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This is the relationship between half-brothers the Original Hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson and Original Vampire Finn Mikaelson. Since the beginning, their relationship has been hostile. Finn always resented his half-brother. Klaus also kept him neutralized by refusing to undagger him after he had been daggered by the Five and leaving him in a coffin for 900 years. Because of Klaus, Finn barely saw the light of day, until modern times when Elijah, freed him from his own prison. Finn only had a brief experience of happiness with his lover, Sage, before Matt Donovan cruelly killed him. Klaus has even stated that he doesn't mourn his half-brother's death.


Finn and Klaus were born during the 10th century in the New World. As shown in the flashbacks to their childhood, Klaus and Finn did not get along at all, shown by Klaus' reluctance to say thank you to Finn, for finding his starling necklace Esther had given him that he had lost. After their younger brother, Henrik, was mauled to death by a Werewolf, they were transformed by their parents into the first vampires to exist.

In the 12th century, Finn was reunited with his family in Italy and attended a party held by Alexander and his brothers. He was daggered by surprise during the party. When Klaus, who was unaffected by the daggers thanks to his hybrid powers, annihilated the Five, he undaggered all of his siblings except Finn, as he was tired of Finn's judgmental attitude. Klaus still carried Finn's coffin with him wherever he went.

In the 21st century, Finn was revived by Elijah after removing the dagger from his chest.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Three

When Finn awoke after Elijah undaggered him,
Finn Klaus Elijah

Klaus and Finn.

he came into the living room with Elijah. He was furious at Klaus for daggering him, so he grabbed a dagger and pushed it into Klaus' hand. Finn stated along with his family that they would be a family without Klaus. He was surprised to see their mother, Esther, appear at the door.

He helped prepare a spell with his mother and the Bennetts to end the race of Vampires. Later on in the evening, when he was ready to be sacrificed, Klaus, Elijah and Kol stopped them, allowing Damon and Stefan to kill Abby Bennett Wilson, rendering the spell undo-able.

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Finn talks to Klaus.

Klaus later asks Finn to return to town. Finn refuses and reveals that he will sacrifice himself again once Esther comes up with a way to kill them again. Finn also confronts Rebekah over siding with Klaus but Rebekah and Klaus drag Finn back to Mystic Falls. Klaus knows of Finn's love for Sage and uses her to convince Finn to continue living.

After Finn's death, Stefan went to Klaus and told him about the death of his older brother, which shocked and saddened Niklaus, but later, he shows no compassion, calling him a lovesick fool who's better off in death, causing Rebekah to later confront him.

Season Four

Klaus recounted how he had left Finn daggered because he was so judgmental. Rebekah stated that she was disgusted by Klaus' treatment of Finn. However, Klaus, once again, showed no compassion.

Throughout The Originals Series


Finn (to Klaus): "You're staying behind."
- Bringing Out The Dead.

Klaus: "I require your assistance."
Finn: "I have no wish to help you. Only to see you dead."
Klaus: "Well, that's the thing. You see, you won't be able to see me dead because if I die, then you die, so it's a wish unfulfilled."
- The Murder of One

Finn: "Hello Niklaus. I have nothing to say to you."
Finn: "Oh, bother someone else with your hollow charms, Niklaus."
Klaus: "Why? When I can bother my big brother?"
Klaus: "Let me rephrase, you will come back with me or I will put you back in that coffin in which you rotted for 900 years."

Klaus (to Rebekah): "Fine. Let’s all say a prayer for Finn, who slept in a box longer than he lived as a man. He was a lovesick fool. He’s better off in death.
- The Murder of One

Klaus (to Finn): "Let me guess, I'm the big bad wolf. Kol, the wily fox. Elijah is the noble stag. And you, fittingly enough, are the boar. A bit obvious as far as symbolism goes."
Finn: "What I want, brother, is to exterminate the plague that is your kind. What I want is to watch the flames flicker on your smoldering corpse. What I want is to hear the silence once you finally stop screaming."
Klaus: (fake static noises) "I'm sorry, we must have a bad connection! Could you repeat everything you said after "what I want"?"
- Brotherhood of the Damned


  • Klaus shows a particular dislike for Finn compared to his other half-siblings. This could be attributed to Finn's self-hatred of being a Vampire while Klaus has embraced his vampiric nature much more. This dislike for Finn no doubt grew even more pronounced when Finn betrayed his siblings when trying to help Esther kill them all.
  • Unlike his reaction of anger and sorrow over Kol's death, Klaus seemed rather content with Finn's demise. He refused to act sorry even when Rebekah scolded him for his lack of sadness over his half-brother's death to which Klaus rudely replied how he wouldn't cry for a lovesick fool who had spent more time in a box than he did as a man; this was because unlike Kol, Finn help their mother to try and kill him, and their siblings.
  • Despite Klaus' belief that Finn deserved to die because he was in love with Sage, Klaus himself is in love with Caroline; however he may have been referring to Finn's dislike and unwillingness to accept that he was a vampire, and there is nothing he can do about it.
  • In Farewell to Storyville, Klaus said that he loved all his half-siblings; Even Finn. It could be that, despite Finn's judgemental attitude, Klaus did care for him and loved him as a brother. He just refused to show it.
  • Klaus and Finn were both very close with their mother growing up. Klaus was seen by Esther as being special due to him being her only son with Ansel while Finn was Esther's most obedient son, doing whatever she asked without question. Over time, Klaus grew to hate Esther while Finn remained close and loyal to her.
  • Finn does not believe in Klaus' redemption.
  • In Every Mother's Son, it is shown in the flashbacks that Klaus and Finn did not get along at all, even as children.
  • Klaus eventually grew to severely hate Finn, partly because of his half-brother's pretentious/dull, and judgmental nature, and mainly because of him always remaining loyal to their mother, as Finn has no loyalty to Klaus or his siblings. This hatred for Finn no doubt grew even more pronounced when Finn hex their brother Kol to death, and later when he tried to kill Klaus' daughter, Hope.


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