Lisina is a character on The Originals. She was introduced in the first episode of the fifth season. She is a werewolf and was the guardian to Henry Benoit before his death. She is also a member of the Crescent Wolf Pack.

Early History

Not much is known yet, but she has been a guardian to Henry for a certain amount of time.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Five

In Where You Left Your Heart, she talks to Hayley in the Bayou at her cabin. She tells Hayley that Henry has been passed down and she's the only person he has left. After a vampire, Poppy, is bitten and killed by Henry, she defends him and listens to Hayley talk to the vampires that killing Henry in retribution would ruin the peace that has been kept for seven years.

In One Wrong Turn On Bourbon,

In Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,

In God's Gonna Trouble the Water,


Season Five


Lisina is calm and stands strong with what she believes in. She is also caring, as shown when she doesn't want anything to happen to Henry.

Physical Appearance


  • Lisina is a feminine name but it's unknown what it means. Lisina is also a village in the municipality of Raška, Serbia.[1]




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