Growing up in the foster system every time I got sent someplace new, I'd hope that this would be the right place. You know, like, uh, "click your heels three times," "no place like home" kind of stuff. Just somewhere I actually belonged. But it never was. You know, and you can only hold out hope for so long and-and be hurt by so many people before its starts to seems impossible to trust someone new.
Landon to Hope in Malivore

Landon Kirby is a main character on Legacies. He made his debut in the twelfth episode of the fifth season on The Originals and the first episode of Legacies.

Early History

There isn't anything known about his early history yet.

Throughout The Originals Series

In The Tale of Two Wolves, he delivers Hope and Elijah their order at the Mystic Grill. He talks to Hope briefly and goes back to work after having multiple objects thrown at him by Connor. Before Hope and Elijah leave, he sees that Connor and his friends are a few dollars short and is mocked about his lousy service.

Later, he arrives at the town square where the band is playing and a few couples are dancing. Hope comes up to him and they begin to dance, and she tells him she can only be out so long before she has to go back to the boarding school.

Throughout Legacies Series

In This is the Part Where You Run, he is walking with Rafael towards a church in Atlanta. He tells Rafael he doesn't need to bother since he isn't even Catholic, but Rafael reassures him. When Hector and Maria tell Landon to go outside, he at first rejects this, but Rafael tells him he'll be fine. He goes outside and starts to listening to music while writing. He sees an SUV pull up, where it reveals Hope Mikaelson and Alaric Saltzman getting out of the car. They are both surprised to see each other again and he watches as they start putting chains on Rafael so he won't attack anyone while he is a werewolf.

The next day, he accompanies Hope, Ric and Rafael back to the boarding school to talk things through about what happened the previous night. He is told about the supernatural and about Rafael being a werewolf, and clarifies that Rafael isn't a killer. When Ric brings in MG to compel Landon's memories of learning the supernatural away, MG fails in doing so and they wonder why he can't be compelled. He is then placed in a werewolf transitional cell until they can find a way to compel the memories away, thinking it could be vervain.

While he sits in the cell, he remembers a few minor memories of him being put in a closet when he was younger and is visited by Hope. She talks to him and when she tells him she has to leave again, he seems hurt by this. Later, he is dragged by an invisible force and appears at the party the students are throwing. He is reunited with Rafael and Josie Saltzman explains that she had used a summoning spell to bring him to the party. He tells Rafael that he wants to leave this place, and tries to get Rafael to stay since he will feel better being around people like him. When he offers to get drinks, he instead tries to leave, but is stopped by a transformed Hope, and she goes back into her regular form. She talks to him more and he is put into the cell again, but this time she performs a spell to see the sky and they kiss.

The next day, he is compelled by MG to forget what he saw and he says his goodbyes to Rafael, and leaves the school. While on the bus, he opens up his jacket and it reveals the medieval knife that he almost touched earlier at the school, revealing that the compulsion didn't work again.

In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, he is found in an abandoned shack and is trying to explain to Rafael what happened with the knife. Before he can say more, he is magically attacked by Hope who threatens to hurt him. He tells them that he can't explain it, but the knife was influencing him to take it and not tell the truth about it. When they go outside, the girl is silently demanding the knife to be given to her, but Landon refuses to give it to her, making her breathe fire. When Hope defending them against the dragon, Landon and Rafael head towards the car while.

When Alaric and Hope make their back towards the car, they see that Rafael and Landon had taken off again, but Landon left a letter for Hope apologizing for what had happened between them.

In We're Being Punked, Pedro, he and Rafael are in the woods taking care of themselves. They try eating an animal, but Landon gets an idea of getting money in town to get real food.

Landon decides to con several people out of money by betting that Rafael could climb and jump down a building in 20 seconds or less. They're in disbelief, though with the clocking ticking, Rafael uses is supernatural reflexes to do just that. They win the money of the onlookers when Rafael finishes climbing up a building in 20 seconds. Another man approaches them offering them triple if Rafael could repeat the process in 10 seconds.

Having completed the con, they eat burgers as Landon counts the money they won. On one of the last bills it reads "run or die wolf" and tells Rafael that they should move. Before he can explain to Rafael why, they are both shot in the necks by a dart gun and knocked out with tranquilizers.

When they come to, the man Landon saw earlier with a fedora has an arrow to the heart and Jeremy Gilbert appears. He tells them he knows Ric and Landon explains to Rafael about the bill with the message he saw earlier. They then go back to the school and he spots Hope in the hallway, but she frowns and walks away, leaving Landon looking as she leaves.

In Hope is Not the Goal, he is talking with Rafael in his room and is reluctant at being part of the group that goes to Mystic Falls High School to see if they can find any clues about Sasha and Dana. He walks with Hope down the senior hallway and explains to her about the one locker he wasn't stuffed in and the toilet he was put in. Hope stops him with talking and when he tries to tell her it's going to be hard for her to fit in, a cheerleader, Cheryl, shows up and asks Hope if he is bothering her. She tells her he is and she walks off, leaving Landon alone.

When Kaleb tries to run off and is stopped by Lizzie, Landon tells them Kaleb isn't lying as he can see Dana come out of the woods. When they put her on the bus, she starts literally puking out her organs until she's drained, laying dead. When the group shows that they think Landon might be responsible for the monsters showing up ever since he appeared, he walks away.

