Lara was a character who appears in the fourth episode of the fourth season of The Originals.

Early History

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Four

In Keepers of the House,


Physical Appearance

Lara was a young and pretty woman appearing to be in her mid-late twenties. She had long brown hair and round blue eyes, with a slim physique. In her single appearance, she wore a long-sleeved plaid shirt and jeans.

Powers and Abilities

Lara possessed all standard powers and abilities of an evolved werewolf.


Lara possessed all the weaknesses of an evolved werewolf.


Season Four


  • Lara is Russian and a diminutive form of Larissa or Larisa. It means "citadel".[2]


  • According to the sides, Lara and the werewolves are tired of being in the swamp and being treated horribly and makes it clear to Vincent that they will show him justice if he doesn't re-think his decision.[3]
  • According to one of her character sides, she is a werewolf sent to New Orleans by a vampire to kill a Mikaelson.[4]
    • Lara was involved in an accident that killed a woman and swore she would never do it again.[5]
  • In the sides, Lara is working for an unknown male vampire and he would kill her if she told anyone his name or if she helped the Mikaelsons or anyone associated with them.[6]




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