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Kol Mikaelson
Biographical information
  • The Wildest Mikaelson
  • The Wily Fox
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Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Cloaking the cabin from Klaus
  • Releasing Mikael from the power of Davina
  • Ruining the root of Davina's spell
  • Disabling the White Oak Stake with Davina
  • Creating the Gold Bracelet with Davina
  • Putting Rebekah into a new body
  • Interrupting Finn's spell with Davina (temporarily)
  • Locating Josh with Davina
  • Channeled Niklaus and Dark Objects
  • Overpowered Finn with magic to cancel out his magic (with Rebekah)
  • Creating Gold Dagger (with Davina)
Significant sires
  • Many unknown vampires †
Significant kills
Cause of death
  • Stabbed through the heart (as a witch)
  • Staked with the White Oak Stake (as a vampire)
  • Hex/Kaleb's death (as a spirit)
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Episode Count
  • 10 (The Vampire Diaries)
  • 15 (The Originals)
  • 4 (The Originals Awakening)
  • 29 (totaled)
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All my life, all I ever wanted was for you lot to care about me.

Kol Mikaelson was a major recurring character, protagonist and anti-villain in the second season of The Originals. He briefly appeared in the first season via flashbacks. Kol also appeared in the third season, fourth season and fifth season of The Vampire Diaries as a recurring character, antagonist and anti-hero.

Kol is the son of Mikael and Esther Mikaelson. He is the younger brother of Freya Mikaelson, Finn Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson and older brother of Rebekah Mikaelson and Henrik Mikaelson. Kol is the younger half-brother of Niklaus Mikaelson and the uncle of Hope Mikaelson and Unnamed Nephew.

Throughout his life, Kol has emotionally struggled with his status as the black sheep of the family, and the belief that his siblings considered him to be more of a nuisance than their brother - he was even shown to be rather spiteful and jealous over Marcel Gerard, whom he saw was treated more like family than he ever was - and as such, Kol often lashed out violently and boldly, earning him a dangerous reputation and on occasion, the ire of his siblings. In reality however, his behaviour is revealed to be simple cries for attention.

In the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries he will stop at nothing to stop the feared immortal, Silas being resurrected. However, he is killed by Jeremy Gilbert in A View To A Kill after discovering that Elena's proposed truth was in fact part of an attempt on his life in order to complete the Mark. As such he attacked them and tried to cut off Jeremy's arms, something he did in order to prevent the map to Silas ever being completed. Therefore, Kol finds himself on The Other Side. In the fifth season, Markos has emerged into the world of living, causing the Other Side to begin collapsing. Kol fears what will happen to him and the other supernatural beings with him and orders Matt Donovan to warn everyone who is alive.

Ultimately, Kol escapes the destruction of the Other Side as seen in the second season of The Originals during Rebirth when it is revealed that his mother revived him. He temporarily helps his mother, Esther and his revived brother, Finn, but quickly follows his own agenda. Kol ends up pursuing a relationship with the young witch Davina Claire, joins Klaus and Elijah in their efforts to defeat their mother, and deals with any other threats that may arise. In retaliation for assisting their brothers in their goal of destroying Esther, Finn hexes Kol with a deadly spell. He consequently dies for the second time in I Love You, Goodbye surrounded by his family and Davina with Rebekah promising that she will bring him back.

Kol is a member of the Mikaelson Family.


The Middle Ages


Young Kol with his siblings.

During the Middle Ages, Kol was born in a small village, now known as Mystic Falls, living with his family as a human, up until his younger brother, Henrik, was killed by werewolves. It was because of this tragedy that his mother, Esther (who is the Original Witch), and his father, Mikael, decided to take action to protect the rest of their family. Esther performed the Immortality Spell at Mikael's request. She then gave her children wine laced with Tatia's blood and then had Mikael kill their children. Later, Mikael forced them to feed on human blood, thus turning them into the Original Vampires. After the death of Esther, the various members of the Original Family all went different ways and it can be assumed that Kol made his way to Europe around this time.

Before becoming a vampire, Kol practiced magic as a witch and was, according to him, a very talented one. He even described himself as something of a child prodigy. He was also the only one of his siblings who truly tapped into the power magic provided them and as such, loved the rush and thrill it gave him but when turned into a vampire, he lost this and was no doubt dismayed. In order to get a similar thrill to what magic gave him once more, Kol, as a vampire, became a violent, formidable and untameable force.

1114, Italy

Throughout this time, Kol was in eastern Europe, making the Originals famous with his actions; killing and turning people indiscriminately. Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah had heard stories of his actions from their own travels, as mentioned by Elijah. He would later join his family in Italy where he went to a party held at a vampire hunter named Alexander's home. He was later daggered in a surprise attack but revived by his brother Klaus (who was unaffected by the daggers thanks to his hybrid powers).

Between 13th and 17th Century

Kol spent much time travelling on his own, often with witches, hoping to be able to reclaim a connection to magic that he had lost when he became a vampire. He spent time with withes in Africa in the 14th century, Haiti in the 17th century, and New Orleans in the 20th century. During his time in Africa, Kol learned about medicinal herbs and remedies from a shaman in Uganda. All the witches he traveled with told apocalyptic tales about the immortal Silas, and how he would bring about the end of time. In his travels, Kol came across a cult that worshiped Silas, and fearing that the stories he had been told might be true, Kol murdered the entire cult, prompting him to believe Silas would never rise. While in Arabia, Kol learned the practice of Kemiya, becoming somewhat of an expert in its craft.

1702, Spain


Elijah and Klaus dagger Kol.

In 1702, Kol's violence in Spain drew too much attention and brought his father, Mikael, straight to the family, burning the country in his wake. While the flames drew closer and Mikael beheaded Klaus' horse, Elijah and Klaus searched for Kol while Rebekah brought the daggered Finn onboard a ship to flee from Europe. They found him in a tavern where he drank and feasted on humans carelessly. Despite their warnings of Mikael's coming, he refused to flee, believing Mikael was only after Klaus and that they could just leave him and he'd be fine. When Klaus and Elijah insisted, Kol attempted to resist them but was subdued by Elijah, as Klaus pulled out a White Oak Ash Dagger. Kol struggled, panicked by the betrayal, and promised Klaus that a day would come when he would not be so easily subdued. He was then successfully daggered and neutralized.


Kol is undaggered by Klaus.

Kol remained daggered when the family fled Europe and traveled to the New World. It was shown that Kol was actually neutralized at the time of the Original's arrival in New Orleans. The coffin that held his daggered body was brought to shore and kept in the Original's home until the 1800s.

1821, New Orleans

In 1821, after Elijah seemed to be taking Klaus' own young ward, Marcellus Gerard, under his wing, Klaus felt he needed someone to have fun with. He undaggered Kol against Elijah's wishes. Elijah rushed to Kol's coffin to find him awakened and already feeding without disgression on humans that Klaus offered him as an apology for daggering him. Kol and Klaus began causing trouble together, killing what was reported to be forty-six people in a building but Kol corrected that it was probably at least sixty, saying that the reports had probably forgotten the victims in the attic. Later, Kol showed Marcellus the theater by compelling a large number of people to perform Hamlet but to have all of the murders in the play to actually be enacted and be real deaths. He forced Marcellus to watch it until Elijah showed up to stop him.


Kol with a young Marcel.

Kol revealed that he was just training Marcellus how to be a vampire since he knew that Klaus eventually wanted him to be one. He had even fed him him blood already and told Elijah all he had to do was kill him. Elijah grabbed Kol, furious and condemning him for his vile and sadistic imagination. Klaus intervened, telling him to let Kol go. When Kol thanked Klaus, his half-brother daggered him yet again, seeing him as being too wild. Elijah stood over Kol's coffin, tidying up his body while apologizing for his daggering. He said that it was for Klaus' own benefit since Klaus needed Marcellus and it would be impossible for that relationship to blossom with Kol around due to Kol's violent nature having a bad influence on Klaus.

1900's, New Orleans


Kol plots to dagger Klaus

Kol was undaggered again in 1901, and lived in New Orleans with his siblings. Kol had a relationship with the witches in the city and despite the rumors that he would use them and discard them, he actually held them in high regard. A war began brewing between the witches that were allied with Kol and those who followed Klaus. Kol believed that if Klaus had his way, all the witches would be wiped out and the city would be overrun with vampires. Seeking to ensure the safety of the future generations of witches, Kol and his witches planned to get rid of Klaus and his witch followers. Using his extensive knowledge of magic, Kol taught his witches, Mary-Alice and Astrid, how to create dark objects using a type of magic he had learned in Arabia, Kemiya. Some of these objects include the Devil's Star, a rosary that would drive men to madness, shackles that would cut off a witches power and a bracelet that would force obedience; all created so that Kol could utilize magic objects without being a witch himself, and to scare both Klaus and the witches that followed him. He hoped that Mary-Alice and Astrid would grow experienced enough to create a dagger that would be able to work on Klaus, hiding their secret endeavors in a tomb in the Lafayette Cemetery.

