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These are the last words said by characters prior to their deaths. (This does not include sentences by ghosts). This only includes the last words said at the end of their life before their true death, excluding those said by humans prior to being killed and turned into vampires. The last words are separated by supernatural species: vampires, werewolves, witches, and humans.


Character Last words Details
Vampirediaries107 1022
Vicki Donovan
"I gotta get out of here, J. I just--I can't live at home with Matt. He just doesn't get it. Come with me. If you come with me, we can be together forever..."
While she and Jeremy were making out, she told him that she has to leave and asked him to come with her. She accidentally bit his lip, and upon tasting his blood, lost control of her bloodlust and attacked him. Stefan, Damon and Elena came to help him, and during the struggle, Stefan was forced to stake her. ("Haunted")
Lexi Branson
During the episode Damon informed Lexi that he had a diabolical master plan, but he wouldn't tell her what it was. He set her up as the killer of a young teenage boy, resulting in her being dosed with vervain by the police force. As the deputies were dragging her away, she tried to escape, and Sheriff Liz Forbes shot her several times with wooden bullets to no effect. Before Lexi could reach the sheriff, Damon interceded and staked her. As she died, she asked, "Why?" ("162 Candles")
Logan Fell
"Oh, you're not a very smart one either. 'Cause you have no idea who you're talking to."
Alaric was introduced to Logan as Jenna's friend. Logan asked him why didn't he punch him or provoke him, to which Alaric replied that he's not a violent person. Logan told him that he's not a smart one, either. Alaric asked him why, so Logan replied, "'Cause you have no idea who you're talking to." Alaric staked him right afterwards. ("The Turning Point")
"No. You're gonna have to kill me."
Stefan and Damon stopped him from hurting Elena. They questioned and tortured him. He told them about the Gilbert journals, but when they asked who else was working with him, he told them that they were going to have to kill him. ("Unpleasantville")
Ben McKittrick
"Is that all you got?"
Stefan confronted him near the tomb. Ben attacked him, but Stefan knocked him down easily. Ben retorted, "Is that all you got?", to which Stefan replied "No. I got this," before setting him on fire with a flamethrower. ("Fool Me Once")
"Let it be Frederick. You heard what Pearl said."
Pearl forbade the other tomb vampires from leaving the house. Frederick wanted to leave, but Harper tried to stop him. He said that Pearl banned them from going, and to let it go. Later, they attacked Stefan and Damon in their house, where Stefan killed Bethanne in self-defense. ("There Goes the Neighborhood")
"This is for Bethanne. And this is for the tomb."
Frederick kidnapped Stefan while he was hunting in the woods one stormy afternoon. After Damon, Alaric and Elena rescued him, Frederick attacked Stefan out in the woods. He stabbed him a couple of times with a tree branch, informing him that those stabbings were for Bethanne and for the time they spent in the tomb. However, Elena stabbed him with a dart full of vervain and took advantage of him being incapacitated to feed Stefan her blood to heal him. Afterward, Stefan had the strength and the anger to stake Frederick to death over and over. ("Let The Right One In")
"What's going on?"
Alaric and Damon were trying to find Isobel. They found an apartment in which they believed Isobel was living, but when they got there, they found Henry in it. He told them that John Gilbert was helping him adapt. Suddenly, his phone rang, but Damon told Henry to give him the phone. Damon didn't answer immediately, so Henry asked him if he was going answer. When he asked what was going on, he realized something was up and attacked Alaric, but Alaric staked him to death. ("Blood Brothers")
"This was never my home, Miss Pearl. I was just a soldier who was left to die. You saved me. I'm coming with you."
Harper and Pearl were preparing to leave the town after Pearl was threatened by John. Pearl reminded him that he didn't need to come with her if he didn't want to, but he told her that since she saved him after he was left to die, he wanted to stay with her. At that moment, John burst in and shot both him and Pearl with a stake-shooting crossbow. ("Blood Brothers")
"You know, you don't have to come with us if you don't want to. Let me help you with these."
Pearl and Harper were preparing to leave the town after she was threatened by John. Pearl reminded Harper that he didn't have to come with her if he didn't want to, but Harper told her that since she saved him after he was left to die, he wanted to stay with her. She decided to help him with his luggage, and while they were distracted, John burst in and shot them both in the heart with a stake-shooting crossbow. ("Blood Brothers")
