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This is a list of all vampires who have appeared or who have been mentioned in The Originals and The Vampire Diaries television series or novel series.

This includes augustine vampires, original vampires and vampires who failed transition.

Undead Vampires

This is a list of the existing undead vampires in either series.

Original Vampire

Living Vampires

This is a list of the currently-living vampires in either series.


Deceased Vampires

This is a list of vampires in either series who have died or been killed.

Original Vampire

  • Mikael: turned by Esther's spell and killed by himself in 1001; staked by Niklaus Mikaelson in 2010; later resurrected by Davina's spell in 2012 and staked to death once again by Niklaus in 2013.
  • Finn Mikaelson: turned by Esther's spell and killed by Mikael in 1001; staked by Matt Donovan in 2010; resurrected in a witch body by Esther in 2012; soul trapped in Freya's Talisman until 2013, when Freya released him. He was brought back in 2014 by Freya. He was killed again by Lucien in 2014.

Augustine Vampire

Former Vampires

These vampires were returned to being mortals after taking the cure or exposure to the anti-magic boundary that resulted from the Travelers' Magic Purification Spell.

Enhanced Original Vampire

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