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  • Unknown
  • Unknown (could possibly be deceased due to Finn & Kol's bloodlines dying)
  • Unknown
  • Male
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  • Lexi (as a human)
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If you want to be with someone forever, you have to live forever.
— Lee to Elena in Bloodlines

Lee is a vampire who was turned by Lexi, his late girlfriend, many years ago so they could be together forever. When Damon killed Lexi, he sought revenge, but Elena convinced him to honour Lexi by not killing Damon.


During his human years he met Lexi and fell in love with her. At first, he was confused about how he felt about her, but eventually came to terms with his feelings towards her. She turned him into a vampire so that they could spend forever together.

Season One

Lee's vampire face
Lee trying to kill Damon
HoneiVladmirAdded by HoneiVladmir

Bree called him shortly after Damon and Elena arrived at her bar. When Elena went outside to speak on her phone, he kidnapped her to lead Damon into a trap when he tried to rescue her. He attacked Damon, but Elena begged him to stop, revealing that Lexi had told her about him and, since Lexi was good, he must be, too. Lee, in anger, then threw Damon at the wall. Elena thanked him for not killing Damon, but he only said it wasn't for her, and fled.

He has not been seen again since then.


Season 1


  • He and Charlotte are the only vampires to appear in one episode and never appear again without being killed.
  • Lee, Charlotte, Nandi and Lucy are the only living supernatural characters to be seen in just one episode without being killed.
  • It is unknown if Lee is still alive as, if he was part of Finn or Kol's bloodlines, then he would have died when they did.

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