"Please... no."
After John activated the Gilbert device, she was taken into the basement of the Gilbert medical building to be burned with the other vampires. John saw her and staked her, despite her begging him not to do it. ("Founder's Day")
"I beg your forgiveness."
After he and Rose caught Elena, they wanted to trade her for their freedom from Klaus, so they called Elijah. Trevor informed him that he was truly sorry and begged for his forgiveness. Elijah said that it was granted, but decapitated him soon after. ("Rose (episode)")
"But that would kill me forever."
Elijah compelled him to tell Damon (who was on the phone with Slater) that they needed the moonstone in order to break the Sun and the Moon curse. Afterward, Elijah compelled him to stake himself in the heart, which he did, despite Slater knowing that it would kill him forever. ("The Sacrifice")
Cody Webber
"We were gonna bring her to you for Klaus. She’s the doppelgänger. I don’t know how she exists, but she does. Klaus would want to see her. [...] No."
He and two other men came to Slater's old apartment to take the Petrova doppelgänger and bring her back to Klaus. Elijah showed up and asked them if anybody knew that they were there. After he replied in the negative, Elijah killed him. ("The Sacrifice")
"On the count of three. One, two..."
After she was bitten by a werewolf, she became incredibly sick. Knowing that Rose was suffering, Damon created a dream for her to help ease her pain. In it, they talked about her human life, and after she pointed out that she wasn't afraid anymore, she challenged Damon to a race, which she believed she would win due to her speed and age. She and Damon agreed to count to three, but on the count of two, Damon staked her in the heart to end her misery.("The Descent")
TVD - 2.17 - Know Thy Enemy.avi snapshot 31.34 -2011.05.12 15.09.07-
"I'm so sorry, Elena... that I was such a disappointment to you."
Isobel was compelled by Klaus to find Elena and take her to the cemetery. Once there, when Klaus' witches were in possession of Katherine and Alaric (the latter of whom he planned to use as a vessel), Klaus' main witch Maddox gave Isobel the order to kill herself, which she did by ripping off her daylight necklace. ("Know Thy Enemy")
Jenna Sommers
"It's alright, Elena. I know what I have to do."
Klaus turned Jenna into a vampire and sacrificed her to break the curse. Elena urged her to fight back against him, but Jenna allowed herself to be sacrificed in order to ensure Elena's safety.("The Sun Also Rises")
TheVampireDiaries CW 3x09 Homecoming21-1-
"Your impulse, Niklaus. It has and will forever be the one thing that keeps you from truly being great. [...] Katherine?"
The gang had a plan to kill Klaus using Mikael and his stake. Mikael threatened to kill Elena if Klaus did not confront him. At some point, Elena freed herself by revealing that she was in fact Katherine. Mikael was surprised, and he gasped, "Katherine?" which were his last words before Klaus took the stake and killed Mikael. ("Homecoming")
Bill killed
"This is life. This is what it means to be human."
Bill was at the hospital after Tyler accidentally attacked him during their lessons to help Tyler break his sire bond. At some point Alaric (possessed by his dark alter-ego) stabbed him, but since he had vampire blood in his system he awoke in transition. Due to his dislike of vampires, he decided not to become complete his transition to become one. ("Bringing Out The Dead")
"To living life.... [...] Vervain!"
Stefan spiked Finn and Sage's drinks with vervain to weaken them. Finn toasted Sage to living life. After drinking the vervain, they angrily followed Stefan outside, where they were attacked. Matt ultimately staked and killed Finn. Later, all of the vampires from his bloodline, including Sage, died. ("The Murder of One")
Sage and Troy
"Troy, help me! What is happening to me?"
They both died after Finn's death. They came to the Salvatore boarding house to kill Stefan and Damon because they killed her true love. Suddenly, they both fell and died. ("The Murder of One")
Alaric Saltzman
"What's happening?" Alaric and Damon were fighting after Alaric had been turned into a vampire-hating/hunting Enhanced Original by Esther Mikaelson. After Damon asked him if that was all he had, Alaric responded with "Not quite." Moments later, Elena drowned after the truck she and Matt were in was run off the road by Rebekah, and because Alaric's life-force was tied to Elena's, he died along with her. He appeared as a ghost to tell Jeremy that he would always look after him. ("The Departed")

"Sorry about the sting. Now, which arm is it? Is it left, or right? I'll just chop off both to be safe."

