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Enzo 17
Biographical information
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Undead
  • Male
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  • Unknown
Supernatural information
Significant sires
  • Farmer John †
Significant kills
Cause of death
  • Unknown (as a human)
Killed by
  • Unknown (as a human)
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Until it’s officially out there and explicitly stated, there’s still hope, and hope can trick you into all sorts of hilariously unrealistic scenarios.
— Enzo to Caroline in Resident Evil

Lorenzo, more commonly known as Enzo, is a major recurring character that appears in Season Five. He was a vampire under the imprisonment of the Augustine society. He was Damon Salvatore's cellmate back in the 1950's when the latter was captured by the Augustines. He is the one responsible for killing Megan King. He was first mentioned by Wes Maxfield.

Early Life

Damon and Enzo kept in a vervain-soaked cage by the Augustines.
Enzo was found by the Whitmore family after he left his post in Eastern Europe during WWII. He was imprisoned by Dr. Whitmore and forced to endure his torture for ten years. Damon was imprisoned due to Joseph Salvatore selling him out, and Enzo reached out a hand of friendship with the young vampire. They would talk about many things to keep their hope of escape up. Enzo planned to have Damon take his ration of blood for a year so that he would be stronger and assist in the escape. During the annual New Year's Eve Party at Whitmore, Damon broke free of his chains and attacked everyone but, in the process, caused a fire. Enzo was still stuck in a cage laced with vervain and Damon attempted to free his friend to no avail. Realizing that he could not free his friend and fearful that Augustine would take him back, Damon turned off his emotions and abandoned him. Enzo continuously screamed for his friend to free him and presumably died.

Season Five

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Enzo chases Megan King through the Whitmore house, attacks her and throws her out of a second story window. Due to the circumstances of her death, it is labeled as a suicide to cover up the vampire's attack.

In Handle with Care, Dr. Wes Maxfield, under compulsion, reveals to Caroline that the Augustine society has a vampire and that the murder of Megan was covered up because it involved Enzo.

Enzo alive
Enzo is seen still alive.
Cori11Added by Cori11

In The Cell, Enzo is revealed to be alive and makes his first present day appearance. Elena wakes up, strapped to a table in a lab as she hears some humming from nearby. She turns her head and Enzo "welcomes" her, introducing himself. She looks to him, shocked after hearing Damon's story of his death as he continues to quietly sing a song.  

In Fifty Shades of Grayson, Enzo reveals that he survived due to one of the scientists helping him but only to further torment him. It ultimately clarifies that when Megan King went into the Whitmore House, she had apparently found Enzo only for the starved vampire to chase, feed and ultimately throw her out of the building. Wes Maxfield uses him to distract Damon and Stefan, and grants him leverage over him by injecting a poison that will cause Enzo to dessicate. Enzo appears before Damon, Stefan and Aaron. When telling his "tragic tale" to Stefan and Aaron, he gets ultimately annoyed by Damon's interruptions. Enzo angrily attacks Damon, taunting him on how easy it was to abandon him and "live a merry life." As he begins to fight Damon, his body begins to give into the poison but Damon ultimately saved him by injecting a random amount of syringes labeled "antidote" in Wes' lab. Damon reveals to Enzo what he did and why but Enzo rebuffs his pleas of forgiveness, instead refers to him as a monster that cannot redeem himself.
Cori11Added by Cori11

In The Devil Inside, when Aaron goes into his room, Enzo is there. At the Salvatore Mansion, Damon gets home to see Enzo there. Damon returns home to find Enzo lounging on the Salvatore couch and drinking up his best bourbon. Damon groans and notices a body bag on the floor and some leftover blood smeared on Enzo’s face. “You missed a spot,” he says, before asking what’s in the bag. Enzo did some research and discovered that Damon did indeed kill off all the Whitmores (except for one in each generation so that they could keep reproducing) like he promised back then. Enzo apologies and offers Damon, Aaron. Enzo thinks they can stay friends and wants them to have a fresh start. Damon refuses to kill Aaron and Enzo gets his neck snapped by Damon.

Denzo kill Aaron 5x12
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77

The episode ends with Aaron driving alone at night and stopping for a stranger in the middle of the road. That stranger turns out to be Enzo and he says they’ve been waiting for him. Aaron spins around and finds Damon leaning against his car. Aaron points out that Elena won’t like it if Damon kills him but Damon doesn’t care because they broke up. “Elena was too good for you,” Aaron spits out in anger, after Damon goes into detail about how he relished the sound the Whitmores made as Damon tore them to shreds. Aaron reminds Damon he killed his whole family and Damon says they deserved it. He bares his teeth and attacks Aaron killing him. Enzo says – "That's the Damon Salvatore I remember". Then they both look down at Aaron's body.