Normal toa03 63

Kol massacres the church

Despite their efforts, his witches were unable to turn the silver dagger into gold so it would work on Klaus. Kol's impatience and desperation to dagger Klaus caused a rift between him and his followers as he revealed what he was capable of when he slaughtered half a church parish. Kol did so even though his ultimate goal was just to kill one woman; if she were dead, he would be able to enter her home to find a larger paragon diamond they could channel more magic from. Kol and his witch allies managed to break into the home and find the diamond. When Kol left, however, he was confronted by Klaus and Marcel. Klaus forced Kol to hand over the paragon diamond. Klaus then had one of his witches trap Mary-Alice and Astrid inside the mansion forever, much to Kol's shock, left defeated.


Kol receives a dagger for Christmas

Sometime around this point, Kol crossed paths with his older sister Freya Mikaelson, though he seemed to be unaware of who she was. Freya connected with him in hopes of being able to glimpse the lives of her siblings, and it can be presumed that Kol intended to befriend her and rope her into his cause of creating a dagger for Klaus, to replace the witches that he had lost earlier. Shortly after, at a family Christmas party, Kol stepped out of the party to search for the paragon diamond, still intent on going through with his plan. Rebekah caught him rummaging through Klaus's things. Kol told her about his plan to create a dagger that would work on Klaus and Rebekah agreed to help him, telling him to get back to the party before his absence was noticed. It was then revealed that Kol had attended the party with his sister Freya, where she crossed paths with Rebekah for the first time, and they shared a toast to each other from across the room at one point. The evening was at first progressing in Kol's favour, however, Rebekah had lied to Kol, telling Klaus of his betrayal and desire to reclaim the diamond. During a family speech, Klaus revealed that he knew about Kol's treachery. Kol, knowing his plan had been squashed, fled up the stairs but was stopped by Elijah who held him down as Klaus daggered him, neutralizing him for the next one hundred years.

When their father Mikael managed to track them down, in 1919, the Original family fled and Kol's body was kept with Klaus for over 100 years until he was freed by Elijah in Bringing Out The Dead, waking up in Mystic Falls.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Kol neutralized

Kol Neutralized...again.

Kol first appeared in Bringing Out The Dead where his brother Klaus undaggered him, brandishing the newly freed dagger against Elijah after they fought before he re-daggered Kol. Later, when Klaus sent Elijah to see if Damon Salvatore kept his word on the deal they had just made, Elijah doubled back and secretly took the dagger out of Kol and the rest of his siblings, where upon they all gathered and used their daggers to attack Klaus before declaring that they would be a family without him. He was shocked when he saw his mother Esther arrive, believing her to have been killed by their father Mikael, when really she was just freed from the 4th coffin which had been locked and spelled, whose contents were unknown up until that moment.

Finn kol 07

Kol and Finn.

In Dangerous Liaisons, Kol got ready for the ball at the Mansion along with his siblings, and spoke of his good looks to his sister. Klaus threatened to dagger Rebekah once again because she had attempted to harm Elena. Kol interfered and told him to continue this conversation outside. At the ball, Kol introduced himself to Mayor Lockwood and Damon Salvatore, politely and rudely, respectively. He was seen dancing alongside all others at the ball.

Kol drinking

Kol drank the champagne laced with Elena's blood.

He also consumed the champagne which linked him together with his siblings. Later on, Rebekah told Kol that she planned on killing Matt to make Elena suffer, but at the last moment Rebekah changed her mind and backed out. Kol introduced himself to Matt and while shaking hands, Kol began crushing his hand. Surprised by a brokenhearted Damon, Kol was pushed from the balcony and had his neck broken by Damon. All Originals came outside in order to see what happened. Damon walked away after replying to Stefan that he might be a little crazy.


Kol and Rebekah

In All My Children, Kol and Klaus were waiting at home when Rebekah came home from her night with Damon. At first, Kol started to make fun of her because he was bored and Klaus decided to go out with him. They met Alaric and Meredith at the Grill. Caroline came across and Klaus wanted her to have a drink, but she left. Klaus followed her, leaving Kol alone. Kol went over to Meredith who was playing pool. Trying to seduce her, she told him to get lost, but Kol stayed in spite of that. He then got stabbed by Alaric with the White Oak Ash Dagger.


The three Original Brothers.

As a result, all the other Originals except for Klaus were neutralized. He immediately knew that something must have happened to Kol. As he was transported away, Klaus rushed over to him, pulled the dagger out of Kol and incapacitated Stefan and Damon. Kol, Elijah and Klaus then went to their mother's ritual, witnessing how the spirits abandoned her, since Abby Bennett Wilson got turned into a vampire by Damon. Klaus later informed Rebekah that Kol had fled Mystic Falls.

In The Murder of One, it is discovered that Kol and Klaus had been keeping in touch with each other and that Kol would be contacted by Klaus if he was needed. Kol had been tracking Jeremy in Denver. To get Bonnie to go through with a spell to break Esther's spell on the Originals, Klaus called Kol, who showed Bonnie he was with Jeremy and willing to kill him if she didn't do what Klaus said.

Soon after, in Heart of Darkness, when Elena and Damon went to pick Jeremy up from Denver, they discovered Kol was still there and that he had befriended Jeremy. At a batting cage, Kol revealed his true intentions to Jeremy and assaulted Damon with a wooden baseball bat which broke when it made contact with Damon. Kol picked up an aluminum bat, though he still wasn't comfortable with them since that type of baseball bat had not been around when Kol was daggered, but acknowledged it wouldn't break when he used it.


Kol in Denver.

He tried to hit Damon again, but the Salvatore brother impaled Kol with a piece of the broken wooden bat, stunning Kol for a brief time. This gave Elena, Jeremy and Damon time to escape. Kol then called Klaus and told him about Elena, Jeremy and Damon being in Denver while Klaus explained the secret that if an Original dies, their whole bloodline does. Kol then set off to a vampire named Mary Porter who had once been an "Original groupie" and who the Salvatores knew was part of their bloodline. Kol, anticipating that this would be his enemies' next move, got to Mary first, staked her and then waited patiently, his baseball bat still in hand.

0 (1)jjj

Mary staked by Kol

It wasn't long until Damon and Elena got there and Kol confronted them. He got their hopes up into thinking that he was the one who turned Mary, therefore making him the genesis of their bloodline, but then went on a tangent that could implicate that any of his surviving siblings could have turned her. He then attacked Damon with the bat again, beating him brutally while also making sure Elena didn't leave. He scolded Damon for breaking his neck at the ball, killing Finn and for humiliating him. Only after the beating did he say they were now even and fled, satisfied with his victory.

In The Departed, after Klaus had been desiccated by his enemies in Mystic Falls, Kol was in agreement with Elijah and Rebekah that they should be given Klaus' body since he was their family. Kol agreed with Elijah's proposal that they would not try to retaliate against those who harmed their brother.


Kol's back.

In After School Special, Kol assisted Rebekah in her hunt for the cure, abducting Professor Atticus Shane after seeing Bonnie on his way to Shane and bringing him to her. When Kol came to the school, he commented that Rebekah was worse than Klaus when seeing that she had compelled everyone. Then together, the siblings began to interrogate Shane on the location of the cure, but soon discovered that he couldn't be compelled thanks to his mental training.


Kol and Rebekah meet with Shane.

Kol started to torture the information out of him by dunking his head into a sink, threatening to drown him until Shane finally admitted that the cure was buried with Silas and to get the cure, you'd also have to release Silas. Kol was clearly spooked by the mention of Silas, having heard of him from old legends. Kol began to drown him again, almost killing him, until Rebekah told him to stop since he was no use to them dead. Kol didn't care and asked her if she didn't hear what Shane said and that Silas would kill them all.


Kol kills Shane.

Rebekah did not believe Silas was real, but Shane told her he was and he would bring back every last soul who died on his behalf. Kol then stabbed Shane with a metal rod, in hopes of murdering him and ending his plan to awaken the immortal. Rebekah was furious with her brother for this, but Kol continued to explain that Silas was too powerful for them and she was in no way prepared for what would happen if he was unleashed. To prove his point, Kol showed her that he was in possession of the White Oak Stake, which he had taken from her without her even noticing and with little effort. Kol left Shane bleeding out on the floor and with the stake in hand, having proven his point.


Kol confesses to the slaughter of the vampires.

In Catch Me If You Can, Kol discovered the group of vampires Klaus had turned and sicked on Jeremy, in order for him to kill them so that his Hunter's Mark would grow. Kol, knowing that the search for the cure would also lead to Silas, slaughtered the group of vampires to prevent the continuation of the hunt. He confronted Damon and Jeremy, admitting that he was responsible for the massacre and then tried to convince Jeremy to stop trying to grow his mark, reminding him that they were friends back in Colorado, but Jeremy refused. Kol said that he would kill Jeremy, but he didn't want to fall victim to the curse of killing a member of The Five and be haunted for the next century so he instead threatened to tear his limbs off. He lunged for Jeremy but Damon stopped him, giving Jeremy time to escape, but Kol quickly regained the upper hand, overpowering Damon and taking him captive.


