lucien stroke a deal with the Mikaelsons: if he would help disguise them as the deceased nobles and in return, they would spare Lucien's life. Throughout their time together, Lucien learned about the Mikaelsons' father and he grew closer in friendship with Klaus. However, after Klaus' affair with Aurora de Martel was revealed, Lucien grew to despise him. Lucien was in love with Aurora, which Klaus fully knew. However, Tristan discovered Lucien with Aurora (which Tristan suspected Lucien instead of Klaus for having an affair with), Tristan mercilessly beats up Lucien almost to the point of death. Klaus then mistakenly heals him with his vampiric blood, which was a new discovery for the Mikaelsons. Lucien, as revenge for Tristan beating him up, tries to kill one of Tristan's guards, but the guard slays him and Lucien comes back as a newborn vampire; Lucien became the first non-original vampire in the world. Elijah later compels Lucien to believe that he himself was Klaus Mikaelson running from Mikael. Elijah forced Lucien to run, along with the de Martel siblings, to run for nearly a century before the compulsion was broken.

In present day, due to Klaus' sireline being at risk, Lucien tries to befriend Klaus again in order to protect his sireline.

Other Relationships


Season Three

Season Four


  • Lucien is a masculine name of French origin. The name means "Light". It stems from the Old Roman family name Lucianus.
  • Castle is an early medieval English topographic name and derives from the Anglo-Norman French "castel".


  • He is the first vampire ever turned by an Original Vampire, being turned before both Aurora and Tristan.
    • This makes Lucien the first sired vampire in history.
  • He was also the first person to be healed by (Klaus') vampire blood and through him the Original Vampire's learned they can pass vampirism to others.
  • He is described as another good-looking, calculating vampire who comes to town with a personal vendetta against the Mikaelson's.
  • According to Joseph Morgan, the Original Vampires learned how to make vampires after Lucien was turned by Klaus, making Lucien the first sired vampire in history and thus the strongest non-original vampire introduced into the show's universe.
  • He possessed a daylight ring, and wears it on his right middle finger.
  • He is one of few people to refer to Klaus as Nik.
  • Since they killed all who learned of their true nature in their early days as vampires, Lucien may be the first person to ever learn about the Original Vampires and survive.
  • In You Hung the Moon, it is revealed that he is the CEO of Kingmaker Land Development Inc.
  • He managed to find a third cure for werewolf venom with an unknown substance. The only other cures are Klaus' blood and siphoning.
  • It is presumed by both Tristan and Elijah that he holds the weapon the prophecy speaks of.
  • It was confirmed by Michael Narducci, he is the serial killer that Will, Vincent and Cami were investigating.
    • In his killings, Lucien replicated the facial scarring that was done to him by Tristan.
  • In the 11th century Elijah compelled Lucien to believe that he was Niklaus and then told him to run in the fear of Mikael along with Aurora and Tristan who believed they were Rebekah and Elijah respectively.
    • After Elijah was daggered for the first time, the compulsion he placed on Lucien, Aurora and Tristan wore off.
    • Following this, Lucien, Aurora and Tristan swore vengeance against the Mikaelson family and spent centuries looking for weapons that would kill them until the truth about the sirelines were revealed, thus forcing them to incapacitate the Originals instead so they wouldn't die themselves.
  • The Serratura, a Dark Object, capable of producing an impenetrable barrier which can be used to trap Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah was briefly in Lucien's possession before he gave it to Klaus.
    • It is currently with Tristan de Martel, active on the container where Tristan is drowning repeatedly for all time at the bottom of the ocean.
  • In A Streetcar Named Desire, it was revealed that Lucien's absence was because Aurora locked him away and allowed him to desiccate after he disagreed with her over her plans.
  • Lucien has been turned into a vampire twice from the blood of the Mikaelsons. The first, when Klaus sired him, and second, when he used Freya's blood to turn himself into an Enhanced Original Vampire with Vincent's help.
    • Lucien is both the first non-original vampire, and the first member of The Beast species.
  • Lucien reveals that he is a Scorpio, which means he was born between October 23 and November 21 in the 10th century.
  • He prefers wine to whiskey.
  • He admits he has a bit of a sweet tooth in No More Heartbreaks.
  • Five years after his death, Lucien's ashes were used by Freya in creating a weapon capable of killing Marcel Gerard, who had been turned into an Upgraded Original Vampire, just as Lucien had been.




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