Stefan asking Enzo to leave
Stefan asking Enzo to leave
ViplajaAdded by Viplaja

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Enzo and Damon are trying to find Wes and kill him. Stefan asks him to leave his brother alone, because he is worried that Enzo is bad influence for Damon. They captured one of the Augustine workers, Diane, and compelled her to tell them everything she knows about Maxfield's whereabouts. When she tells them she doesn't know, Enzo kills her. When Damon kidnaps Jeremy, Enzo stays with him while Damon is forcing Bonnie into helping them. When it is taking too long, Enzo calls Damon and then begins "motivating" them by hurting him as long as Jeremy is almost dead. When Stefan and Katherine save Jeremy, Enzo leaves with Damon to kill Wes but they walk straight into the trap.

They are ambushed by Travellers and when the attack is over Damon and Enzo then hear a noise, which they go to inspect an when Enzo goes and checks one room, Damon checks the other where he finds Joey. Damon then frees the young vampire, Damon then feels his body elevate at the smell and sight of Joey's blood which causes Damon to savagely feed on Joey to the point where he rips his head clean off. Damon then turns to a shocked Enzo, realizing that Damon now feeds on vampires, they both know this is going to be a major problem for their plan for revenge.

Enzo not wanting to leave Damon.
Delena05Added by Delena05

In No Exit, Damon and Enzo's friendship is tested, as Damon tries to resist feeding on Enzo as Damon is now an Augustine Vampire and they're trapped in a house by the Travellers and Wes. Enzo concludes that after turning and feeding the farmer, Damon will have to feed again within the next 8 hours. To ensure that he won't feed on him, Enzo chains him up but Wes shoots him in the neck to further test Damon's limits. Damon then broke free of his chains and proceeded to feed on Enzo. Enzo repeatedly pleads for Damon to stop to no avail until the Travellers raise the acidity of his blood. Wes and the Travellers then allow Enzo to leave but Enzo refuses to abandon Damon until Damon urges him to leave him behind. Enzo then leaves with a saddened look on his face. 

Enzo in 5x16,,
Enzo meets Caroline
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77
In While You Were Sleeping, Caroline is searching for a cure for the Ripper Virus when she comes across Wes's recording about using the werewolf venom from Nadia's bite. She is surprised by Enzo who appears in the laboratory, he says her that he is there for the same reason that her are, he want the vampire-feeding virus out of their lives. Caroline teases him saying he just wants to get to Damon because killing innocent people not as much fun when he is alone, Enzo tells her that Damon mentioned that she get a little judgy and that he also said that her had a thing for accents. Caroline gets upset and tries to leave the lab but Enzo stops her telling her that he has the antidote. Then she calls Stefan and Enzo is listening the conversation, she tells him that he has to meet with her, after insisting Stefan accepts.
Stefan-Caroline-Sloan and Enzo 5x16
Enzo calls the travellers
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77
Stefan finally meets with Caroline, they arrive at some abandoned train station, they're talking about Damon and Elena and as Damon is going to tell her that he killed Aaron, Enzo then arrives and interrupts them. Caroline asks him where is the antidote and Enzo nods and a group of travelers disperse through the stockyard. One particular woman walks right over to Caroline and Stefan, she is Sloan. Stefan ask to her that she have the antidote to the ripper virus, and she answer that yes thanks to Enzo. Enzo tells them that Wes was experimenting with him and so discovered the antidote, Caroline ask what does that have to do with them, Sloan say that when Wes died, the travelers took it. And seeing as Elena is valuable for them, they are in the process of using Wes' resources to find a cure for her virus, she also says that them have to find something, Stefan ask what do they need and Sloan say another one of him.
Enzo in 5x16..
Enzo talking with Stefan and Caroline
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77

Enzo tells to Stefan and Caroline that they will find another doppelgänger of Stefan and that he don't know the traveler lore, he also says that the last remaining pair of doppelgängers are special. Caroline asks what he mean by "special" but Sloan interrupts telling her that it is none of their business. Enzo anyway replied her talking about Markos, the leader of travelers, he says them that Markos wants the blood from the last remaining pair of doppelgängers, Stefan and Elena, they need to use Stefan to find his doppelgänger and then kill him. Later, Caroline and Stefan are talking privately and Enzo arrives with Sloan to do the spell, Enzo says that will take care of the antidote for Elena and Damon, one of the travelers comes behind Enzo and hands him the serum, Enzo invite to Caroline to join him but she says that she will stays with Stefan. Enzo comes where is Elena and Damon, and he gives them the antidote.