Inside the school, he goes to the bathroom and sees that Connor is staring at him, and he proceeds to walk out of the bathroom. He notices that Connor is following him and turns around to confront him, punching him in the process. He looks at his fist to see that part of his skin on it and that the monster, the arachne, is underneath instead. He comes out of the school and shows the group the skin he had on his fist.

Afterwards, he watches with astonishment and shock when Hope, Josie, and Lizzie defeat the arachne.

Later that night, he is sitting near the dock at the lake throwing rocks. Hope comes up and sits next to him, trying to talk to him. He tells her that she basically ridiculed him today and she is now normal, leaving her to contemplate her thoughts.

In Malivore,


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Landon is shown to be a sweet guy and a little bit shy. He is shown to be respectful, but is often bullied by Connor and his friends. He can be seen as a loner and has a sort of resentment towards the Salvatore Boarding School students because he thinks they are rich kids.

Physical Appearance

He has short, curly black hair and green eyes. He is a little taller than Hope, but not by much and has a slim build. He wears the light blue Mystic Grill shirt during work hours, and dark colored clothing when not working. He also has a large shaped tattoo on his lower right arm.


Rafael Waithe

1x03 We're Being Punked, Pedro-Landon-Rafael

It is unknown how long Landon and Rafael have been foster brothers, but they have grown close to that of actual brothers. Landon was the first to discover the supernatural world by being there for Rafael when he first turned into a werewolf. Despite Landon going against his new school by taking a supernatural knife, Rafael still ran away with him and defected from the Salvatore Boarding School. They are currently on the run together and "living off the land" as they described it jokingly. However, they return to the school after Jeremy saves them from a werewolf hunter.

In Malivore, Rafael rescues Landon from being beaten up by Jed. Later after it is voted by the school honor council for Landon to leave the school, Rafael is devastated to deliver this news to Landon.

Hope Mikaelson

1x01 Hope-Landon-kiss

Landon first met Hope two years ago on at his former workplace in Mystic Falls. They grew to be friends and it was clear they shared a deeper connection than that of friends. However, Landon moved away from Mystic Falls and they lost contact for two years. They reconnected when Landon's foster brother turned into a werewolf and Landon decided to stay there with him. Hope had to put Landon under "house arrest" at her boarding school because he was supposedly a human at the time. They grew close again as friends and even shared a kiss "goodbye' before Landon was supposedly compelled to forget his supernatural experiences. However, Landon explained that a supernatural knife caused him to lie to Hope. Landon took the knife behind Hope's back and stole it from the school, which betrayed Hope's trust in Landon in the process. Landon has stated that he wishes to gain Hope's trust back, but she walks away in anger from him when he returns to the boarding school.

To investigate the missing reports of two Mystic Falls high schoolers, Landon is sent with Hope and the rest of the Salvatore Boarding School kids to interview students at Mystic Falls High School. After the events of dealing with a giant Arachnid-monster, Landon is back at the Salvatore Boarding School and sitting at a nearby pond alone when he is approached by Hope. She attempts to salvage their friendship, but he argues with her saying that he wished she had his back and she just blamed him for everything that happened despite it not being his fault, directly. Landon continued to defend himself further in anger and then left Hope sitting at the pond to suffer in silence for her intentions against him.

In Malivore, Landon is annoyed to find out that Hope is the one conducting a series of tests on him to determine his supernatural abilities. Throughout the day, Hope conducted the tests with an annoyed attitude, which Landon notices, but doesn’t address it until after his tests. Landon admits, with a supernatural lie detector, that he is sorry for hurting her trust in him, which softens Hope a bit. While voting to keep Landon at the school, Hope votes ‘no’ because she conducted a lie detector test on him earlier and she found out he doesn’t feel safe at the school being he was beaten up by a werewolf. Landon is happy when Hope eventually forgives him for hurting her, but later, when seeing Landon off, he says he’s not surprised she voted ‘no’ to keep him at the school. However, they resolve their issues and Landon is pleased when Hope gives him a magical device and some tools to help him locate his birth family. Landon then uses the magical device she gave him to have her come back to him before he departs and she smiles; they kiss before Hope watches Landon depart on a bus.

Other Relationships

  • Landon and Alaric (Former Capture/Prisoner/Former Enemies)
  • Landon and Jeremy (Former Allies)
  • Landon and Lizzie (Former Allies)
  • Landon and MG (Former Allies)
  • Landon and Jed (Enemies)


  • Landon is an English name and traditionally is a last name from places in England that have the same name. It means "long hill" or "ridge".[1]
  • Kirby is a common given name and surname. The surname originally comes from a place meaning "church settlement" in Old Norse.[2][3]


  • "The newbie's name is Landon, and he's described as a thoughtful, romantic kid desperate to escape his broken home and the small southern town in which it stands. Despite being human, Landon apparently has a shady past — and investigating it could lead him into the dangerous world of the supernatural. And Landon isn't appearing until close to to the end of the show's final season, so with that Hope-centric spinoff still on the table, it's entirely possible that Landon's story won't finish on The Originals."[4]
  • Landon is described as "a thoughtful, compassionate and self-aware kid from the wrong side of the tracks who catches Hope's attention when she witnesses him being bullied by his affluent classmates."[5]


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