Rebekah threatens Kol

Kol tortured Damon by compelling him to stab himself with a long piece of wood before getting a call from Klaus who told him to leave Jeremy alone which Kol agreed to. However, he found a loophole in his compromise, compelling Damon to go after Jeremy for him. He then returned home where he was stopped by Rebekah who had learned of his compelling of Damon. She pointed a White Oak Ash Dagger at his back and Kol just told her if she was really willing to dagger her brother, she was no better than Klaus and that it was this type of action that had destroyed the family and made their older brother Elijah leave. When she persisted, Kol retaliated by drawing the White Oak Stake, which he had just recently confiscated from her, on his sister. She was stunned by this turn of events before being saved by Klaus who shoved Kol away, stopping the fight and saving Rebekah. Kol fled, leaving his siblings concerned about his next move and his inevitable assault on Jeremy Gilbert.

VD412HD 0268

Kol trying to kill Bonnie

In A View To A Kill, Kol continued his attempts to stop the search for the cure. He attacked Bonnie in the high school and, showing his fangs, tried to murder her, but was subdued once she unleashed her newly learned expression on him. This gave her time to escape and run to Elena who had come to the decision to have Jeremy try and kill Kol to complete his Hunter's Mark. Kol received a call from Jeremy's phone, but it was really Elena, trying to set a meeting with him, under the pretense of a truce. Kol agreed to meet her, but it would be on his terms, arriving at Elena's front door. She said she'd only invite him in if he allowed Jeremy to leave which he agreed to, stepping inside to negotiate with her.

VD412HD 0847

Kol talking to Elena about Silas

Kol and Elena began their talk and when she assumed that he had done something deserving of a dagger a century ago, Kol disagreed, telling her he'd done nothing and it was just Klaus' cruelty that had made him end up in a coffin. He then told her what he knew about Silas and how the immortal would turn the world into a living hell and it seemed, for a moment, his belief in Silas was beginning to make Elena realize what they were up against. Kol said he'd consider her plea for a truce before leaving. Soon after, Jeremy returned home but Kol followed behind, telling them he'd thought about the truce, but had decided against it.

Kol taunts Jeremy

Kol about to cut Jeremy's arms off.

Elena and Jeremy fled into the house, but having already been invited inside, Kol kicked open the door and stormed the home. He called Klaus, believing his brother was part of the scheme and despite Klaus' denial, Kol promised to go after him once he was finished with the Gilberts. Elena shot Kol with an arrow in the leg before fleeing upstairs and Kol pursued, smashing through doors and walls in a rage. Jeremy fired stakes at Kol but he easily caught them, but was surprised by Elena firing wooden bullets that only stunned him briefly. He overpowered Elena, impaling her into a wall before grabbing Jeremy and bringing him into the kitchen. He again explained how he didn't want to fall victim to the Hunter's Curse by killing Jeremy so he was just going to cut off his tattooed arm with a knife.


Kol's death.

Not knowing which arm it was on, though, and being unable to see it, he decided to just chop off both arms, but Elena intervened. She jabbed his knife into him and pinned him to the counter, using all of her strength just to hold him at bay for a moment while Jeremy used the nozzle in the sink to spray vervain-laced water onto Kol. Elena took this chance to snatch the White Oak Stake from Kol's jacket pocket and throw it to Jeremy who impaled Kol with it. Kol was set ablaze, running through the house in a last ditch effort of survival before collapsing and dying, his brother Klaus in the doorway, who was stunned and devastated by his younger sibling's death, but unable to enter the house to help him.

Tumblr mhvu2g90PK1qho4rpo1 500

Klaus looks at Kol's corpse.

In Into the Wild, Kol's charred body is still on the floor of the Gilbert house where he had died. Klaus, now trapped in the living room by magical barriers Bonnie had put up, was mere feet away but could do nothing, forced to look at his little brother's burnt corpse. When Tyler and Caroline came to fix the damages to the house that Kol had made in the struggle, and in Tyler's case, gloat to Klaus, they found tarp and draped it over Kol's body, covering it so Klaus no longer had to see it, looking very somber as they did.

In Stand By Me, Kol's body had been moved from the floor and Caroline tried to scrub out the burn marks that were left on the floor after Kol's death but was unable to remove them.

Kol 4x22

Greetings, from the dead!

In The Walking Dead, after Bonnie used the power of the Expression Triangle to break down the veil to the Other Side, ghosts with reason to return to Mystic Falls were able to come back within the confines of the triangle. Kol appeared at the Mystic Grill to find Rebekah with Matt Donovan, and told them Greetings from the dead. He was then telling them of his plans to exact revenge on Elena for her part in his death. He criticized his sister for how quickly she got over his death while continuing to question them on where he could find Elena. When Matt tried to stop him from going after Elena, Kol broke a bottle he was drinking from and threw it into Matt's arm, jokingly complimenting Rebekah on finally winning over the quarterback.

Jeremy vs Kol

Jeremy faces off against Kol.

Kol found Elena visiting Jeremy's grave and gave sarcastic condolences to her brother's passing before telling her that without Jeremy, it was just between the two of them. He taunted her on the ways he had wanted her to suffer since being on the Other Side before viciously attacking her, easily beating her down. Kol choked Elena and she finally gave in, telling him to kill her. Kol happily attempted to oblige, but was ambushed by Jeremy, who had also returned from the Other Side. He gleefully prepared for another fight with Jeremy, but had his neck broken from behind by Stefan. He was put somewhere safe until the veil would go back up.

Kennett 11

Bonnie and Kol.

In Graduation, Kol assembled the ghosts of the hybrids and witches sacrificed in the massacres to awaken Silas, rallying them together to go after those who were involved in their deaths searching for the cure. Later, during the Mystic Falls High School graduation, Kol confronted Bonnie in the crowd, telling her that all of the vengeful hybrids and witches were among the spectators, ready to strike. He told Bonnie that he wanted her to drop the veil completely for him and his new friends. She led him to where her body was being kept, showing him that she was a ghost now too and wanted to stay just as much as he did. However, she put up a magical barrier so he wouldn't be able to leave, telling him that he'd stay there until the veil went back up that night. Kol was left trapped and furious. When Elena went searching for Bonnie and Jeremy, she bumped into where Kol was being kept. He attacked her again, hoping to settle their unfinished business, but before he could finish her, disappeared when the veil was put back up, returning to The Other Side.

1510702 288573661307047 552225470240105135 n

Kol on the other side.

In Resident Evilafter Matt was temporarily killed by a Traveler, he went to the Other Side and discovered that other beings besides witches could see each other. Kol's ghost suddenly appeared, telling Matt that the Other Side had gone topsy turvy and that's why none of the residents were in complete solitude anymore. Kol noticed Matt was wearing the Gilbert Ring, knowing that it would allow him to be on the Other Side temporarily but would bring him back. Matt, happy to hear he could see other people on the Other Side, wanted to find his sister, Vicki Donovan, but Kol had never heard of her. Matt's mention of his sister caused Kol to look sad for a brief moment, possibly thinking of his own siblings.

After Vicki got dragged away from the Other Side, Kol found a grieving Matt, telling him to stop grieving for someone who was already dead. Matt asked where she went but Kol didn't know and hoped he never would. He told Matt that the Other Side's depletion would take all of them if Matt didn't do something. He begged Matt to go back to his body and then tell everyone about what was happening on the Other Side because it would take every being that still resided there. This was the second time that Kol showed fear at something more powerful than he. When the Other Side collapsed, Kol was not seen.

Throughout The Originals Series

TO 1x01 Kol in Coffin

Kol's neutralized body seen in flashback.

The first flashback scene consisted of their arrival in New Orleans in the 18th Century. Niklaus, Elijah and Rebekah lured a ship's crew onto their own, and whilst there, the crew discovered two coffins. It was then revealed that Kol was actually neutralized. After killing most of the crew, Elijah compelled the last crew member to ship their "luggage" to shore.

In Long Way Back From Hell, in flashbacks to the year 1919. Rebekah is surprised when her witch friend Genevieve tells her that she likes Klaus, saying that she had not expected Genevieve to want a 'bad boy.' She then says to Genevieve that if she likes bad boys, she would love her brother Kol. Rebekah then begins to tell her that Kol is not with them anymore after a family feud, possibly a reference to Kol's daggering early that century. Rebekah tells her that there is someone she wants to contact, who she has not seen in a long time. The nature of the conversation leads Genevieve to think that Rebekah wants her to contact Kol, but Rebekah tells her she thought of contacting her father Mikael.

In Farewell to Storyville, Kol was seen in a flashback where he and his siblings played, running and jumping on Finn, showing that they were happy. Klaus later mentions that he was the only one who was a victim of Mikael's abuse, while Finn, Elijah and Kol were not. Klaus also mentions that he loved all of his siblings, even Kol who he was at odds with sometimes over the centuries.