Enzo and Care 5x16..
Enzo and Caroline depart.
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77

Later, Caroline and Stefan are talking and Enzo arrives, he thanks her for her call and says it's time to go, Stefan ask her what is happening and Caroline says as Sloan was going to fry his brain to kill his doppelganger and that she wasn't about to let that happen, so she have volunteered to help Enzo deal with it, that mean kill him. Stefan disagree on that but then she tells him but Caroline tells him that they only want one doppelganger alive, so is Stefan or the other. Stefan then decides to accompany her but Enzo interrupts them telling that he can't because the travelers still need him, Caroline says him that she will be fine, Stefan tells her that he don't trust in Enzo and Caroline says that don't worry because she don't trust in Enzo too and that she will be safe, she goes downstairs and Enzo extends his hand to help her but she ignores him, Enzo says goodbye to Stefan with a wave and leaves with Caroline.

Enzo talking with Sloan
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77
In Rescue Me, Caroline and Enzo are at an Atlanta diner when her phone starts buzzing on the table but before she can pick it up, Enzo snatches it from her and he talks with Sloan, she gives the doppelgänger's name and whereabouts, Caroline hears their conversation and she isn't happy that Sloan is still using to Stefan and frying his brain and jerks the phone from Enzo's hand, she threat to Sloan to kill her if she do that again, Caroline hangs up the phone and flings it across the booth, Enzo makes fun of her and call her "perky, blonde angel of death.". Caroline sign in the hospital reception and she goes where is Enzo, she tells him that the receptionist doesn't know Tom personally, but that she compelled her to call someone who does, she sits besides him and they wait for someone to come speak with them.
Enzo-Care 5x17
Enzo with Caroline
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77
Enzo just stares at her until Caroline pulls out a magazine and starts reading it. Enzo asks why she’s avoiding him, he reminds her that he delivered the cure and Caroline says she doesn’t trust him. She asks why he’s there and he says that he needs a new murder buddy since Damon is doing better, then he tells her that he’s joking. Caroline is clearly not interested in speaking with him any further, so Enzo picks up his own magazine and starts reading from it, he flirts with her and Caroline concludes that the only reason for that Enzo is there, is she, he tells her that Damon says he’s her type and tells her she reminds her of someone; Maggie that worked for the Augustines, Caroline teases him but he tells to her that Maggie reminded him that he's a good guy, Caroline seemed surprised by his answe, but before she can retort, a doctor comes to talk to them, he tells them that Tom has disappeared four months ago, Enzo and Caroline look at each other surprised. Caroline calls to Sloan and tells her the info is bad. She asks for Stefan and she tells him that Tom has been gone for months. Sloan starts the spell again, she goes back into Stefans head to get more information Caroline stays on the phone and tries to help him, Enzo listens with interest. Finally he gives her Hazel’s address and describes her.
Caro-Enzo 5x17
Caroline and Enzo arrives to the witch's house
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77
Later, Caroline and Enzo come to the house and notice four months of mail has accumulated. They knock on the door but no one opens, Enzo with force takes knob off in his hand and the door opens. They see Hazel kneeling on the floor and Caroline realizes they can’t come in because the homeowner is there. Enzo throws the doorknob and it crushes Hazel’s skull. She keels over dead. Caroline is angry with him for killing their only lead. He reminds her he’s a murderous vampire and they can now enter the house.

Hazel lies dead on the floor and Enzo tells Caroline she was in a trance and couldn’t answer questions. He says he’s only doing what needs to be done to save Stefan. Caroline tells him she’s a good vampire and doesn’t just go around killing people. Enzo tells her he’s not judging her, he’s preparing her. He tells her hesitation can cost her life. She tells him this is not war and she will do almost anything to save Stefan. Then they both hear a heart beating and got to investigate.

Enzo and Caroline finds Tom 5x17
Enzo and Caroline find Tom
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77
In the basement, they find the doppelganger knocked out. They wonder why they kept him knocked out for four months and Caroline says that’s the same time that Silas died. She tries to rouse Tom but she can’t. Enzo tells her to go upstairs while he kills him but she won’t. She puts her hands around Tom’s neck and starts to choke him but he comes to and asks what’s happening and who they are. Caroline compels him and tells him she’s his friend and he should trust her. She promises he won’t feel a thing. Then she uses her vampire speed and snaps Enzo’s neck. She frees Tom and tells him she’s getting him out of there.
Enzo argues with Caroline
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77

Enzo later finds Caroline and Tom and then he kills Tom. Caroline asks him why he did it and Enzo says she’s not the only one who cut a deal to save a life. Caroline tells him that she has lost her respect for him and he says that the Travellers told him they know where Maggie is and he’s willing to do anything for save someone that he loves unlike her. He tells her where are the Travellers and says she can feel free to tell Stefan that she’s the one who took Tom out to save his life, he leaves leaving Caroline bewildered.

