Ah, you have gotten stronger! I reckon you've gone from a field mouse to a lapdog.

The relationship between the Original hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson and Evolved Werewolf Jackson Kenner.

Throughout The Originals Series


  • Klaus' relationship with Jackson Kenner, is similar to his relationship with Tyler Lockwood; Jackson hates Klaus because of his reputation, and because he tries to control the Crescent Wolf Pack, despite the fact that Jackson was the alpha of the pack, Klaus on the other hand hates Jackson because he believes he was arrogant and disrespectful, because of this, Klaus in return, did not have any respect for Jackson and did not trust his intentions. This hatred for Jackson no doubt grew even more pronounced when Jackson falsely accused Klaus of killing Aiden, though he was well within reason to believe Klaus had done it, and later when he helped Hayley to try to take Hope away from Klaus.
  • They did not get along with each other at all.
  • Klaus had Dahlia place the Crescent Curse on Jackson and his pack, partly as punishment for helping Hayley to trying to take his daughter away from him, and to gain Dahlia's trust to take her down.



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