Kol wanted to chop Jeremy's arm where he has his Hunter's mark so they couldn't get to Silas and the cure. Elena helped Jeremy to kill Kol to complete his Hunter's Mark by staking him with the white oak stake. ("A View To A Kill")
Nadia Petrova
"My mother's name is Katherine. I'm looking for her. She is a liar, and a murderer. She manipulates, she betrays. She'll do anything to survive."
Nadia was on her death bed after being bitten by Tyler Lockwood. Katherine entered the room to say goodbye to her daughter. Katherine and Nadia exchanged conversation before Nadia started to repeat words she spoke in the 15th century while searching for her mother. Katherine gave Nadia a dream of the perfect day they should have had together before Nadia then passed away.

Character Last words Details
Richard Lockwood
"What are you doing here?"
He was taken to be burned with the vampires by mistake. He saw Damon and asked him why is he there. Damon said that he's vampire. At that moment, a tomb vampire (Charlie) snapped his neck. ("Founder's Day")
Mason Lockwood
"Just help Tyler. Don’t let this happen to him. I love her."
Damon caught he and tortured him. ("Plan B")
"I can smell you ."
He broke in Gilbert Family Lake House and chased Elena. She escaped through the front door and Stefan ripped his heart. ("Crying Wolf")
"Morning, sunshine. I saw this movie once, some torture porn flick. Anyway, they had this collar device that was really cool, so I just modified it some with some wooden nails, and when I pull..."
He kidnapped and tortured Damon. Elijah came and killed him. ("Crying Wolf")
Normal 0274
" Everything I did... I was just trying to help Tyler. I didn't want him to be alone!"
Klaus used her during the sacrifice. ("The Sun Also Rises")
Ray Sutton
" Vampire..."
He was turned unsuccessfully into a hybrid. He attacked Damon, but later Stefan killed him. ("The Hybrid")
" I'd rather die than be a vampire."
She was turned unsuccessfully into a hybrid. Klaus killed her. ("The Hybrid")
" Might want to invite me in, Elena."
After Alaric fell she called the paramedic. Tony said that he can help him if she invites him in. Jeremy shot him and then decapitated him. ("The New Deal")
" Is everything ok?"
She was in Klaus' Mansion while Klaus was talking with Stefan. She enter the room and asked Klaus if everything was okay and Stefan decapitated her. ("Our Town")
Daniel Warren
"You've got your family back. Finally. You gonna open them? What business"
After Klaus retrieved his coffins Daniel asked him is he going to open them. Klaus said that he still has some unfinished business to attend to which he asked what business. Then Elijah ripped his heart out.("The Ties That Bind")
"I'm sorry, I will never fail you again."
He was running away from Klaus with the help of Hayley and Tyler but he got cut and Klaus told him that his exiting is to service Klaus and to please Klaus, and he said "I'm sorry, I will never fail you again." Then he was told he was free to go and when he moved to do so he was killed by Jeremy. ("We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes")
Dean is killed
He was talking to Klaus on the phone after he told him what to do, and he said "Understood". He entered the Mystic Grill but was killed by Connor after falling in his trap. ("O Come, All Ye Faithful")
Adrian is killed
He was taken in front of Kimberley when they were waiting for him to take Klaus to kill him, but instead Klaus ripped out Adrian's heart, with his last words being calling Kim's name in tears. ("O Come, All Ye Faithful")
Kim is killed
"I don't know."
Klaus asked her if she knew where Tyler was. She replied that she didn't know, so Klaus killed her. ("O Come, All Ye Faithful")
Normal TheOriginals207-1817Ansel-Klaus

"No. No Klaus. I know you. You are not capable of this."
Between conversation with Klaus, Ansel figures out that Hope is still alive. As Klaus is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his daughter safe, he kills Ansel with his own sword.