In Rebirth, Kol first appears as Kaleb at the record store, flicking through records while Davina is talking to Joe. When Davina catches sight of him, Kol continues to watch her carefully as he leaves. He later runs into Davina again the next day, holding some records and commenting about how it is sad that the store isn't trading that day, but worse for her because they stocked lots of the Ancient Icelandic Folk music she was into. Davina insists it was for someone else before Kol offers her his hand and introduces himself as Kaleb. He tells her that she has a cool name but a terrible taste in music and Davina seems smitten with him.

Kol and Davina meet.

Later, Esther and Finn are talking and Finn comments about how human bodies are so weak and that he forgot what it felt like to feel vulnerable. Kol appears and tells his mother that he loves his new body and is sure that Davina does too. Esther chastises him for being childish before sitting both of her sons down and informing them that they have a family reunion to plan.


Kol and Davina on a date.

In Alive and Kicking, Kol continued to possess the body of Kaleb, keeping an eye on Davina for his mother. He went with his mother and Finn to watch as moonlight rings were being created for their planned army of werewolves. Later, using his persona as Kaleb, he went on a date with Davina, learning about her past and discovered that they had both shared a controlling mother. When Davina left the table for a moment, he was confronted by Finn who told him to hurry it along. Kol cheekily told him that he was using his own charms to get the information they needed. Suddenly the bar was filled with werewolves who tried to attack Davina. Kol tried to defend her but was tossed aside with ease in his new body. Mikael suddenly arrived, having been summoned by Davina who had a magical leash on him since reviving him. Kol could only watch with shock at the sight of his father being alive and viciously slaughtering the werewolves for Davina. Elijah soon arrived, just as surprised by Mikael being alive. When Davina used her magic to send Mikael away, Elijah saw Kol but didn't recognize him due to his new body. Later, Kol attacked Finn, blaming him for bringing the werewolves to the bar. Esther stepped in, telling him that the werewolves showed up under her orders. Kol furiously showed her that he could have died, saying he hadn't gotten a scar in a thousand years and if this was the new life she had planned for him, he wanted out. Esther used her magic to make Kol's head hurt and nose bleed, forcing him to his knees and threatening him, saying that he should be grateful and submissive to her.

Esther tortures Kol.

She then asked him how all of those werewolves had been killed, questioning him on what weapon Davina had used to save herself. Kol, despite knowing full well that Mikael had returned, refused to tell her what he had seen. He said that he had been knocked unconscious during the struggle, keeping his father's return a secret from his mother.

In Every Mother's Son, Kol was said to be tracking Davina, forcing him to miss the family dinner that Esther had planned for Klaus and Elijah. During that dinner, there was an empty seat at the table, causing Klaus and Elijah to question who it was for. Finn teased that it was meant for their youngest brother. Klaus brushed him off, not accepting that Kol would follow their mother's plan as Finn had done but Finn used Kol as an example of how strong of an argument Esther had, saying that she had convinced even the wildest sibling to join her cause.


Kol tends to Davina's wound

In Live and Let Die, Kol helped his mother with a tracking spell to find Davina, who had eluded him. Their attempts were unsuccessful due to Davina somehow blocking her from being found. Later, Davina called Kol, still not knowing his true identity, asking him to come to her and telling him that she'd text him her location. Kol went to the cabin and helped treat her sprained ankle. He began to ask about what she was planning with her spells but rather than force it out of her, he told her she could tell him what she was up to whenever she was ready. While Davina was sleeping, Kol snuck into the room Davina kept the white oak stake in and found it but was confronted by Mikael. Mikael grabbed him and threatened to kill him before Kol told him that he was a witch and he could turn off the magic of Davina's bracelet if he didn't harm him. Mikael let him go, agreeing to the deal.

When Davina received a text from Cami, warning that Klaus knew where she was, she had Kol come with her to perform a spell to protect them from Klaus. Klaus threw Mikael's staff through the window, knocking out Davina while Mikael ordered Kol to release him from the bracelet spell. Kol complied, letting Mikael off the leash Davina had put him on.

Normal TheOriginals205-0474

Kol drops his "Kaleb" facade for Klaus

In Red Door, Kol treated the unconscious Davina while Klaus waited at the door of the cabin. Kol was quick to cheekily insult his brother, having the advantage of Klaus not realizing who he was. However, his way with words gave away his true identity, with Klaus discovering that it was his brother. He didn't blame Kol for finding his way back to the land of the living but told him that he was making all of the wrong friends. Kol just happily continued to tease Klaus, angering his brother before Klaus realized that Cami had vanished, abducted by Mikael who had recovered from his previous fight. Klaus tried to get Kol to wake Davina up to bring Mikael back but Kol refused, amused by Klaus's concern for Cami. Klaus told him that they weren't done before leaving. Kol then tried to wake Davina up but she remained unconscious. Kol received a call from Finn and told his brother that Davina was trying to unlink her friends from Klaus's bloodline so he could die without them dying. Finn wondered what she was using as a binding agent and Kol assured him that he was trying to find out. When Kol discovered she was using a root as a binding agent, she woke up and Kol explained that Mikael and the white oak stake were gone.

Normal TheOriginals205-1466

Kol defends himself

When Davina tried to call Mikael back, it didn't work, not knowing that Kol had severed her leash on Mikael while she was unconscious. Davina said that she had to finish the unlinking spell before Mikael killed Klaus. Kol convinced Davina that he could help her with the spell after showing that he was pretty talented with phrasing incantations. When Davina decided to directly channel his magic, she touched him and got a glimpse at his recent memories, including how he freed Mikael from Davina, ruined the root, and that he was a brother of Klaus. She violently attacked him, calling him a lair now that she knew he was one of the Originals. Kol fought back with his own magic but Davina was too strong. He got her to calm down long enough to explain that he was a Mikaelson but had just as much reason to hate all of his family as she did. He also told her that his options were either to kill her spell or kill her and he spared her because he had grown to like her. He then told her he could teach her how to unbind dark objects like had done with her bracelet.


Kol forms an alliance with Davina

While walking in the woods, Davina explained that she wanted to drain the power of the white oak stake. Kol explained that for an object like that, she'd only be able to disable it temporarily and even then, it was an insane idea. Kol and Davina tracked Mikael down, and he told her that they'd need to use the spell together, that she'd need to trust him and channel his power. They performed the spell, blocking the stake's power while Klaus was stabbed. Mikael, furious by the weapon's malfunction, found them and attacked them, throwing Kol aside. After a combined effort from Klaus's allies caused Mikael to retreat, Marcel chastised Davina for bringing back Mikael but Kol told them they were all on the same side, not revealing his true identity to Marcel. Davina then showed Kol that she was now in possession of the white oak stake and proposed that he help her bring down Klaus.

Normal The Originals S02E07 HDTV x264-LOL 0564

Kol is summoned by Esther

In Chasing the Devil’s Tail, Kol and Davina holed out in a motel where she asked him to stop calling her "darling" and trying to charm her, to get focused on business. He assured her that if she trusted him, he'd be able to show her how to take down Klaus without killing her friends in the process. Suddenly, Kol was struck by his mother's magic, an invisible force carving his name into his arm, signaling him to return to her. While driving, Kol explained to Davina that he had loved being a witch growing up, being the only sibling who really tapped into his magic. He loved the power it had given him but when his mother had turned him into a vampire, it took his magic away. He needed to find other ways to get his thrills, turning to violence and mayhem as a vampire. He also spent a lot of time with witches, wanting to feel connected to the magic he no longer had. When asked if that's why he'd been brought back as a witch, Kol explained that his mother put him in a handsome body that would make it easier to follow Davina, saying that he flirted with her by his own choice.

Kol returned to Esther where she questioned him on not returning after she asked him to find the stake days ago. Esther had learned from Klaus that Kol knew of Mikael's resurrection so when she brought it up, she quickly chastised Kol for keeping it a secret from her. She then told him to get the white oak stake, even if it meant killing Davina.

Normal The Originals S02E07 HDTV x264-LOL 1216

Kol reveals his plan to dagger Klaus

Later, Kol called Davina to tomb in the cemetery where he said he had kept his "playhouse" at the turn of the century. He told her that one of the witches he had worked with was her ancestor Mary-Alice Claire and that only a Claire could open up the tomb. When Davina did, he brought her in to show her the countless dark objects he had had the witches create using a different kind of magic. The dark objects had allowed him as a vampire to use objects imbued with magic without having to actually use magic. He had used the objects in his war with Klaus in the early 1900's, many of them being scattered across the city. However, one of the ones that remained was one of the daggers. He told her that he wanted to use it on Klaus, like he had used on him and that daggering him would put down Klaus without killing her friends in the process. Davina tried to tell him that the daggers didn't work on Klaus but Kol already knew it, explaining that she'd use her magic to make it work on Klaus.

