You were the only one who never treated me like a misfit. For centuries my only place was by your side and now I belong beside my daughter. And I suppose you deserve to find your place in the world as well.

The relationship between the Original Hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson and the Original Vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson. They're half-siblings and are the closest pair out of their family.

They are referred to as "Klebekah" by fans.


Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Throughout The Originals Series


The Vampire Diaries

The Originals


The Vampire Diaries

The Originals



  • Klaus has killed most of Rebekah's lovers.
    • Klaus believed that none of Rebekah's lovers were good enough for her, not even his adopted son Marcel.
      • Although during the 20's, Rebekah was dating Stefan Salvatore, and at first he hated him, but eventually Stefan won him over and they became best friends, called each oher brothers until Mikael came and Klaus and Rebekah had to flee, but yet Klaus compelled Stefan to forget them, despite Klaus' disappointment...
  • Out of all Rebekah's brothers, Klaus calls her "little sister" the most often.
  • Rebekah refers to Klaus as "Nik".
  • Klaus often mocks Rebekah's love life.
  • Klaus is territorial of Rebekah.
  • Klaus seems to have no respect for Rebekah's privacy.
  • Klaus admitted he would never bite Rebekah.
  • Rebekah is terrified of Klaus.
  • Out of all the Original Vampires, Rebekah and Klaus have had the most scenes together.
  • Out of all the Original Vampires, Klaus and Rebekah had the closest relationship, however, it has recently fallen into pieces.
  • In All My Children, Rebekah confirmed that Klaus was the only one who never left her.
  • Klaus didn't seem to figure out that Esther was posing as Rebekah.
  • Like Elijah, Klaus didn't want Rebekah to take the cure.
  • Rebekah and Klaus are both seen playing the piano while awaiting each other's arrival.
  • In Long Way Back From Hell, Klaus discovers Rebekah's treachery, along with Marcel's treachery for bringing Mikael to New Orleans, he no longer sees/considers Rebekah as his half-sister and family, Klaus now wants to get revenge on her.
  • In Le Grand Guignol, Klaus has grown to despise his half-sister so much, he is willing to kill Rebekah with the White Oak Stake.
  • In Farewell to Storyville, Klaus chooses not to kill Rebekah, but he exiles her from New Orleans permanently, possibly Klaus sees killing Rebekah too merciful; he indirectly threatens to kill Rebekah with the White Oak Stake, if she ever returns to New Orleans.
  • Unlike Elijah, Klaus never makes excuses or tries to justify Rebekah's behavior; especially when there is no excuse to begin with.
  • In From a Cradle to a Grave, it seems as though Klaus and Rebekah's relationship is improving, thanks to his aptly named daughter, Hope.
  • In From a Cradle to a Grave, Klaus gives his daughter to Rebekah to protect. Klaus tells Rebekah that in spite of their differences, there is nobody he would trust more with his daughters life.
  • From childhood Rebekah was very close to Klaus.
  • Rebekah is the guardian of Klaus' daughter Hope.
  • In flashbacks, it was shown that Rebekah is only about three or four years younger than Klaus.
  • As of Season Two, Rebekah is in possession of the wooden knight Klaus gave to her a thousand years ago.
    • Rebekah gave the knight to Hope.
    • This little wooden knight is the remaining wood from the White Oak Tree, capable of killing the Originals in the Prophecy of their downfall.
  • At the beginning of Season 2 of The Originals, they were close again.
  • However, as of Fire with Fire, their relationship becomes strained again as Rebekah did nothing to stop Elijah from daggering Klaus, and did nothing to stop Hayley from trying to take Hope away from him, and Klaus forced her to go back to her own body, and give up an opportunity to bring back Kol.
  • Klaus is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Rebekah alive.
    • Rebekah believes this is because Klaus thinks death is too easy of a way out.
  • Klaus was willing to allow Esther to make him human again and destroy his body with the white oak stake to protect Rebekah.
  • Freya claims that Klaus would never talk to Rebekah in the harsh way he talks to her.
  • When Klaus found out it was Rebekah who led Mikael to New Orleans in 1919, he said she did something that no one managed to do in a thousand years- rip his heart out.
  • Writer Carina Adly MacKenzie has stated that if Klaus' phone background was shown, it would have been a photo of Rebekah holding baby Hope at the Mikaelson Christmas party.
  • Writer Diane Ademu-John has stated that the one word to describe Klaus and Rebekah would be "love."
  • Rebekah is Klaus' favorite sibling.


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