Character Last words Details
"Emily's grimoire, her spellbook. If you know how she closed the tomb the reversal process will be in her book. You can open that tomb. No. I'm telling you the truth."
After Bree betrayed Damon by calling Lee, Damon killed her. ("Bloodlines")
Sheila Bennett
" Oh, I'm fine. You don't need to coddle me, baby. I'll be fine."
After she opened the tomb she was exhausted and she died soon. ("Fool Me Once")
Luka Martin
" Elena's fighting me. She's stronger than me. What?"
He and his father did a spell to find Elijah body inside Salvatore Boarding House. He found Katherine and he tried to kill her (because his father told him to), but Damon showed up and burned him. ("The House Guest")
Jonas Martin
" Only Elijah can do that (give him his daughter back)..."
After his son's death, he wanted to take Elena, but she and Katherine switched places. Katherine killed him. ("The House Guest")
" Which one are you trying to save? The blond, or the wolf? Did you really think Klaus would leave them unprotected?"
Damon tried to save Caroline and Tyler. Maddox was in his way. He fought him and Matt shot him. ("The Last Day")
Greta Martin
" It's working."
During the sacrifice, Damon snapped her neck. ("The Sun Also Rises")
"She's the doppelgänger. She's supposed to be dead, and that's why Klaus can't make hybrids, isn't it?"
She tortured Stefan to find out what he was hiding. Katherine killed her. ("Disturbing Behavior")
" How foolish of you, to risk your lives in defense of those who will kill you. But if that is your choice.
"Your sisters need you to finish what I started, Bonnie."
She just turned Alaric into an original vampire. She came outside as Matt and Jeremy held her on gunshot. She did a spell to shot each other. Alaric ripped her heart out. She appeared later as a ghost to tell Bonnie to finish what she started.("Do Not Go Gentle")

"Look at you. You're a mess. The safe was the easy part, wasn't it? Being forgotten about, that's the real torture, isn't it?"

Stefan killed him. ("Death and the Maiden")
" True love prevails...The universe be damned."
After the deaths of Silas and Amara, she has decided that she should kill herself to be with Silas. Her last words are meant for Katherine.("Death and the Maiden")
TVD 1633
"No! Noooooooooo!!!!"
After Katherine's spirit is ejected from Elena's body, she appears to Bonnie as a ghost but is denied access to The Other Side and is dragged away into darkness. ("Gone Girl")
Lucas Parker
"Whats wrong, are you afraid to play chicken with someone that might actually beat you?" Luke interrupts the merge between Kai and Jo. Luke explains to Kai that although they are not twins, they are the same age and are from the same bloodline, and that he would do anything to protect his sister. Luke forces Kai to merge with him , however, Kai wins and Luke dies.
The Coven grieving the loss of Jane-Anne To 1x01
Jane-Anne Deveraux
"Rot in hell, monster."
Jane-Anne used magic to confirm Hayley Marshall's pregnancy, while doing this she also linked Hayley and Sophie together. This broke Marcel's 'no magic in the quarter' rule. Jane-Anne's throat was slit while Klaus, Marcel and the nightwalkers watched.
Sophie Deveraux
"Stop... please..."
Sophie was killed as a result of blood loss. She was killed by her neice, Monique Deveraux, for not having faith in the harvest.
When Rebekah entered the locked room of the Dowager Fauline Cottage with Cassie, members of the Kindred followed. They were about to beat up Rebekah when Freya stepped in and killed them. Cassie revealed herself to be a member of the Kindred and Freya killed her. Telling her she was smart and choose the wrong path.
"Dark objects don't come with an off-switch! The curse took root in Sophie, she's linked to your devil child. It's just a matter of time!"
Klaus was about to kill Agnes by snapping her neck for hurting Hayley. Elijah, however, had promised Hayley he would not allow Klaus to kill Agnes, however he did not promise her he would not kill her. Elijah entered the church and told Agnes that nobody hurts his family, he then snapped her neck.
Screenshot from 2015-02-17 15-18-08
"I'm not scared"
Kol had been experiencing bleeding all day when performing magic, and after unsuccessful attempts to lift the hex by both Davina and Rebekah, Kol left the cemetery where he had been dancing with Davina, saying he wanted to die alone. However, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah arrived saying he cannot escape Always and Forever. He died later surrounded by his girlfriend and family.