Normal The Originals S02E07 HDTV x264-LOL 1638

Kol and Davina use Kemiya

Kol continued to explain that the hunters who had first used the daggers on the Originals, had not known about Klaus being unaffected by the daggers. Kol had tried many times to alter the curse on the blades but was unsuccessful. However, the magic he could teach her would allow them to alter the blade itself, changing its very elements. He displayed this by having her channel him and changing her bracelet, as a present for breaking the one she had been using on Mikael. He told her that, together, they were going to change everything. Davina then told Kol about her time being alone in the attic and Kol told her that a witch needs a coven, even if it's only a coven of two. When Davina asked when they were going to start work on the dagger, he said soon, they just needed some more practice first. He then told her that he thought that she'll grow to like him. Later, when putting Davina to bed, Kol eyed the white oak stake, unaware that Marcel was watching. Marcel captured Kol, bringing him to the compound where his brother Finn had also been taken captive. Klaus and Elijah approached their brothers and Kol commented how it was an interesting way to start a family reunion.

Normal TheOriginals208-1266

Marcel tortures Kol

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Elijah and Klaus tried to convince the imprisoned Kol and Finn to join them against Esther. When Rebekah believed Esther was after her, Elijah had to leave the interrogation of his brothers, forcing Klaus to bring Marcel in for assistance. Marcel took pleasure in torturing Kol, saying that out of the whole family, he liked him the least. Marcel questioned him on what his real plans were with Davina but when Kol kept quiet, trying to entice Marcel to join him, Marcel stabbed him in the hand. When threatened of being murdered, Kol revealed to Marcel that he believed his family wouldn't care if he was dead. Klaus showed up, calming Marcel from his torture of Kol. Klaus acknowledged that Kol had been slighted by him as a brother and that he understood that all his lashing out what a need for attention. He then said that there was still hope for him to become a true part of their family though.

Normal TheOriginals208-2103

Kol inspects Cami

Davina arrived, trying to rescue Kol and taking Klaus on head on, using the dark object's in Kol's playhouse to make her blood poison. When Klaus bit her, he collapsed and Kol arrived, mysteriously free and impressed by her victory. Davina planned to bleed Klaus dry and then dump him in the river. Kol believed it was a bit harsh and Marcel revealed to Davina that Kol had agreed to join Klaus's side. Davina was shocked by the news and Kol tried to get her to understand that Esther was the bigger threat. Cami showed up at the compound, explaining that she had puncture wounds up and down her spine, and had deduced from her uncle's notes that it was some sort of ancient magic. Knowing it was Esther, Kol examined the punctures and surmised that Esther was preparing Cami's body to be jumped into, believing that his mother desired to take possession of her body. After Finn revealed that Cami was to be Rebekah's new body, Kol told Cami that it wouldn't be long before Esther set the plan in motion. They all agreed, including Kol, that they'd need Klaus if they were going to stop Esther from putting Rebekah into Cami's body.

Normal TheOriginals208-2471

Kol included in the "always and forever" pact

Later, Kol and Davina talked about how he hadn't taken the stake and she still trusted him before Klaus came in. Kol told his brother that he had no idea about their mother's plan for Cami. Klaus believed him, saying it was no doubt Finn's task. In a moment of solemn understanding, Klaus told Kol that despite what he may have thought, he really did mourn him and attempt to avenge him after his death. Saying that he'd do nothing less because he was his brother, always and forever, now including him in the pact he had made with Elijah and Rebekah.

To209 365

Kol reminisces about his original body

In The Map of Moments, Kol and Davina were practicing a spell when Marcel entered, antagonizing Kol who insulted him right back. Davina asked what was wrong between the two of them. Kol explained that he had always felt left out by his siblings but they always seemed to have enough room for Marcel. Kol then explained that if they were going to be able to go through with their plan to dagger Klaus, they'd need the larger paragon diamond that Klaus had taken from him when he first attempted the plan a century earlier. Davina later found a picture of the Original family from 1914, prompting Kol to comment that he was much better looking back then. He then told her about how his sister, Rebekah, who had helped him back then.

To209 487

Kol and Marcel make a deal

Kol was then asked by Marcel to help Rebekah find a new body, in a plan to thwart their mother. Kol requested a trade; his help for the paragon diamond Klaus had stolen from him in 1914. Marcel questioned him on what he wanted with it and Kol explained that he needed it to create a weapon he could use to defend himself from Klaus is the need ever arose. Kol prepared a new body for Rebekah to possibly have to use, one of Marcel's vampire potentials. When he tried to change the deal to include being given the white oak stake to give to Esther to regain her trust, Marcel called off the deal but was interrupted by Klaus who reminded Kol to do for the good of the family, rather than himself, for the first time in his life. Kol agreed, saying he swore by the fate of them all. Later, Kol gave Esther the stake when Rebekah arrived, happy to see Kol and recognizing his smirk. She pretended to want Esther to put her into a new body while Kol planned to help alter the spell once it began. However, Esther revealed that she was going to use the white oak stake to destroy Rebekah's body, thereby wiping out her whole line of vampires, something Kol was not aware of. However, the plan they created still work, with Klaus attacking Esther as the spell happened. The plan seemed to work, with Cami not being possessed.

To209 877

Kol kisses Davina

However, Kol revealed to Davina that a century ago, Rebekah had not helped him but betrayed him to Klaus and that he was finally able to thank her, having rigged the spell so Rebekah's spirit was put into the body of a witch trapped inside the same mansion Klaus had trapped his witches in a century earlier. Davina revealed that she now had possession of the paragon diamond, so they could continue their work on the dagger. Kol then kissed Davina and later returned the white oak stake to Klaus, not revealing what he had done to Rebekah or his plans for daggering Klaus.

Kolvina Barrier

Kol and Davina prepare to bring down the barrier

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Kol, happy about his successful revenge on Rebekah, set up his new room in the compound when Klaus walked in with a bottle of Kol's favorite liquor as a peace offering. Suddenly, the bottle was shattered as Finn walked in, demanding the location of their mother. After Finn cast a boundary spell that trapped vampires and werewolves in the compound, Klaus told Kol to fix it since he was a witch. When Kol questioned him, Klaus explained that since he was no longer a vampire, Kol might look very appetizing to everyone trapped with them. Kol said he'd need help if he was going to fix it. Kol called Davina who came up to the barrier of the compound, not able to enter. Through the barrier, they tried to use their magic to bring down the spell but were unable to due to Finn's spell being channeled by something very powerful. Kol explained that he and Davina could cast a spell that disenchanted all objects within the compound temporarily, including the compound itself but it would also effect the vampires' daylight rings. Despite the risks, they went through with starting the spell. Kol and Davina managed to raise the magical barrier that Finn had placed long enough for the werewolves to escape.


Kol is found out by Klaus

However, once Klaus was outside of the barrier, he threw Kol back inside with all of the hungry vampire and wolves, revealing that he knew that Rebekah was not in the body she was supposed to be in. Since Kol was the one who was to prepare the new body, Klaus knew he had betrayed them. Furious, Klaus chastised his little brother for falling back on his trivial jealousies even when Klaus was welcoming him back into the family. Kol desperately tried to assure Klaus that Rebekah was safe. Klaus wouldn't hear it and then left him to fend for himself inside the barrier against a the vampires and wolves. Davina pleaded to Marcel who then tried to protect Kol inside the compound. Kol barricaded himself inside of his room and then solemnly looked at a picture of his sister.

Normal TheOriginals211-0707

Kol in the astral plane, represented by a sly fox

In Brotherhood of the Damned, Kol continued to remain protected from the other vampires by Marcel. However, he teased Marcel about Davina when explaining that he needed to stay alive since he knew where Rebekah was. Marcel's disliking for Kol was still prevalent but knew that he needed him alive. When Kol got into a confrontation with Gia, one of Marcel's vampires who was hungry for his blood, he attacked her with magic, telling Marcel that he needed to teach them a lesson. Suddenly, he was knocked unconscious, hit by a spell created by Finn. Kol's mind was plunged into an astral plane of Finn's creation, a place where witches liked to mentally torment enemies. Klaus and Elijah had also been brought there and Kol explained to them the significance of the animal heads that represented each of them, a fox representing Kol. Finn arrived, telling them he was untouchable there and that they'd be there for awhile. Finn explained his plan to let the trapped vampires out during the middle of a parade and Kol demanded to be released, since his fight wasn't with Finn. He elaborated that his very mortal body was now vulnerable to the vampires he was stuck with but Finn didn't care, hurting Kol even more with his magic, causing him pain in his mind that bled out of his nose in the physical world.

Normal TheOriginals211-2268

Kol reunites with Davina

Elijah was amused by Kol's pain, upset by what he had done to Rebekah. Kol tried to brush it off, saying that his sister had crossed him, so he struck back. Finn tried to turn Klaus and Elijah against Kol even more before banishing him from the plane and back into his mortal body, knowing he'd likely be eaten by the vampires. Kol woke up in his body, asking Gia if it was too late for an apology. Marcel pulled him away from danger but was struggling not to feed on him. Kol explained Finn's plan of releasing the vampires at sunset. Kol watched as Marcel convinced his vampires to not harm the citizens when the barrier dropped and make it to the blood bags across the river. Kol reunited with Davina out on the street and they shared a kiss.

