Lawrence Kao portrays Van Nguyen in the third season of The Originals.


Born and raised in Hacienda Heights California, Lawrence Kao, at an innocently prepubescent age, manifested himself into absolutely anything with his imagination. Eventually leading him towards an interest in pretending, his desire to make believe developed into a love affair for acting, something he wanted to do for a living. After toying with Shakespeare as Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream, followed by a couple main stage productions at UC Irvine where he studied theatre, it became a downright passion for him to do so. In 2004 he found another outlet of self expression through dance, which led to his participation on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew with Kaba Modern. He's played the lead at award winning theatre companies such as East West Players & South Coast Repertory. He has also appeared on The Walking Dead, an episode of Hawaii 5-0, Franklin & Bash, and NCIS: LA.



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