Character Last words Details
Grayson Gilbert
" I love you..."
He died in a car accident. His last words were mumbled as he drowned. ("The Departed")
William Tanner
" Salvatore! What the hell? We've got a game to play!"
He called Stefan to play and Damon killed him. ("Friday Night Bites")
Stefan and Zach 1x05
Zach Salvatore
" No! No! Get out of here. Run! Run!"
Damon killed him after he escaped from his cell. ("You're Undead to Me")
Trudie Peterson
"I don't understand. I did what you told me. I did my part!"
Mystery Man killed her. ("A Few Good Men")
Mystery Man
"I'm done now."
He was compelled by Isobel to tell Elena to stop looking for her.He killed himself. ("A Few Good Men")
Samantha Gibbons
"No. It's just me."
Damon asked her if she has any family and killed her after she responded negatively so he can enter the house. ("Let The Right One In")
Giuseppe Salvatore
"Get away from me."
Stefan killed him by accident. ("Blood Brothers")
"Hey, is everything okay? What? "
Caroline fed on him. ("Brave New World")
Aimee Bradley
"Hey Stefan, I can't find Matt. Oh my god Elena! You look so pretty. I love that dress. You look gorge. Oh, thanks. "
She approached Katherine. (thinking it was Elena and complimented her necklace) Katherine snapped her spine in the middle of the dance floor. ("Masquerade")
"Matt failed. If Matt fails, I can't. "
She was compelled by Katherine to kill Tyler if Matt fails.Tyler killed her by accident. ("Masquerade")
Jessica Cohen
"Are you gonna hurt me? Please don't."
Damon compelled her not to move. After a short talk, during which he confided in her about his conflicted feelings, saying that he painfully misses being human but believes that it is his nature to kill and it tears him up inside. He then pretended to release her, saying she could go, but instead killed her after all giving in to what he believed to be his real nature. ("The Descent")
Thomas Fell
"It's all right, dear, the vampires are all dead."
He and his wife were killed by Stefan ("The Dinner Party")
Honoria Fell
"Please, Jonathan. I'm worried. Thomas! "
She and her husband were killed by Stefan. ("The Dinner Party")
John Gilbert
"Take care of each other. Please."
John's letter
He gave his life so Elena would have hers ("The Sun Also Rises")
Normal 1242
Andie Star
"Damon? I can't move Damon. He told me that I can't move."
Stefan compelled her to kill herself. ("The Birthday")
Carol is drowned by Klaus
Carol Lockwood
"Klaus please, don’t hurt him. He’s my son, he’s all I have."
Klaus Drowned her in the town fountain. ("O Come, All Ye Faithful")
"Let me die."
Amara killed herself. Her last words were a request to Damon. ("Death and the Maiden")
Elizabeth Forbes
"I'll take that drink now"
Damon and Liz were talking on her bed after a long day. Liz told Damon that she wouldl ike the drink that he offered her earlier that day. Damon leaves to fetch the drink when Liz falls asleep, unable to wake her he takes her to the hospital. Stefan teaches Caroline to give Liz dreams of their favourite memories together, which happens to be Liz teaching a young Caroline to ride her bike. Liz later passes away surrounded by family and friends.
Normal TheOriginals205-1090Elijah-Tatia
Tatia is explaining that she did not know what Esther planned to do with the blood she gave when Elijah notices the blood dripping from her hand. Elijah tells her that he will not hurt her, however, he gives into the bloodlust and feeds on her till she dies. Her last words were "Elijah" before screaming.

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