Normal TheOriginals212-0402

Kol and Davina continue working on the dagger

In Sanctuary, Kol prepared for the dagger spell in his playhouse. Davina had been sleeping on the couch and awoke and assured Kol that she was past any second thoughts on if they should create the new dagger. Her phone buzzed and Kol told her that her phone had been buzzing all morning. She had gotten text messages from Aiden that said that Marcel and Josh were still missing. Davina brought Aiden to the playhouse, much to Kol's chagrin of people coming to his secret lair. Davina and Kol channeled each other to locate Josh, discovering he was at Lenore's old shop. Aiden prepared to leave but Davina wouldn't let him go alone, which Kol didn't initially agree with, not wanting to go on a suicide rescue mission but Davina was adamant.

Normal TheOriginals212-2312

Kol is cursed by Finn

Kol got to Finn first, much to Finn's surprise, asking Kol how he could dare come back after allying with Klaus and Elijah. Kol reminded Finn that he always fights for the winning side and admitted, that with Finn's recent power boosts, he was now the winning side. Finn remained unconvinced and Kol desperately told him that he had put Rebekah in an unknown body that would preoccupy Klaus and that he was working on a dagger that could work on their half-brother. In a final bid to him, Kol told him that he had Davina wrapped around his finger and with her help, nothing could stand against them. However, Kol was just distracting Finn from Davina and Aiden who were sneaking in. Finn angrily used his magic to turn the captured vampires on Davina and Aiden, forcing them to flee. Finn furiously used a curse to trap Kol in Kaleb's body, preventing him from body-jumping any further and placing a curse meant to kill him in a few days, knowing that he feared death most of all. Finn told Kol to say his goodbyes and that he wouldn't miss him.

In The Devil is Damned, Kol went to Klaus and Rebekah to tell them what Finn had done to him. Rebekah was furious to see him, having suffered in the house she trapped him in. Kol explained that he was dying from Finn's curse, trapped in his mortal witch body. Kol wasn't surprised when his siblings weren't jumping to his aid and bickered with Klaus over his treatment, telling him that he shouldn't be hated. While Kol tried to find Finn, he had trouble. When Klaus suggested they use the spell Finn had used to trap Kol in his own body on Finn, Kol told him that he didn't know the spell. Klaus decided, against Kol's wishes, to go into Kol's mind to find the answer.
Normal TheOriginals213-1071

Kol breaks down

He forced himself into Kol's mind only to see that Kol had been conspiring with Davina to dagger him. Furious with his brother's continued treachery, Klaus attacked Kol who realized what Klaus must have seen. Klaus accused Kol of being just as bad as Finn due to his conspiring. Kol agains vented his frustration with the family, saying that he went to them because they were his siblings but as usual, he was the odd man out. He attacked Klaus and Rebekah with his magic, angrily leaving the compound and returning to his playhouse. Upset at his situation, Kol discovered his nose was bleeding before getting a call from Finn. Initially still angry with Finn, Finn told him that he needed Klaus's blood. Kol, still mad with Klaus, told Finn he'd gladly get it for him.
Normal TheOriginals213-1179

Kol furiously attacks Klaus

Kol went back to the compound with the paragon diamond, drawing its power to add to his own. He knocked out Rebekah and then attacked Klaus, being able to hold him off with his channeled power from the diamond. Kol violently preached again that he was sick of being part of a family that didn't care if he was alive or dead. Klaus told him to shut up and overpowered him, telling him that he needed to stop feeling sorry for himself and that he was his brother. Kol chastised Klaus for his constant daggerings but Klaus mournfully told him that he daggered all of them for one reason or another for their own good, not just Kol. The two shared a tense moment of understanding when Klaus told Kol that he was his blood, no matter what. Kol stopped resisting and told him that Finn wanted him to get Klaus's blood in exchange for healing him. However, Kol explained that he knew enough about spells to know that he had been hexed and that there was no reversing the curse that was killing him. He promised Klaus that he would help him bring down Finn and said that Klaus should trust him for once.

Normal TheOriginals213-2337

Kol earns Klaus's trust

Kol brought Klaus and Rebekah to where Finn had been performing his spells and a ritual had been taking place. Kol recognized a tile that Finn had been using as being a symbol that meant "baby" and judging from his siblings' reactions, realized that Klaus's child, Hope, was alive. Kol told them, that to be able to go against Finn's spell, they'd need a lot of power. Kol planned to overload Finn's power by sabotaging his binding circle with too much power for Finn to channel. Klaus brought him all of the dark objects he had his witches create a hundred years ago as well as the white oak stake. While also channeling Rebekah, Kol tried to overpower Finn but was still unsuccessful. Klaus offered himself, knowing that as an Original hybrid, he was a strong power source. Klaus told him that if he wanted his trust, this was his chance and then allowed himself to be used as a sacrifice for Kol to channel, just as Finn was channeling their parents. The plan worked, much to Klaus and Rebekah's relief. However, Kol's condition seemed to be worsening and Rebekah told him she would find a way to save him. Kol was thanked by his siblings for his help.

In I Love You, Goodbye, Kol arrived in Davina's attic, prompting Josh to leave. Davina was initially annoyed by Kol not having kept in touch with her, to which Kol joked that her frustration was a sign that they were going steady. Later, Kol and Davina continued to tirelessly work on their creation of the golden dagger and were successful, overjoyed by their accomplishment. However, Kol's condition due to the curse only worsened but remained firm in keeping it a secret from Davina. Kol called Rebekah for assistance in trying to find a way to keep himself from dying. Despite their efforts, they continued to be unable to break through Finn's curse. Kol opened up to Rebekah about how horrible it was to die the first time that he did. Later, while his family and Davina celebrated the marriage of Hayley and Jackson, Kol appeared in an alley where Davina found him in horrible condition.
He finally admitted to her what was happening to him. Davina and Rebekah tried yet again to find a loophole in the hex and much to Davina's confusion, Kol told them to stop, wanting to have some time alone with Davina before he died. Rebekah left them and Kol told Davina that he owed her a dance. While Davina cried, the two danced in the cemetery outside of his playhouse. When Kol began choking again, he requested that he be able to spend the worst part of it alone so she didn't have to watch him die. However, Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah arrived to stand by him in his final moments.

Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah with dying Kol

Kol continued to worsen, choking on his own blood but still managed his sly smile. Rebekah told him that they'd consecrate him in New Orleans so his soul would be with the ancestors, potentially being able to be resurrected. She swore that before she got back to her original body, she'd use her witch powers to bring him home. Kol told his siblings that all he ever wanted was for them to care about him and was happy to see that they did. Still smiling, Kol passed away surrounded by Davina and the family he'd always wanted.

In They All Asked For You, Kol was mentioned a number of times by his siblings. When Rebekah was attacked by a group of witches that mistook her for her host body, Eva Sinclair, she later revealed to Marcel that she was searching the market in their territory for objects that would allow her to boost her power so that she would be able to bring Kol back from the dead, and that she couldn't leave this body until that had been done. When confronting Finn in the cemetery later that day, Niklaus mentioned their brother that Finn has cursed to die along with his crusade against Hope, examples of Finn's treacherous actions.


Next to nothing is known of Kol's personality when he was a human for the first time, before Esther turned her children into vampires. However, it was shown that he was close to his family, and this is reaffirmed by Kol's sadness at the disintegrating relationships between his siblings over a thousand years later. Kol loved being a witch, being something of a prodigy with magic, and was the first of his siblings to tap into it. He specifically loved the power that magic gave him and hated having to lose it when he was turned into a vampire.


Kol relishes and embraces his vampirism

Kol is menacing, unpredictable, dangerous, wicked, cheeky, somewhat unreasonable and cocky to a fault. He can quickly go from being a respectful gentleman to direct and aggressive. When Kol is presented to Carol Lockwood, he greets her with dignity and charm, but when Damon Salvatore is introduced to Kol, he speaks to him very condescendingly. Kol patronizes his siblings often, challenging them with snark and contempt, especially Rebekah and Klaus, demonstrating his clear irreverence. He enjoys breaking the rules, and is naturally very defiant; Finn even aptly describes him as being the wildest one in the family. Kol is also not short on ego, a fact Klaus has remarked on, and considers himself to be "handsome". Additionally, Kol comes across as a playboy and hedonist, taking great pleasure in his vampire nature. One of Kol's defining characteristics is his vindictiveness. Much like Klaus, Kol does not hesitate to get retribution on those who have caused him harm; plotting for decades against both Klaus and Rebekah for sleights that caused him pain. Kol does not forgive easily, though may pretend to to further his goals of vengeance. As a vampire, Kol finds child-like enjoyment in his acts of violence, sometimes comparing them to games like hide and seek and believing that there is always time for games when he is told to take a situation seriously. A sadistic facet to Kol's character has also been shown such as when he compelled an acting troupe to murder each other while performing Hamlet just for his own entertainment. This example also illustrates his dark sense of humor, resulting in Elijah to opine that his brother has a "vile imagination". Later, in 1914, Kol callously slaughtered half a church parish, including a young alter boy, just to kill one woman who's house he needed to be able to enter. Kol had no regrets about the massacre, happily going to a family dinner soon after.

