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Lockwood Mansion
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Mystic Falls

The Lockwood Mansion was the previous residence of Richard Lockwood and Carol Lockwood.  After the death of Carol and Richard Lockwood, Tyler absconds and deeds the Lockwood Mansion to Matt Donovan removing all the vampires that were invited in by Carol Lockwood. Currently, it is the residence of Matt Donovan, Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore. Also, Hayley temporarily resided here.


Richard Lockwood resided here until his death during the Founder's Day Celebration. The Lockwoods have hosted many events here especially since it's most likely the biggest house in Mystic Falls. The Founder's Party was held here where they showed objects and things from the past including a roster of the original people at the first founder's party and Elena Gilbert's family objects. The Masquerade Ball took place here as well, some time around Halloween. 

Invited in by Matt


  • The real-life address is 2129 East Street SE, Covington, Georgia, USA.
  • The Original Vampire Mikael was killed on the steps of the mansion by Klaus for the first time in Homecoming. The second time was in Night Has A Thousand Eyes in The Abattoir once again by Klaus.
  • According to Stefan, there are at least 8 bedrooms in the house. "Look. We have, um, 5 guest rooms. You should probably stay the night." — Stefan to Valerie in Live Through This
    • Matt's room
    • Stefan's room
    • Damon's room (Master bedroom)
    • 5 guest rooms


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