In Resident Evil,

In Man on Fire,

In What Lies Beneath,


Enzo is a charismatic person who had lived quite a fulfilling life prior to his imprisonment by Augustine. Despite his imprisonment, he remained optimistic and hopeful to one day escape and possibly take revenge on Augustine for their torture on him. After it is revealed that he was still alive and imprisoned, Enzo may be losing his mind as a result of the five decades of torture, as he slowly hums a song just after he introduces himself to Elena. He also showed immense anger towards Damon for being unable to save him, nevertheless after rekindling their friendship he refused to abandon him when he turned into an Augustine Vampire. He shows that he is loyal and would never abandon those important to him.

Attitude towards humans

Enzo seems to have little respect for human life, is fed directly from them and did not show any remorse when attacking or killing people.

Physical Appearance

Enzo is very handsome, very high, he has a beautiful face and toned physique. He has hair straight, short, almost black. White skin but a slightly tanned, strong bone structure with high cheeks bones and a solid jaw line, dark eyes, also has straight teeth with a mischievous smile. His physical appearance is that of around a 22-25 year old despite having more or almost a century.

His style is more with darker clothing; black shirts, scarves and thick jackets, boots underneath darkened jeans and black trousers, although on occasion has been seen wearing lighter colors in general is a "bad boy" style.


Damon Salvatore

Main article: Damon and Enzo
Damon and Enzo
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77

Enzo met Damon in 1953, they were both captured and tortured by the Augustine society for scientific purposes. Having been in captivity ten years longer, Enzo taught Damon how to "live for the future", when they're free instead of the moment, individually planning their revenge. Enzo seemed to care for Damon, one day allowing himself to be tortured in Damon's place. On the night of their planned escape, Damon accidentally started a fire and was unable to free Enzo, and turned off his humanity to escape the pain of his "death" before abandoning him. Damon and Enzo are currently best friends.

Caroline Forbes

Main article: Caroline and Enzo
Enzo and Caroline in 5x17
Enzo and Caroline
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77

They meet when Caroline is surprised by Enzo who appears in the laboratory of Wes. He says that he is there for the same reason that she is; he wants the vampire-feeding virus out of their lives. Enzo tells her that Damon mentioned that she gets a little judgy and that he also said that she had a thing for accents. Enzo tells her that he knows of the cure to the ripper virus. While they work together to get the antidote Enzo flirts with her, but Caroline usually isn't sympathetic with him. They decide to take a road trip together to save Stefan and kill his doppelganger.


Season Five

Name Meaning

Lorenzo is a Spanish and Italian masculine given name of Latin origin derived from the name Laurentius. It is used in Spain, Italy, and other Latin European and Latin American countries. Enzo is of Italian and Old German origin, and the meaning is "home ruler". Variant of Henry.


  • He will have a major recurring role throughout Season 5.
  • He is experiment number 12144 in the Augustine Society.
  • Enzo and Damon are best friends.
  • Damon left him to die in the fire at Whitmore when he turned off his emotions because he couldn't free him from his cage.
  • He was a Soldier in WWII which lasted from 1939 to 1945 which puts him the army around the same time as Damon Salvatore whom we see in his uniform in flashbacks in We'll Always Have Bourbon Street and TO's Thierry who was also a soldier in the 1940's.
  • Enzo met Elena in The Cell.
  • Enzo met Stefan and Aaron in Fifty Shades of Grayson.
  • His only friend appears to be Damon.
  • He met Caroline Forbes in While You Were Sleeping and has shown an attraction towards her.
  • Enzo has built up a resistance to the vampire weakness of wood due to the experiments he endured, this is proven when he jabs the wooden end of a shovel into his own body.
  • Enzo met Jeremy and Bonnie in Total Eclipse of the Heart.
  • Enzo is the only TVD character that does not appear to be based off any character from the novels.
  • In No Exit, Enzo was turning humans into vampire's to feed Damon and satisfy his hunger for vampire blood, every 8 hours.
  • In No Exit, The Travellers confine Damon and Enzo in a house using magic so Wes could test Damon's limitations of his new strengths.
  • In No Exit, Damon fed on both Enzo and Elena (Katherine) in this episode.
  • He knows about werewolves, but thought they were just a myth.
  • He is now looking for Maggie.




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