However, part of Kol missed being a witch. He missed the power that magic had given him and to make up for it, he turned to violence and mayhem, embracing his vampire nature. Kol's longing for his magic drove him to spend a lot of time over the centuries with witches, teaching them his extensive knowledge of spells and magic. Having his witch colleagues use a distinct form of magic, they were able to create curse objects, allowing him to, in a way, wield magic while being a vampire.

Despite his flaws he is shown to truly care for his family. However, due to not being included in the "always and forever" pact made by Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah, Kol has always felt excluded and isolated from his siblings. His extremely violent and aggressive antics are a result of wanting attention from them. Once Marcel joined the family, Kol's jealousy and bitterness grew worse since Marcel seemed to take his spot in the family. When threatened by Rebekah, he was even shown to be ashamed of what his family had become, and was saddened that Elijah was so disgusted by their fighting. He also was upset by how quickly Rebekah seemed to move on from his death when he returned from the Other Side. He has also stated his appreciation of witches, holding them in high esteem. He seems closest to Rebekah and Klaus, though he has stated he views some of Klaus' actions as "horrors". He along with the rest of his siblings (excluding Finn) seemed to look up to Elijah, seeing him as the noble one. However, Kol's wild and impulsive nature often clashed with his family, despite really caring for them beneath his vain personality.

Kol's vampire face

Kol's vampire features.

Though usually shown to be condescending and arrogant towards people who are more powerful then he is, such as Klaus, Kol is shown to be genuinely intimidated and fearful of Silas. This stems from stories he used to be told when he was young about Silas and believes fully that Silas can't be stopped if he's unleashed. He would do anything to ensure that Silas would not come back, including disobeying Klaus' order to leave Jeremy Gilbert alone and even threatening his sister with the White Oak Stake. This seemingly irrational behavior over a legend made his siblings think his fear of Silas had driven him to paranoia and insanity. During a conversation with Elena, Kol further elaborated on his feelings about Silas. He said that he had faith in the immortal's existence unlike the rest of the world, which had lost faith in such things, now not knowing who they should fear. 

Kennett 6

Kol, as a Ghost, with Bonnie.

Essentially nothing has changed the personality of the Original Vampire Kol, however, his idea on the Other Side has changed dramatically, as after having been there for a long time, at the "hell", as he calls it, Kol becomes eager to drop the veil and to bring back himself, and consequently all other dead supernatural beings, back to life. He also explained his joy of being able to connect with someone again, since on the Other Side, it was complete isolation. In that isolation, though, he had thought of countless ways to make Elena suffer for her part in his death, apparently having manifested as a ghost towards her so he could recount his various ways for revenge. Although he hated the Other Side, he seemed to value his survival because he feared disappearing into darkness as Vicki Donovan had. The circumstances of his resurrection are currently unknown, but it can be assumed Kol chose to be brought back by his mother rather than face the destruction of the other side.

Normal TheOriginals205-0400

Kol's mischievous nature remains in his new body

Kol became a witch when he was brought back from the other side to possess Kaleb. His personality seems to be quite similar to how he acted previously, though less directly hostile, a combination of being not as invincible and powerful, as well as no longer having that part of him heightened by vampirism. He remains cheeky and even a little bit self absorbed - as when he mocked Davina's music taste before crediting himself with being able to help her improve it. He also showed previously known traits when he says that he loves his new body, demonstrating his vanity while sucking up to his mother at the same time. However, Kol quickly showed disdain for no longer being a vampire, hating that he could get hurt and that his wounds wouldn't heal quickly, saying that it had been a thousand years since he had received a scar. He also continued to demonstrate a love for culture that was only previously hinted at, hanging out at the record store and once again mentioning his love for modern music. Kol's previous interest in magic was even more prominent, now that he could practice it personally again as a witch. Due to being more vulnerable and in a weaker witch body, Kol cherished his life even more, relying on cunning deception to win his battles.  

Physical Appearance


Kol in Season Three of TVD

Kol is marked by his brown hair and dark brown eyes. Despite being centuries old, he appears to be in his early twenties, somewhere between 21 - 23. He is approximately 6'1" in height, very handsome and with a lean and athletic build. As shown whilst preparing for the Ball, Kol is very proud of his appearance, bordering on arrogance.

When he was first undaggered from his coffin, he was dressed in what he was wearing in the early twentieth century; a collared shirt with a vest, and dress pants. Kol shares a similar fashion sense to the rest of his family, dressing in a very high class manner, but with a casual edge similar to his brother Klaus's attire, that is more prominent in modern times. Kol tends to dress in darker colors, wearing casual-button down shirts, both short and long-sleeved. He also wears henleys and occasionally t-shirts. He also wears stylish jackets most of time, wearing coats and simple jackets. The colors Kol wears range from gray to navy blue to black to brown.

Kol's hair had also been subject to change, and he has had many styles over the centuries. In 1702, like his brother's, he had long hair, but had pulled it back rather than letting it out. His hair was slicked up when he first woke up in the 21st century, but he eventually lessened the gel as he adjusted to modern times, letting his bangs fall over his face. While a ghost, his hair took on a more general style that he seems to favor, like the one in Season 3, with a hint of stubble appearing on his face in Season 5. After returning from The Other Side, he possesses the body of a witch named Kaleb, taking his physical traits as his own. Even in a new body, Kol retained his fashion sense. Kol comments on loving his new body, his arrogance coming out once again when it becomes clear the he appreciates the physical attractiveness but not so much the vulnerability. Kol stated that his mother picked a body that would allow him to easily follow Davina, believing she would find it attractive.

Powers and Abilities

Kol possessed all the standard powers and abilities of an Original Vampire. As an Original Vampire, Kol was stronger and faster than any non-original vampires, he was one of the most powerful supernatural beings in the TVD/TO universe, with the exception that Klaus is stronger and faster due to his werewolf side. However his powers have never been seen used against his family, as Elijah has been seen fighting with Klaus almost evenly and Rebekah has been easily subdued and she fears Klaus, Kol doesn't fear Klaus and is not afraid to get in a confrontation with him, as shown many times, it may be possible that he too can fight almost evenly with Klaus as Elijah does, he just hasn't shown it yet. He was also able to kill 12 vampires singelhandedly and without getting as much as one scratch on him although the vampires he killed were newborn and didn't know how to use their powers exactly. Like his brothers, and his maternal half-brother, he was trained from a young age by his father Mikael who taught him how to fight with swords and bows, and how to protect himself, he was a killing machine.

Since Rebirth, Kol has lost all his Original Vampire powers and abilities, due to taking over the body of Kaleb and taking all of Kaleb's witchcraft powers abilities as his own. It is yet unknown how strong Kol is as a witch. Though it is known that he is quite gifted in the art of telekinesis.

While possessed by Kol, the young witch Kaleb has been shown to be a powerful witch. As a child of the Original Witch, he has a lot of power because magic is strongest when passed down through an old ancestral bloodline. Kaleb possesses a great deal of hereditary power; this is shown by Vincent and also by the Bennett Bloodline, all of whom are descendants from the most powerful witch Qetsiyah. Kol has been shown to know how to use and control his magic, although it is possible that this is influenced by Kol's amassed knowledge of magic. He is first shown to use his powers to prank people in Alive and Kicking, telekinetically making a table of apples fall and using aerokinetic powers to blow a woman's dress up.

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As powerful as he is, he weaker in power grids against the Harvest Witch Davina Claire, who threw him around telekinetically, and after he retaliates by pulling her to him and then to a wall rather harshly, he holds her there under his control, but Davina's apparent power breaks this hold easily as she overwhelms him mentally to a point where he admits defeat, but it should be noted that Michael Narducci has confirmed that the body Kol is currently possessing is weaker than normal so that Esther could control him so it is possible that if he wasn't an original in his real body he could be much stronger than Davina.

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Kol tortures his siblings

Kol is also the mastermind behind the creation of all known Dark Objects from the The Originals Universe, such as the rosary of madness, the bracelet of obedience and the Devil's Star, Mary-Alice Claire being his apprentice along with her close friend Astrid. He has revealed to Davina that he has the ability to create a dark objective dagger that can neutralize Klaus like the silver ones do the other original vampires. Klaus has since enlisted his help to fight in the coming battle against Esther in order to save Rebekah and Camille from the Body Jumping Spell.


Kol had the typical weaknesses of an Original Vampire. Since Rebirth, Kol has lost all his Original Vampire weaknesses, due to him taking over the body of Kaleb and taking all of Kaleb's human/witch weaknesses.


Niklaus Mikaelson

"'Always and Forever' is not something that you just weasel out of, brother."
—Klaus to Kol
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Klaus and Kol

Klaus is Kol's older half-brother. Kol and Klaus both have a short temper. It is known that Klaus daggered Kol over a century ago. Kol and Klaus seem to argue every time they talk to each other, Kol even joked to Klaus about his dagger threats showing he was not over being daggered for a century. Even though he had been daggered for a century, he quickly got with times as he was seeing playing a video game perfectly. Klaus and Kol both like to drink together and have brotherly bond. Klaus cares deeply for Kol as he was rushing to his body when the Mystic Falls gang daggered Kol. Kol seems to ruin many of Klaus plans like finding the cure for vampirism, by killing Shane and the newly turned vampires. In Every Mother's Son Finn reveals to his brothers that Kol is alive, and Klaus expresses disbelief that Kol would have gone along with Esther, stating that the only thing Kol listens to is his ego, but Finn confirmed Kol's supposed loyalty, saying that their mother's proposition had brought even the wildest of Mikaelsons onto her side. Kol later switches loyalties over to Klaus and Elijah. Klaus and Kol have been seen getting along at time since then, and fighting at others. They seem to banter often and in good fun. Klaus was furious with Kol for hiding where he hid Rebekah, and threw him to hungry vampires in his anger. But Klaus forgave him, when Kol was cursed by Finn. After all, everything Kol has ever wanted was his family to care about him. This wish came true when Kol died because of the curse. Klaus was there on his side, together with Rebekah and Elijah. Before Kol died he wanted Davina to leave him alone, but his three siblings came and Klaus said that Kol can´t just flee from "Always and Forever" He died in their arms, as a part of the family.

Rebekah Mikaelson

"I'm gonna get you back in your body Bex, if its the last thing I'll do, I promise."
—Kol to Rebekah
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Kol and Rebekah.

Rebekah is Kol's younger sister. Rebekah and Kol have a really difficult relationship because no matter what they say or do they can’t stay a minute without fighting.  He has always been her partner in crime. He helped her gain information from Shane about the cure until he found out that it involved Silas. Kol refused to have a part in it and wanted everyone to stop looking for the cure. Kol made ​​an attempt to kill her; but Klaus saved her. Later on, he is killed by Jeremy and Elena. Rebekah mourns the loss of her brother; but still wants to find the cure. When Kol returns from The Other Side, he is not happy to see her as she did not get revenge for his death, which strains their relationship. Rebekah and Kol seems really close, because no matter what they still love each other. Kol truly cares about her and protect her even from Klaus. After Rebekah escaped the Witch Mansion she forgave Kol, but Kol did not feel guilty, because he taught his younger sister a lesson for her betrayal. She wanted to help him, but there was nothing she could do. She promised Kol that she would not leave the witch body until she brought him back from the New Orleans Anchestors. He died in her arms.

Elijah Mikaelson

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Kol and Elijah

Elijah and Kol's relationship has not been greatly explored, but Elijah was upset that Kol had been left in a coffin for over a century because of Klaus. He undaggered Kol in Bringing Out The Dead against Klaus' wishes, reuniting all of his siblings. Elijah and Kol did not have much interaction in the present day, but Kol later expressed his sadness that Elijah would not show his face, citing his bickering with Klaus and Rebekah as the reason. It is unknown what Elijah's reaction to Kol's death was when he found out, but he refused to allow Klaus to aid Silas in dropping the veil, even knowing that it would bring back both Kol and Finn. In Season 2 of The Originals, it was revealed that Elijah had helped Klaus dagger Kol two known times; once in Spain in 1702 when Kol drew the attention of Mikael with his antics and refused to flee with his siblings, and again in 1821, when Kol grew too wild and threatened both Klaus' relationship with Marcel, and Marcel's human life. Elijah became aware that Kol was alive in Every Mother's Son when informed by Finn, however he is unaware that he has already interacted with Kol in his new body. Elijah was also there when Kol died.

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  • Kol is pronounced as "Cole ", old English word meaning "charcoal".
  • It is an old Norse name, meaning 'Dark'.


  • Kol has some similarities to Klaus from the novels:
    • Both have mood changes from cheerful and amused to absolutely enraged in seconds and they are very unpredictable. Despite their seemingly erratic and scattered personalities, they seem to be patient and methodical killers capable of elaborate plans.
    • Both have attacked members of the Bennett and Donovan families: Klaus attacked Vickie Bennett (in the book), Kol attacked Matt Donovan and Bonnie Bennett.
  • He is the first character to have webisodes done about him to give more backstory on him.
  • Out of all the Originals, Kol is to be considered the most unstable, unpredictable and the wildest.
  • Kol has a habit of using 'Darling' to refer to other characters, rather than their names. He seems to prefer to use it to address male characters (Damon, Matt and Klaus), but has also used it to refer to Elena.
  • Besides Rebekah and Genevieve, he is the only character that refers to Klaus as "Nik".
  • Kol has been neutralized five known times:
    1. By The Five in the flashback to 1114, in The Five - To neutralize the Original siblings.
    2. By Klaus in the flashback to 1702 in Alive and Kicking - For drawing Mikael's attention to Spain.
    3. By Klaus in the flashback to 1821 in Alive and Kicking - For threatening Marcellus.
    4. By Klaus in the flashback to Christmas, 1914 in The Map of Moments - For plotting against Klaus.
    5. By Alaric Saltzman, in All My Children - To neutralize the Original siblings.
  • Kol is the first to mention his full name in the series.
  • Originally, it was planned that Kol would appear in the flashback in 1912 where it would reveal why Damon felt he had met Kol before in Dangerous Liaisons.
  • Prior to his death, Kol had possession of the White Oak Stake and had stolen all but one of the daggers so he had nearly every weapon on the planet that could truly harm him.
  • Kol has been good friends with witches centuries ago, stating how he respects witches and holds them in high esteem. This is possibly because his mother was a powerful witch, and because he was also a witch before becoming an Original Vampire.
  • In two of Kol's attempts to murder someone, he impaled his victim. Mary Porter with a wooden baseball bat (Heart of Darkness) and Atticus Shane with a metal pipe (After School Special).
  • Kol rarely shows his vampire visage, only showing it twice. The first time was in A View To A Kill before he was murdered and the second time was in Graduation as a spirit, making him the first vampire-ghost to show his fangs.
  • Kol and Elijah are the only people in the family that has pushed Klaus' buttons without fearing the consequences. Mikael didn't fear it either but he had the intent of killing Klaus while his brothers only wanted to annoy him.
  • Kol is alive and has shown to be possessing Kaleb, brought back by this mother before the collapse of the other side.
  • Michael Narducci referred to Kol as "the Loki of the family" due to his mischievous nature and his uncertain allegiance to any particular side.
  • Kol, while possessing the body of Kaleb, is often affectionately referred to as "Koleb" by fans, a combination of their two names.
  • Kol is sent by his mother to befriend Davina and it is likely that he is a love interest for her as well, probably so Esther can use Davina for her plans in the future as well as keep tabs on her.
  • There are a number of parallels between Kol and Davina.
    • They don't like being told what to do and have authority issues, showing a tendency to be rude and arrogant to those who are more powerful than they are.
    • Their mothers were controlling.
    • Their deaths involved them being sacrificed for the cause of another. Davina was killed for the sake of the witches regaining power, and Kol was killed to complete the map to the cure.
    • Before their deaths, both of them gained an advantage, though that advantage was what ultimately resulted in them dying. Davina had the power of the Harvest, but it became too much for her. Kol stole both the White Oak Stake and most of Klaus' daggers, but his possession of the stake was what got him killed.
    • After coming back to life, they're both oppressed in some way. Davina was under the control of her coven while Kol is being controlled by his mother.
    • They have both played the role of a secret weapon. Davina was Marcel's, being 'trapped' in her attic during that time, while Kol is a secret weapon for Esther, trapped in Kaleb's body.
  • Kol is quite fond of music.
  • Kol confirmed that he used to practice magic before becoming a vampire while on a date with Davina in Alive and Kicking.
  • In Every Mother's Son, Finn describes Kol as the 'wildest' one in the Mikaelson family.
  • Due to once being a "prodigy" with magic and his history of spending time with witches over the centuries, Kol is incredibly knowledgeable in the arts of witchcraft and magic.
  • During the time he spent with witches in Africa in the 14th Century, Kol traveled in Uganda and gained a knowledge of medicinal herbs and remedies from a shaman. He demonstrates his skill with this when helping Davina with her ankle in Live and Let Die.
  • In The Originals: The Awakening, it was revealed that Kol was responsible for having witches create a variety of dark objects, including The Devil's Star and the bracelet Davina used to make Mikael obedient to her. He had the witches create them so that he could use magic through the objects without being a witch himself, as they were designed so that even a vampire could wield them.
  • In his travels, Kol learned of a magic called Kemiya, which he taught to witches so that they could create his dark objects for him. He later teaches this to Davina, and practices it himself, being quite experienced in this style of power.
  • In The Devil is Damned, Kol found out that Hope was alive, finally being involved in the family secret.
  • He admitted to Rebekah that he liked being a witch better than being a vampire.
  • Finn hexed Kol to die lonely, however, he died surrounded by the girl he liked and his family.
  • Michael Narducci confirmed Kol is afraid of Mikael.[1]



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